Creating a Bid for a Government Construction Project: A Brief Guide

Government contracts for construction projects are highly sought after. They can be incredibly lucrative, and developing a working relationship can lead to several other opportunities. Depending on the project, your business can benefit from knowing that they are genuinely benefitting the inhabitants of that city, too, which does wonders for morale. Securing a government contract is a challenge; there is a lot of competition, so how can you create a competitive bid that is bound to get noticed? Read on to find out how leveraging the benefits of construction planning software can enhance your bid and increase your chances of success.

Provide Detail & Be Methodical

Firstly, when it comes to creating your bid, you need to be methodical and include details. The stakes are, of course, going to be high, and there will be other firms also competing, which is why you need to be thorough in the creation of your bid. Now, while being detailed and methodical is recommended, you do want to avoid including too much detail. If your bid is overly long, then the likelihood of it being read in its entirety is reduced. Getting the balance right can be challenging; just try not to rush it.

Include Examples of Your Previous Projects

Within your bid, you should also include examples of your business’s previous construction projects. Essentially, you should build a portfolio of your work. For more established businesses, this should be pretty simple; newer businesses, however, might struggle. Try to focus your portfolio on work that is similar to the specifications of the government bid, although including range is still good. In addition to photos and/or videos of the finished projects (depending on whether the portfolio is a digital or physical copy), you should also include the details of the build too, like the projected budget versus the final cost, the timescale of the project and any other notable facts.

Push Your USP

Every business has a USP or unique selling point that helps to differentiate it from its competitors. Think about what yours is and really try to emphasize this in your bid. As well as making sure to mention and push your USP, you should also include information on anything that is advantageous to your business that other businesses might not have. For example, there are a number of tools out there that could be beneficial, like Kahua’s software which seeks specifically to increase efficiency for Government agency projects. Having something like this in place will demonstrate your determinism, show that you are a real contender and that your bid should be taken seriously.

In Summary

Bidding for government projects can be a little cut-throat at times, with a lot of other businesses competing with you to secure the project. While politics may come into play, creating the best possible bid can help to separate your business from the others and leave an impression regardless of whether you secure the project or not, which could lead to other opportunities in the future. Winning the bid, of course, is the goal because it would be transformative for the future of your business. Using the above tips can help you to create a comprehensive bid that really stands a chance, so be sure to keep them in mind.



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