How to write SEO friendly article for your blog post

Blog post writing is all about writing killer content which is enriched in multiple relevant keywords and follows the Google guidelines.

Without SEO optimization, your content will take a lifetime to rank higher in the search engine.

However, writing an SEO optimized content is not as difficult as people think.

The content becomes SEO-friendly when it navigates Google crawler with keywords and provides valuable information to the readers.

The problem occurs when we don’t know how optimization is possible naturally without overusing keywords and pointing out the valuable details in the content which makes it unique.

Luckily, this guide will help you to step-by-step to write a compelling and SEO-friendly blog post like you always desire

Read till the end to know the secrets, tips and tricks!

Why is SEO important for your blog post?

If we do not care about search engine optimization and the intent before writing a blog post, then the content is useless.

Obviously, you won’t be the laid-back hipster, who wants to get recognized by sharing his personal stories or daily routines.

However, with SEO, Google won’t be able to identify what’s the intent of your content and where it should rank it.

Otherwise, your content will take a long-time to rank where you want to.

Blogging lies at the heart of every great online business.

Do you know almost 600 million blogs are marketing different products on the internet?

Isn’t it easy to just set up a blog and start publishing your content? Stop!

You cannot rank your content or blog posts without SEO because it is the core need of Google crawler that no one can neglect.

Cadence SEO helps you rank your content and make it interesting for your readers to read, share and act upon the blog post.

It deals with a proper formatting style liked by the readers, unique and insightful content, proper use of keywords, and much more.

Actually, SEO practices and strategies keep on changing with time because of algorithm updates,

Hence it is a dynamic discipline. You keep on learning and growing with time.

How can you write an SEO-friendly article?

1. Know your audience first

How can you sell anything if you don’t know where to sell it?

It is essential for every marketer to know his target audience before creating and executing SEO strategies.

Secondly, you should know how your products can serve them in their life problems and fulfill their needs.

Develop an audience persona before pitching your content on the internet.

This helps you write better content that pinpoints your readers’ interests, points out their pain points and gives you an opportunity to develop business relationships that will help you to increase the credibility of your blog.

2. Check your content plagiarism:

Readers, as well as search engines, dislike plagiarized content.

The content, which is copied, can not show valuable information to the readers because they are already getting the same things on plenty of different platforms.

However, if you think outside the box and provide them what they exactly need, then there are 100% chances you will get a response from them.

While writing you may unintentionally copy someone’s content which is a common thing.

Thus, you need to use a plagiarism checker to check your content’s uniqueness.

Search engines may even penalize your content for plagiarizing it.

3. Choose the trending formatting style

You aren’t going to write an academic essay or a fancy social media post. So stick to the format that makes it easier for your readers and create engagement between your words and the reader.

For this purpose, read the content that Google is already considering on the first page and see how they formatted everything.

Your paragraphs should not contain more than 3 lines. Because large paragraphs become boring and make it difficult for readers to understand.

That gets intimidated with bulky text. Therefore, they don’t read such content, which has a bad impact on SEO

4. Write unique content

Readers demand unique content.

However, unique content is also beneficial for Off-page SEO, because it gives you an opportunity to avail high quality and authoritative backlinks that helps your blog rank on SERPs.

Google’s Panda algorithms assign a quality score to content that is not copied and that is of high quality.

But, sometimes you may run out of ideas and words. It’s called writer’s block and writers always fall prey to it.

In that case, you can use a paraphraser to change the wording of your text.

By changing the syntax of any content, you can generate unique content easily.

5. Makes your sentences readable and attractive:

Again, it is your writing skill and your creativity that make your sentences interesting.

It’s a good practice to catch the reader’s attention in the introduction.

Use words that will hook up your reader and feel like you are having a conversation with him as a first-person.

Moreover, it’s good to add a call to action at the end of the introduction.

Another important point is, you should develop strong arguments in your content to sound more confident and to drive your audience into the sales funnel.

6. Make it informative and write content in informal tone

Keep this thing in mind, your blog post is not your sales copy. It’s totally different.

You should write your blog post in an informative style with a conversational tone so that it doesn’t sound promotional like you’re trying to sell something.

Add case studies and references to your content to improve the credibility of your content.

Moreover, it helps your blog rank higher because external linking is an SEO factor.

7. Use visualization to make your web page more attractive

Colors have a great effect on a person’s psychology.

When you add the right images, your readers will stop to see what’s written. Therefore, it is a better technique to add infographics to it.

Instead of reading long text, readers can easily read what’s written in the infographics and get to know the information.

Wrapping up

Writing SEO-friendly content is not as easy as people think.

It takes consistent effort to rank your content for the SERPs.

However, if you apply the above-mentioned tips, you can easily optimize your content without any hassle.



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