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Build a bigger, brighter future for your business with a pioneer in Virtual Assistance with over a decade of experience and expertise. With Pepper VA by your side, you’ll be able to focus on the things that will push your business to its full potential!

Purpose Of Your VA?

Why Hire A

Virtual Assistant?

Depending on your needs, a virtual assistant can provide you with a variety of tasks to support your business operations and maximize its full potential. From administrative tasks to engaging with your customers, you’ll now be able to focus on your company’s strategy, forge close bonds with your clients or customers, and even have more freedom to spend more time with your loved ones.

Here at Pepper VA, our expert virtual assistants are well-equipped with the skills and experience to complete workloads quicker, providing you with more time to grow your business. With continuous support and assistance on the ever-changing variety of tools and duties, our team of virtual assistants is always ready to help you with any project or task.

What We Can

Do For You


Administrative tasks to run your business efficiently including documentation, research, email and calendar management, MS Office tasks, voice calls, and personal online errands.


Marketing assistance to boost your efforts including WordPress administration, marketing automation, email marketing, blog management, research, graphic design, and report generation.


Excellent customer service to increase customer loyalty including account management, chat support, data entry, order processing, email follow-up, supplier liaison, and inventory management.


Project completion from start to finish, including developing plans and timelines, researching vendors, coordinating with freelancers, scheduling tasks, managing timelines, and planning events.


Widen your reach through our social media services including content creation and scheduling, engaging with influencers, image creation, research, and ad campaigns.


Engage your audience with compelling content through our blog writing, editing, content research, email campaigns, and web content writing services

Ready To Hire Virtual

Let Us Know What Your Business Needs

Each business has unique needs and requires different services.

By letting us know what your business needs and how many hours you’ll be availing, we’ll provide you with the perfect virtual assistants for you and your company.

Select And Match Whom You Want To Work With
To choose the suitable virtual assistant who will be your ideal match, we will recommend and interview the most qualified VA in our team.

We want to be certain that you will get along well with and have confidence in the virtual assistant you choose to work with.

Partner Up And Start Doing Business
Once you engage with your virtual assistant, we will make sure that they will learn all the information you require, including your work schedule, workload, the tools needed, and many more.

Additionally, Pepper VA requires every virtual assistant to provide a summary of what’s been done during their shift to keep track of everything.

Our Edge

Highly Skilled
Virtual Assistants
Degree Holders
& Professionals
Virtual Assistants
Have Been With Us For A Minimum of 2 Years

Tools We Use

Featured Clients

What Our Clients Say

"My Pepper VA has allowed me to cross off items that were sitting on my to-do list for months! I am very satisfied with the overall experience and I look forward to finding other projects for her to work on!"

Marie DeCaprio
MCD Advisors, LLC

"Mel - I just want to tell you, you did a FANTASTIC job on this article! I really like how you organized the information and made it clear to the reader. Very nice work!! Thanks again for your really great work!!!"

TJ Gilsenan
President and Founder, The Interactive Advisor

"Mia! Those were the best reviews yet - beautifully concise and masterfully crafted! I particularly like the ingredient listing with a brief description on why each component is important. I'm in love with those last two, the long one in particular - fantastic work! Thank you! :D"

Dane Johnson
Melbourne Nightlife

Pepper VA FAQs

Are your VAs trained?

Our virtual assistants undergo a comprehensive training program to give them the tools and knowledge they need to manage client accounts. They are eager, motivated learners! Once on board, you can also train your virtual assistant based on your needs.

Are all of your VAs proficient in English?

Yes, with a neutral accent, our virtual assistants are fluent in English and can write clearly and with excellent grammar.

How do you oversee your VAs?
We provide managed services as a top provider of virtual assistant services. Our virtual assistant managers and supervisors, who can assist with transitions, will lead your virtual assistant to consistently create high-quality work.

From the get-go, we appoint a backup virtual assistant to take over in the event that your primary virtual assistant is absent or on leave. We make sure your backup virtual assistant is up to date on all of your ongoing activities to ensure that your operations won’t be affected.

What methods of payment are available?
We accept bank or wire transfers to our bank account as well as PayPal fund transfers. If you have other payment options, please feel free to send us an email to discuss them further.

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