How Smart Office Tech Is Increasing Productivity In A Hybrid Workforce

Are you searching for a way to manage guests and deliveries in your hybrid office? 


Although the guest management process is complex, you can handle it with smart intercom systems. These systems can make guest and delivery management effortless even with multiple guests.


Read on to find all the facts on different types of smart intercom systems, why they are useful, and how you can use them to manage guests and deliveries without any challenges.  


Advantages of Business Intercom Systems for Hybrid Workforces

Because business intercom systems offer hybrid workforces several advantages, it is well worth installing them. Here are three advantages your hybrid workforce will receive after installing business intercom systems.


Increased Security Operations Without Security Personnel

Since your hybrid workforce may sometimes work remotely, you may want to reduce the hours of your security personnel during this time; a business intercom system makes it easier to achieve this.


Using a first-rate business intercom system, you don’t need security personnel to admit guests. You can give guests access and manage deliveries without worrying about security breaches. 


The business intercom system you select will help you identify the guest and verify who they are, which is an effortless way to increase security operations without extra staff.


Easy and Quick Access Management from Any Location

Some of the cloud-based software for business intercom systems makes it easy to manage guest access from any location at any time. It doesn’t matter if you need to grant someone access quickly and are not near the entrance of the building; you can allow guests to enter the building quickly and easily with this software.


Simple Capacity Management Despite Being Offsite

Smart office intercom systems enable you to record the guests who enter your business. You can use this user-friendly technology to keep track of the time and date your guests accessed the building, even if you are offsite. This benefit means you can:


  • Effortlessly handle capacity management – monitor how full your offices are by monitoring the guests who enter your building, even if you’re offsite.


  • Inform others of the date and time a guest entered the building – check the date or time someone visited and inform team members when someone arrives.


  • Use the recordings and date and time details to solve security breaches – check the data to determine the cause of a security breach from any location.


Types of Business Intercom Systems


Several business intercom systems are available, and you must select a suitable option for your hybrid or remote workforce to gain the advantages listed above. Check these three main examples of business intercom systems to find out how they make guest management smoother and easier.


1. Video Intercom

If you are looking for extra security for your business, you may consider using a video intercom. Since this system gives users access to visual identification of the guest, it is a more secure option than telephone intercoms.


How Video Intercoms Work

Video business intercoms work with a video camera, which users place at the entrance of the building. The high-definition camera takes an image of the guest and sends it to your device or desk intercom. 


With the image of the guest, you can verify who the visitor is and grant them access to the building by opening the door lock. With high-definition images of all visitors, you can enhance the security of your office and grant or deny access as you see fit.


2. Audio Intercom

Audio intercoms feature a speaker and a door buzzer; some also have a door directory. Despite having a door directory, audio intercoms don’t offer as much security as video intercoms – you can only identify a guest using voice identification with this technology.


How Audio Intercoms Work

An audio-only business intercom system allows guests to use a buzzer, letting you know they have arrived. If the audio intercom also has a directory, the system makes it easier for guests to select the correct contact and mention that they have arrived.


Audio-only intercoms are user-friendly options as you can manually or remotely provide access to guests; however, other options can safeguard your business and increase security more effectively.


3. Wireless Wi-Fi Intercom

Wireless intercoms enable two-way voice communication between a guest and a business. They differ from traditional wireless intercoms as these systems function using Wi-Fi. Many feature video features, providing additional security to your hybrid workforce.


How Wireless Wi-Fi Intercoms Work

Audio intercoms work using a Wi-Fi system and signal to connect a guest to members of staff in the building. You can use wireless Wi-Fi intercoms to connect several users to base stations, and it’s also possible to use them as a connection between offices within your building.


Using Business Intercoms: Key Takeaways

Granting guests access to your business the right way is essential if you want to maintain the optimum office security level. It’s also vital for improving the guest experience and efficiently granting access. 


It’s your responsibility to guarantee the security of your hybrid workforce when granting guests access to your building, and you can do it by using business intercoms. Use the examples of smart business intercoms provided in this post to welcome guests and enhance the security of your business effortlessly.



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