How to Become a Data Analyst VA

To say data is the most important thing in modern business would be an understatement. Without it, most businesses could not survive. It is used for everything from interpreting performance charts to analyzing current market trends and conditions. Effective data use can transform businesses from failures to financial successes.

If you are somebody who understands the importance of data and its relevancy in the modern world, then you might be interested in finding work as a data analyst virtual assistant, VA for short.

This post will tell you how you can find work as one.

Learning Skills

To become a data analyst you’ll need to learn the essential skills. Without them, there is no way any company is going to hire you. Learning analytics skills is only something that can be done through practice and research; there is a wealth of online learning resources that can be used to learn about the skills necessary to become a data analyst virtual assistant. Bear in mind that virtual assistants do not need as many skills as actual data analysts although having as many as them can be beneficial for your career.

Taking A Course

A good way of learning the skills you need to become a data analyst’s virtual assistant is by taking a course. Right now there is an almost endless number of course providers operating online. It should be noted that there are not really any specific courses teaching individuals how to become virtual assistants. Rather, the course offerings available are more focused on data analytics as a broader concept. As such you should apply for a data analysis course and then use your skills learned there to work as a virtual assistant or even a full-time data analyst.

Finding an Internship

Usually after finishing a course or graduating from college students work as interns. Becoming an intern can be a good way of getting your foot through the proverbial door and building a name and reputation for yourself. You’ll likely need a solid resume if you want to get a job with a Fortune 500 company. Working as an intern for a while can be a good way of developing your resume and learning the skills required to become a data analyst’s assistant. You may later decide you want to become a data analyst so working as an intern is a good way of learning what such a career entails.

Online Research

Online research is one of the best things that you can do if you are planning on getting into data analytics. As already mentioned there is a wealth of online resources available. You need to find and use the ones most relevant to your area of interest and study. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can learn everything you need to from textbooks. When you are taking a course your professors will insist that you rely heavily on textbooks but there is so much more information available elsewhere online.

Digital Networking

Digital networking is important too. While networking won’t help you learn how to become an analyst’s assistant it will make finding work post-graduation much easier. By building up a solid network of data analysts and scientists, you will have people to ask for help when you are struggling to find work. You can build a network by using platforms like LinkedIn which are designed to connect business people. When networking it is important that you are polite and have a good attitude; if you do not have these qualities then nobody is going to want to recommend you for work.

Practising Basics

Practicing the basics of data analytics is essential. Even if you have graduated and found work, as an assistant it is your duty to work with your employer to complete complex tasks. If you are not qualified or experienced enough to do this then they will not want to keep you; practicing and honing your skills all of the time can make you more of an asset and secure your position in the company to which you have applied to work at. Practicing can be done by studying and revising online analytics materials at home.

Creating a Portfolio

If you are planning on working as an actual analyst and not an assistant, then create a portfolio. A portfolio will give you something to show employers when you are applying for job positions. The creation of a portfolio shouldn’t take you very long and will be very beneficial to your career. If you are unsure how to make one then there are lots of online support guides you can use.

Finding employment has never been easier. All you need is access to the internet and you can take a course and become just about anything. If you are interested in getting into data analytics, follow the guidance given in this post.



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