How Can a Virtual Assistant Help with Your Marketing Strategy?

Great businesses are built on great marketing. That’s why virtual assistants (VAs) are such a powerful tool for growing businesses. A VA can help plan out your digital marketing strategy, creating a whitepaper with actionable insights for your company. It can also improve your digital marketing strategies’ success rates and assist businesses in various ways.

As marketers continue to raise the bar on how they effectively reach their target audiences, virtual assistants are becoming an indispensable part of many business strategies. If you’re currently using your own personal assistant exclusively or primarily for administrative tasks, then read on. It will help you discover the magic of hiring a virtual assistant to support your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some ways that a VA can help you build a better business.

Create and maintain a marketing calendar

One of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy is a calendar. But calendars can get messy — especially when you have many different stakeholders in the mix. A virtual assistant can be a crucial part of organizing your marketing calendar on several fronts. 

First, it can be responsible for booking appointments for you and your team. This includes everything from conference calls to one-on-one meetings. Beyond just keeping the calendar, your VA can also help select the best times for you and your team to meet. This includes everything from your overall marketing strategy to the needs of each individual on your team. A calendar is crucial to the success of any marketing strategy. This is especially true when you have multiple people involved in the process. Your VA can be instrumental in helping keep everyone on the same page.

Develop a content marketing strategy

Building a content marketing strategy is a crucial part of any business. It’s also a task that can quickly overwhelm even the best marketing teams. A virtual assistant can help you to better capitalize on the value of your content. 

Beyond just creating and distributing your content, VAs can be instrumental in developing a content strategy that will help you to grow your audience, like discount strategies, creating blog titles, and more. Your VA can manage calendars for your content writers and editors, scheduling the publication of new posts and rewrites. Beyond just managing the publication dates and times, your VA can also help with distribution and promotion.

Manage your reps and grow your network

With the right software and a little extra effort, you can use your VA to effectively manage several different types of relationships. This includes working with sales representatives and growing your network. Building relationships with industry experts — particularly those in your target audience — can be extremely beneficial. 

Whether you choose to trade guest posts, share content or find other ways to exchange value with other businesses, a VA can help you stay on top of this important relationship-building task. In addition to managing relationships with other businesses, you can also use a VA to manage relationships with your team members. The right software can help you to effectively manage your team and their schedules.

Run paid ads for new audiences

Paid ads are an incredibly powerful part of many marketing strategies. This includes everything from retargeting your current customers to reaching new audiences. A virtual assistant can help you to effectively manage and track your paid ads. This includes everything from setting up ad campaigns to reporting on the results. 

A virtual assistant can also help you to test new ad campaigns. This includes everything from new ad types to new audiences. Your VA can track the results of these campaigns and help you to better determine which ads are working best.

Helps with social media

There is no question that hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant is going to be time-consuming and cost-intensive. Still, considering how much time it gives Marketing Managers, or entrepreneurs and business owners, back to focus on higher-returning work, it is worth it.

Costing as little as 90% less than hiring an employee on an ongoing basis, since you are only paying for a Virtual Assistant’s productive hours working on your tasks, hiring a Virtual Assistant to augment your team is one of the most affordable and flexible options that businesses have.


Ultimately, the chief advantage of hiring a marketing assistant is the increased focus and prioritization of your tasks as a business owner. This is because some of the most crucial elements of effective marketing are often time-consuming. These can include creating and maintaining a calendar, content creation, and relationship building and management. With a virtual assistant handling many of these tasks, you can continue to focus on the activities that are most important for your business. This can ultimately lead to better results for your marketing efforts.



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