10 Reasons Why Content is King (And How to Do Content Marketing in 2023)

Apps for streaming video, music, tweets, podcasts, blogs, and now augmented reality and NFTs – content just keeps evolving.

In fact, there are so many independent content creators and strange corners of the internet that an outsider would not even recognize our favorite content creators.

Reddit, TikTok, Discord, and now Clubhouse are just a few of our favorite niche content-sharing apps.

The content on your phone is king – yes, still! If you disagree, think about what you do every time you open it.

The average global citizen spends nearly 6.5 hours online each day, most of which is spent consuming content, such as video games, videos, podcasts, and social media.

Learn why content is still king and how to use it in your digital marketing strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Who First Said the “Content is King” Quote?


A few months later, the Spice Girls would dominate our radios, Motorola StarTACs would adorn yuppie belt clips, and 2Pac would leave us.

Bill Gates wrote an essay called “Content is King” for the Microsoft website in January 1991 that will live in infamy over 25 years later. Gates predicts content will become the internet’s moneymaker as technology progresses:

In the same way that broadcasting made its money through content, I expect the Internet will make its money through content.”

According to the Microsoft founder, the internet will push content to evolve by moving away from traditional TV, radio, and subscription services to software, independent creators, and interactive content.

Streaming services and news outlets have both turned to digital subscriptions for monetisation in recent years, but Gates was speaking of content as a broad concept.

It’s a question on many minds whether or not the same company that serves an interest group in print will succeed in serving it online. There are even some printed magazines whose futures are in doubt.”

Content is King Because It Levels the Playing Field


Today, content is king because websites and companies with the best content succeed in building online audiences. But content was crowned king when internet content leveled the playing field.

In 1996, Gates didn’t consider the implications of algorithms and social media (Mark Zuckerberg was just 12 years old at the time), but he did expect the internet to open up content creation to independent creators and small businesses:

A great thing about the Internet is that anyone with a PC and a modem can create whatever content they want.”

Gates expected audio and video to take over:


People must be rewarded for putting up with a computer screen and reading a screen with deep and up-to-date information that they can explore at will. There must also be audio and possibly video.

With interesting, engaging, and valuable content, anyone can succeed online today.

In 1996, there were no smartphones, so Gates might have been wrong when he thought people would need special incentives to “turn on a computer” or “read a screen.”

Nowadays, creators have to compete with the entire internet for attention, but like Gates said,

Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace for ideas, experiences, and products.

Here are 10 reasons why content is (still) king in digital marketing in 2023.


25 years later, content is still king.

Content marketing isn’t about beating Google’s search engine algorithm or creating a sensational headline to earn social media shares – it’s about connecting with the right people, offering something valuable, and keeping it genuine.

In your digital marketing strategy, here’s why content is still king.

1. A brand’s content builds trust with its audience


Robin of KodeKloud says “Ads are distrusted by 96% of consumers. How many of you are running ad blockers?

To find answers to their questions and problems, people browse organic results on Google, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Although they don’t trust what they read immediately, it gives you a much better chance than any paid ad. Plus, paid ads need non-salesy, quality content in order to connect with consumers.”

2. As a comprehensive branding tool, content is king


Content is king for branding in visual search, video streaming, podcasting, and Google snippets.

Treat every piece of content as though it’s the only thing someone will associate with your brand. Optimize images, prioritize quality, and come up with something truly worth consuming.

3. The content is cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable


Would 81% of marketers increase their content budget or keep it the same if content did not work?

Auditing and adjusting content is easy:

  • Format change
  • Your target audience should be adjusted
  • You can increase or decrease your budget
  • Experiment with new strategies and tactics

4. Content helps you segment your audience


The only way to create effective content is to get to know your audience segments and stay connected to them online.

Topics and keywords should be chosen carefully

Make sure you answer their questions at the appropriate level of knowledge

Provide nuanced information and ideas

Standing out from the crowd by staying on top of trends is crucial, and integrating APIs like the Google Trends API can greatly enhance your understanding of what’s currently resonating with your target audience.

5. Your brand can offer something unique through content


Vaibhav of Digital Web Solutions says, “your unique value proposition is limited to the products, services, and experiences you offer after someone becomes a customer without comprehensive content.

Your content offers a second UVP that makes you stand out online.Choose a different expertise that others have ignored.

Make your content stand out by leveraging that expertise”.


6. For SEO and EAT, content is king


In the search results, Google ranks content based on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Why? Because that’s what users expect.

Therefore, SEO in 2023 doesn’t involve stuffing keywords into the right places and spamming backlinks. All you have to do is create high-quality content on topics you are an expert in.

Keep your content consistent, and your SEO will reflect your authority.


7. You Can Express Your Brand’s Personality Through Content


In their guidelines, most brands outline two distinct voices:

The other is for marketing materials such as web pages, flyers, and official correspondence.

There is one for blogs, email campaigns, and social media.

The second voice – the one for most content – is where the brand expresses its personality.

8. Connect with influencers through content


Daniel Sarrero of SEA Concrete Contractors Seattle says, “when you don’t make your brand’s values clear to an influencer, they could step outside them. Sure, you could explain your values and expectations in contract copy, but content gives examples.

Your culture becomes a living thing instead of just words on a page when your influencers are able to see your values and culture in action.

Furthermore, content gives influencers something to share beyond product promotions: eBooks, video tutorials, guides, informative lists, etc. This gives you more flexibility with influencer marketing”.


9. In every stage of the customer journey, content is king


Google shows how one customer’s query about headaches led them to research and buy a specific set of headphones.


10. Across all channels, content is king


According to Austin Fain of Perfect Steel Solutions, “the customer above jumped straight into YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, so it has the best access to a seamless journey between the two platforms. However, the point is to use content for a holistic experience across all channels.

Touchpoints for your brand might include:

  • Searches on Google
  • Searches on YouTube
  • Creators of TikTok
  • Hashtags on Instagram
  • Subreddits to review
  • Roundups of blogs


Depending on your unique customers and how they research online, everything depends on you”.

In 2023, make content king of your digital marketing kingdom

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, content is king for those who recognize its power. Those who don’t recognize its power view it as a cheap tool to leverage – and that’s what the end result looks like.

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