Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions clients ask about Pepper Virtual Assistants. Feel free to contact us if you didn’t find the answer to your questions here.

The Basics

How can a virtual assistant help me?
Pepper Virtual Assistants can do anything an in-house secretary or admin assistant does and more. They are equipped with multiple skills and are adept in the use of digital platforms. You can count on our VAs to stay on top of your projects from managing your emails and calendar to handling your social media accounts. Our VAs work with a team of writers, project managers, web designers, and creative professionals.

By delegating tasks to your virtual assistant, you get more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business such as business development, and gain more quality time for yourself and your family.

How can getting a virtual assistant save me money?
Hiring an actual personal assistant would require you to provide an office space and equipment, and pay all government-mandated benefits, taxes, and bonuses. With a Pepper Virtual Assistant, you can accomplish what you need to do without having to pay for the exorbitant costs that come with hiring an extra employee. You only pay for the actual work done. No money wasted, more work done.



Why should I choose Pepper? What makes it different from all the other Virtual Assistant services out there?
At Pepper Virtual Assistants, we carefully screen and choose our virtual assistant candidates to make sure our clients get the best service possible. Our virtual assistants undergo a comprehensive training program to equip them with the necessary tools and know-how in managing client accounts.

Our professionalism also sets us apart from the others. With us, you’re assured that your VA will not disappear on you or leave your work hanging. You don’t need to worry when your VA gets sick or goes on holiday. We’ll provide a backup VA to take over while your VA is away to ensure your operations are not disrupted.

Click here to read more about the Pepper edge.

What is your process for choosing VAs that will work for your company?
We look for applicants who have the passion to excel and constantly learn new things. They have to go through a face-to-face interview with our HR and VA Managers first and then be screened based on communication skills, attitude, and capacity to learn. When they pass the initial interview, they are given a written exam to gauge their written communication and technical skills. The management team will then shortlist the applicants who pass this stage, make any background and reference checks as needed, and make job offers.



Do you train the VAs?
Yes, we do. Once onboard, the new VAs undergo a two-week training before being deployed to clients.



Do all your VAs speak English well?
Yes, our VAs speak and write English well. They speak clearly though their accents may vary a bit.



Do you have non-English speaking VAs?
We currently only offer English-speaking VAs.



Where are your VAs located?
We have two offices in the Philippines—one in Manila and another in Davao City. Most of our VAs are based in Davao while our creative, digital, and marketing teams are based in Manila.




I’m interested in getting a VA, but don’t really know where to start. Can you help?
Absolutely! You can start by downloading our free ebook. You can also contact us for a consultation so we can help you plan and get started.
How and when can I start working with my VA?
Once you sign up for our services, we will contact you to find out what your needs are and how we can best help you. From our roster of virtual assistants, we’ll choose the one who is best suited to work with you and introduce her to you.

You can then start sending your instructions or training her on your business processes. After receiving all the necessary information, your virtual assistant will get started on your tasks right away and deliver the output on time.

How do I get in touch with my VA?
We communicate via phone, email, Skype, and instant messenger. We will go with whichever channel you prefer to use.
Can I change my VA if I’m not happy with him/her?
Yes. Just tell us why you’re not happy with your VA and we will help you resolve the issues with him or her and assign you to someone else.
Will I have to deal with several people if I need different skill sets?
For the most part, you will only need to work with your own virtual assistant or project manager (depending on your requirements) throughout the duration of your project. One of our managers will be contacting you from the very start to discuss your needs and choose the right virtual assistant for you. At the end of the project, he will get your feedback and evaluation of our services.

However, if you need several services, for example, you need an administrative assistant and web development services, then you will be working with two people—your virtual assistant and our digital project manager. Our people have different skill sets and we will assign them depending on your needs.

What if my VA goes on leave or becomes unavailable?
From the get-go, we will be assigning a backup VA to take over when your main VA is away or on leave. We make sure your backup VA is updated on all your current processes, thereby ensuring your operations will not be disrupted should your main VA becomes unavailable.
Do you allow roll-over of hours?
No, we do not allow roll-over of hours. This is because when you sign up for a retainer plan, we block off the VA’s time, depending on the plan you subscribe to. We limit the number of clients assigned to a VA to provide optimum productivity and performance. Rolling over will result in an inefficient and costly use of resources.


Do you have other payment options?
We accept bank or wire transfer to our bank account. If this is the payment option you prefer, let us know so we can give you the details.
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes, we’re proud to say that we provide a “satisfaction guaranteed” seal on all our services. This means that if you give us a project, we won’t stop until we’re sure you’re satisfied with our work, even if it means extending our hours for free.

The only thing we will need from you is to brief us clearly and tell us exactly what kind of work you are expecting. In exchange, we’ll do our best to give you the results that you want.

How do you keep my information secure?
Trust and integrity are vital in our industry. These are the foundation of our business. We need to gain our client’s trust and confidence in order for our business to succeed. It takes months and years to earn it but only seconds to destroy it.

Knowing this, we take our client’s confidentiality and privacy very, very seriously.

The following outline our privacy security measures:

  1. We keep our network secure. It is well-maintained and constantly monitored by our IT team to make sure that it is clean, running well, and free from attacks and hackers.
  2. Our computers are regularly checked by our IT personnel to make sure they’re safe and free from viruses, trojans, worms, or spyware.
  3. Our computers are backed up regularly to ensure no data is lost in the event of a computer crash.
  4. We have a strict confidentiality clause in our service agreement. Our policy and part of our training is not to talk about client details outside of work. Most importantly, we will never share client information without his or her consent.
  5. External ports in the workstations of our VAs are disabled. They are not allowed to take any documents outside the office.

Our Privacy Policy can be found here:

I don’t have recurring monthly needs. Do you have a pay-as-you-go plan?
You have the option to purchase a certain number of hours to use as needed. However, we can’t promise to provide a dedicated VA for this plan, so it’s possible a different VA will work on some of your tasks. The hourly rate for this is $15.
Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations and student scholars?
That is certainly something that we can consider. Please email us with a description of the type of organization or foundation you work for and what you’d like us to do and we’ll get back to you with a discounted rate.
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