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Advertising has long proven its effectiveness in action. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine selling goods without advertising, as it attracts quality traffic and significantly increases profitability.


Affiliate networks are places where you can order advertising on the merchant’s site, thus delegating the promotion of goods and rationally distributing funds. Executives, or affiliates, have the opportunity to earn money without being tied to the sales. To work in the system of affiliate marketing, it is worth understanding in more depth the features of networks and find out why TerraLeads is so well established in the nutra vertical.

Understanding the concept of CPA networks

A CPA network is an affiliate network that operates via a cost-per-action model. There are always three parties involved in this type of relationship: the network, the affiliate and the customer.


  • The customer draws up a contract that specifies what is considered to be the target action for their proposal, defines the cost and time frame.
  • The tasks of the CPA network comprise the creation of a sample of sites for advertising offers, the acquisition of new advertisers and the collection of data regarding ad clicks.
  • The affiliate, in turn, is in charge of customising advertising campaigns to suit the interests of the target audience. It is also his responsibility to adjust advertising costs to a certain budget in order to avoid situations where the target action exceeds the income received from sales.


Affiliate networks focus on paying per targeted action, so the client does not have to worry about the unpredictability of ROI. This makes it possible to accurately allocate budgets and predict benefits, for example, if a $20 investment results in 20 sales.


CPA networks are proving to be a successful tool for promoting high margin, simple products from mainstream brands that have an impact on speeding up the transaction process.


The type of target action is usually chosen by the company itself:

  • placing an order or making a purchase;
  • a call to the company;
  • a lead, i.e. filling in a form with the customer’s contact details;
  • installing an application or programme
  • ordering a callback;
  • viewing a certain block of a website or article.

The CPA model allows you to determine precisely how much you have to pay per real customer.

Advantages of CPA marketing

One of the main benefits of affiliate networks is that they enable affiliates to earn money without having to sell a product. This allows affiliates to focus on promoting a particular offer to their audience without the pressure of having to sell. This makes CPA network marketing a great option for social networks, bloggers and websites seeking to monetise their audience.


Yet another advantage of CPA marketing is the ability to choose the offer for your target audience. The affiliate chooses the offer to work with, while analysing its relevance to the consumer.


It is worth noting that affiliate marketing is profitable not only for the affiliate, but also for the advertiser, who receives optimal investment, no risks and effective promotion.


A look at TerraLeads: innovations and opportunities

TerraLeads is an affiliate network that operates as a direct advertiser in the nutra vertical. The network has been operating successfully since 2016, offering its partners the opportunity to generate income from offers in the beauty and health categories.


The CPA network has a vast number of in-house offers, as well as its own production facilities and multi-geo call centre. There are more than 3000 affiliate offers, 100 of which are unique and are not presented anywhere else. Affiliates are also provided with a plethora of tools that streamline work tasks and increase ROI:

  • CRM of own development;
  • domain binding;
  • API;
  • inbuilt tracker;
  • in-house service for checking domain bugs in Facebook.


The affiliate network opens up a wide range of opportunities for our affiliates and offers some of the best working conditions. A dedicated call centre, a bonus programme, 24/7 support and high payouts are just some of the advantages that have made TerraLeads a success for 8 years in a row. The network also offers a number of tools that are designed to help promote and make campaigns more effective.

Secrets of prominent affiliate marketers

Experienced affiliate marketers certainly have some tricks up their sleeves that help them in their trade. Amy Cheung – a fellow affiliate with over 15 years experience has highlighted a few of her personal tips to help attract traffic and work more efficiently


  • Experiment with geo. If the budget allows, try new geographical destinations and see whether the audience resonates with your offers or not. If the budget is limited, focus on tier 3 and 4 countries. The low cost of traffic will help newcomers to collect more data and gain the relevant skills sooner.


  • Build an audience. Competition, just like the cost of traffic, is on the rise. The marketer who can generate more revenue from the same source of traffic is the one who can make money. 


  • Evolve. If an affiliate is ready for constant changes and always follows the trends, he has a chance to succeed.  If an element stops performing, you need to reevaluate your attitude towards it to make it work again.


  • Connect with like-minded people. By talking to 10 new people in your field, you can get 10 fresh ideas that will undoubtedly help you in your work.


  • Choose offers that will resonate with your target audience. Do not commit to products that consumers will not be interested in interacting with. Goods should be of real value to users in order to attract good traffic.


  • Quality content. One would regard this as obvious, however many affiliates neglect this. Content should draw attention and hook consumers.


Choosing the perfect affiliate network: the path to achieving success

Whether you are a novice or an experienced affiliate, there are a few criteria you should consider when determining the perfect CPA network for your purposes:


  • Reviews of other affiliates. You can read reviews on the Internet, which will allow you to recognise the pros and cons of the network and decide whether the game is worth the candle.


  • Own offers. This factor will indicate the level of the company. With a high indicator, the network will offer favourable rates.


  • Percentage of approval of the affiliate network. A low indicator will speak of unfavourable conditions.


  • The frequency of new offers. It will confirm that the CPA network is both active and in demand.


  • Customer support service. Managers should be quick enough to respond to requests and resolve arising issues.


  • Bonus programme. There could never be too much incentive in your work.


In the nutra vertical, one of the most popular CPA networks is TerraLeads, which provides its affiliates with a variety of offers, a wide geo and comprehensive support to optimise performance and achieve great results.


In conclusion


Every business wants to receive more traffic, leads and conversions to their website. This is why CPA networks have become so attractive, as they offer favourable terms and convenience.


When choosing an affiliate network, it is crucial to consider a number of factors in order to select a reliable network to work with, which will help you earn money. In the nutra vertical, the indisputable leader is TerraLeads, which has been operating in the field for more than 7 years and offers its partners more than 3000 offers and favourable conditions for partnership.



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