If you are a Windows Vista user, you’re probably enjoying all the fancy features that are designed for better security and easier use, not to mention the sleek interface, making computer use more enjoyable.

One of its best features is the Windows Sidebar. The Sidebar is a pane on the side of the Microsoft Windows Vista desktop. You can organize your favorite gadgets or applications here, so that they will all be easily available to you anytime.

There are so many gadgets to choose from. If you haven’t fixed up your sidebar, it might be too tasking for you to go through all of it and choose the ones you can benefit from.

To make it easy for you, we have chosen the most useful Vista Gadget Tools from the list.

Here you go…

1. RD Safely

The RD Safely gadget makes it possible to easily disconnect your usb, SATA, eSATA drives.

2. Minimize
This Vista Gadget allows you to minimize all the windows you’re working on quickly and show just the desktop.

3. Drag & Drop and Print
This vista gadget makes it very simple to print a document. You just have to drag and drop the documents that you wish to print.

4. Recent Items
This vista gadget shows a list of your recently accessed items grouped by location.  The gadget was designed to maximize screen usage. You can also set the number of items it could show.

5. Password generator

Having trouble creating a secure password? This gadget can help generate random passwords and automatically copy it into the clipboard.

6. Clipboard Manager

Images that we copy or paste are usually stored on clipboards. Copy/Paste or image grabbing can be a tedious task. But with this gadget, you can easily manage your clipboard from the Windows Sidebar. The clipboard manager will allow you to see current clipboard content on the clipboard history.

7. Spell Checker gadget
If you normally get stumped in spelling, the Spell Checker gadget would be really handy for you.

8. µTorrent Stats
For those who usually download large files, this sidebar gadget is very helpful. You can start, pause or stop the torrent easily. Also, you can view stats for each torrent separately.

9. Screen Snaper
This Vista Gadget allows you to capture anything on screen. It can capture full screen, windows or selected objects. It can capture by region too. It can automatically copy images to clipboard and save it. In addition, it can save images in 7 formats: BMP/EMF/GIF/JPG/PNG/TIFF/WMF

10. NetGadget 64-bit

This windows vista gadget monitors your network connections and displays a real-time graph. Click on the graph and you can see your internal IP address, MAC IDs, current connections, and other network information. This is also available for the 32-bit machine.

11. Run
This one is a real timesaver. Just type in the name of a program, folder, document or Internet resource you wish to access and this little gadget will instantly open it for you.

12. Countdown to Anything
This can be both useful and fun. It’s so easy to use too.  Just enter the date and the countdown event.

13. The Magic Folder
This is a great organizing tool.  The gadget will help you categorize and move files in an organized manner. When you drag a file to the gadget, it will check the file extension and place it where it should fit. Most extension types come pre-registered.

14. CT Control
This sidebar gadget shows the current Time, Date & Uptime of your computer. You can also use it as a stopwatch, alarm or a countdown clock. Plus, you can put your computer on standby, shut it down, restart it or log off  using this gadget.

15. Digital World Clock
If you need to constantly check for time on different timezones, this gadget is really practical.

16. Adsense

Monitoring your day’s earning has never been easier. You can quickly check clicks and impressions from your adsense campaigns using this gadget.

17. Twadget
With this vista gadget you can easily keep up with your friends’ status on Twitter and update your own status. No need to log in Twitter!

18. Windows Live Writer
The Windows live writer gadget is designed to make it easy for you to build your article throughout the day. You can open a new blog entry, open a previous blog entry or even have it floating and open from anywhere on your desktop.

19. FTP Access
This gadget will instantly connect you to the ftp server once you enter the required information.

20. App Launcher

This gadget enables you to launch your preferred applications from the Windows Vista Sidebar. Just add files or applications that you frequently use on the gadget and a simple click will automatically launch the program or files.

Hope this makes it easier for you to organize your sidebar. If you find any of the other Vista Gadget Tools useful too, please share it with us through the comments section. ☺

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