Top 10 Benefits of a Good eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Being an eCommerce business owner, you are probably familiar with wearing many hats to hit the ground running. There is a lot to be done, from managing inventory and employees to responding to customers and keeping up with the rising competition, which can be overwhelming.

Seeking the help of an eCommerce virtual assistant has stood out as a viable option that continues to gain traction across the globe. These professionals leverage their sheer expertise and other resources to offer relevant and cutting-edge solutions for your eCommerce business needs.

Keep reading to learn more about how a good eCommerce virtual assistant can benefit your business.

Efficient Management of the Online Store

A good eCommerce virtual assistant can help you to manage and run your online store efficiently. This may include organizing, sorting, and categorizing products as required, as well as updating discount coupons and other product offers.

Besides, your eCommerce virtual personnel can help you upload and update product details concerning stock, inventory, and logistics. They also keep track of customer data and order processing. Some are even experienced in offering impeccable technical support.

Time Saving

Running a successful eCommerce store comes with a fully packed schedule of responsibilities. Rather than stretching yourself thin with non-strategic and routine tasks, you can assign them to a qualified eCommerce virtual assistant. This frees you more time to focus on larger business goals. 

Some entrepreneurs opt to hire eCommerce virtual assistants from different time zone. The tactic enables you to increase your business operating hours from the normal eight hours. As a result, you gain more coverage in regard to client communications and time-sensitive tasks.

Improved Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of every online business. Your customer service level can make or break loyalty to your brand. It is often easy for customers to move and buy from competitors if they experience poor customer service.

Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant will enable customers to access relevant, quick, and efficient 24/7 customer support. Your assistant can take care of customer queries and concerns via phone, live chat, or email. They also resolve customer complaints to create positive customer experiences and win loyalty.

Proper Managing of Products on Various Marketplaces

An eCommerce virtual assistant can greatly help if you plan to sell products on a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace like Poshmark. These experts will follow up to ensure that your account on the marketplace is well set up, create product pages, and manage several other eCommerce aspects.

They also have the necessary skills to manage returns, refunds, sales, and order cancellations in the store’s dashboard. You can only direct your energy on inventory and logistics and leave the rest to your eCommerce virtual personnel.

Top-notch Content Creation

It can be tedious to manage thousands of product pages and content with limited in-house resources. But when experienced virtual personnel come on board, everything goes smoothly and flawlessly.

Your virtual team can generate original, engaging, highly readable, and informative content to capture the attention of your target audience and convert them into customers. This includes product descriptions, how-to guides, blog posts, and more. Besides, you can expect content creation services like vlogs, images, infographics, videos, and brochures for your product offerings. Additionally, they can configure pop-ups and add tags to your eCommerce platform. 

Social Media Management Made Easy

Your eCommerce virtual assistant can be in charge of your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. These experts know how best to leverage the power of social media to create brand awareness. The assistant can create daily social media posts that cover your products, respond to customers’ messages and comments, and ensure that your social media marketing strategy yields maximum benefits. 

Reduced Costs for Operations and Staffing

It can be costly to hire a full-time, in-person assistant. On top of paying a monthly salary, you will need to provide workers’ compensation, medical insurance, paid sick days and leaves, office supplies, space, and other costs.

On the other hand, an eCommerce virtual personnel operates as an independent contractor. You only pay for the number of tasks completed or hours worked. Considering that the virtual team works remotely, you gain access to a large pool where you can choose the skill set you want from anywhere in the world, saving money. Besides, most are well-trained and possess the skills required to do the job. This removes the need to invest in costly, extensive training. 

Better Work-life Balance

Launching, managing, and growing an eCommerce business comes with enough stress to take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Continuous micromanaging of all tasks can make it hard to draw a line between your personal and professional life.

By hiring a competent eCommerce virtual assistant, you can reduce your workload to create much-needed personal time. While at it, you get to maintain accountability, knowing that you have left the work in the hands of a professional. Keep in mind that maintaining stable health, having enough rest and giving yourself peace of mind is key to locating long-term success.

and peace of mind is key to locating long-term success. 

Improved Order Management and Monthly Reports

Order management and preparation of monthly reports are part of administrative tasks that consume much effort and time. Instead of hiring a team of in-house administrators and accountants to do the job, engaging a competent virtual assistant would be a cost-effective way out. 

On top of helping you manage your orders and reports, an eCommerce virtual assistant can help prepare your presentations as well as update you on how the store is performing.

Moreover, they can be in charge of your ERP software by regularly updating product details and other crucial information. 

Increased Productivity

Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant with relevant, specialized skills enables you to complete tasks faster than when doing the job yourself. Your team’s productivity increases since you reduce the burden on your in-house staff.

Again, since virtual assistants don’t waste time creating small talks with office colleagues or commuting, they spend more time working on hitting daily targets. The fact that they are only paid for the tasks completed makes them stay more focused and productive.

Final Thought

A good eCommerce virtual assistant is your trusted partner for controlling all your business operations and meeting your goals. If you are thinking of how to move your eCommerce store to another level, then it is time to hire one. Take time to determine the responsibilities you want to outsource and find the most suitable match with relevant skills. You will be surprised how great you will benefit from virtual assistance services.



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