Analyzing Data For an Instant Insight: 6 Tips You Need to Follow

When they see the term data analytics, a lot of people do not think of something that’s rather enjoyable and entertaining. Instead, the first word that comes to their minds as far as this is concerned is probably tedious.

That’s because many of them are simply not too fond of this, even the ones who perfected their skills so they could execute this properly. Although this may not be the most interesting thing in the world, the truth is that data analytics is actually very useful because it provides you with lots of meaningful insights.

If you want any of your business strategies to be successful, then you need to rely on them to make that happen. Now, if you agree with this conclusion, yet you would like to unveil the way that’s going to make this task a lot less bothersome, then you should take a look at these tips and tricks below.

What Are Your Goals?


Before you begin analyzing anything, you first need to determine your goals and what you want your business to accomplish with it. Why does it matter so much? Namely, by doing so, you are going to be on the right track when it comes to gathering the relevant data and utilizing the right tools during this process.

Besides that, it will help you steer clear of everything that’s redundant and unnecessary because these things are nothing but a waste of time and resources. Speaking of determining your goals, they are going to help you properly assess the results that you received from the analysis, and, simultaneously, conclude if you can reap the benefits from them or not.

For example, if you’re a business owner, or you’re a marketing manager who noticed that sales have not done well in the past few months, then you will probably define your goals by doing this:

  1. You will uncover what’s causing this decline
  2. Think of methods that your company needs to use to improve the current situation

Make Use Of Digital Analytics Platforms


There are various tools that you can employ for these purposes that are going to help you better understand some things in terms of your marketing campaign. If you ask the creative and resourceful team from they are going to tell you that one of the best things that you can utilize is an efficient digital analytics platform. So what is its main duty?

Namely, digital analytics are here to show you the quantitative measurements of the performance of various marketing campaigns that your company has conducted, the content that you post on your website, how successful your posts are on different social media platforms, etc.

In other words, with the assistance of this platform, you will better understand how your audience responds to your advertising campaigns and content. That’s how beneficial this platform can be for your firm.

Have You Heard Of Regression Analysis?


This represents an analysis that is employed to evaluate the relationship between different variables. During this process, you need to see whether there’s any connection between a dependent variable (which is, in fact, an outcome that you want to foresee) and any number of independent variables (elements that influence the dependent variable).

The whole point of this type of analysis is to conclude how one or more variables can affect the dependent variable in order to identify various patterns and trends. Something like this can be extremely beneficial when you want to predict future trends.

There are several kinds of regression analysis, and the model that you’re about to use will depend on the type of data you have for a particular dependent variable.

You Need To Gather Your Data


If you’ve successfully determined your goals, then it’s time to begin gathering the right type of data. Although it’s definitely recommended that you gather both qualitative and quantitative data, bear in mind that you will also need to gather that that is going to be able to answer some crucial questions.

  • Quantitative data – It can be defined as structured data that you can gauge and quantify, such as numerical data, and tags
  • Qualitative data – It can be described as unstructured data that you’re supposed to structure like speech, text, pictures, and videos

When it comes to quantitative data, you can put it in Excel sheets and databases and then prepare yourself to analyze it. Now, what’s the case with qualitative data? The best examples of qualitative data include the following:

  • Customer support tickets
  • Emails that you get from your customers
  • Chat conversations
  • Data that you receive from social media
  • Online product reviews
  • Open-ended survey responses

A vast majority of this data is going to end up in the tools that you normally employ on a regular basis, such as Gmail, Zendesk, and numerous other social media management platforms.

Don’t Forget Pivot Tables


So what’s their major purpose? Namely, they offer a structured way to analyze, summarize, and visualize data, which means that with them various datasets that you perceive as puzzling are going to suddenly become a lot more understandable.

Additionally, they streamline data analysis by allowing people to get familiar with various trends, patterns, and relationships within major datasets. Even though you can utilize these tables in Excel or any other spreadsheet platform, bear in mind that these platforms make things a lot more complicated and daunting than they’re supposed to be. Therefore, you should turn to the one that’s not as confusing.

You Need To Clean Your Data Too!


You need to be sure that your data is precise and consistent because that can oftentimes make or break things. That’s exactly why it’s of huge importance to clean the data correctly before you start analyzing it. The most frequently used methods in these instances are:

  1. Correcting errors
  2. Utilizing standardized data formats
  3. Eliminating unnecessary data
  4.  Consolidating data


Analyzing data is pivotal if you want to make sure you are making well-informed decisions that are related to your business. By embracing all of these tips, you will most likely reap the benefits of this whole process.


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