5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Tools for Your Business

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the core of website administration because you can’t just publish content and hope for visitors to bump into it by accident. There are almost 1.8 billion websites on the Internet today, but only a speck successfully generates traffic long-term.

What seems to be their secret? The answer lies in well-selected SEO tools. 

Google changes its search engine algorithm roughly 500 to 600 times per year, which means that no person or a team of people can handle SEO manually. On the contrary, you need a powerful SEO platform to boost the ranking of your website. Some of the best content optimization tools currently available are:

  • Ahrefs is an all-around SEO platform
  • BuzzStream is a powerful link building solution
  • All in One SEO Pack is the best option for Word-Press websites
  • If you need a comprehensive SEO analysis of any domain, try Ubersuggest

These are only a few of the top-performing platforms, but do you really understand their functions? If you are curious to learn what SEO tools can do for your business, keep reading to see five brilliant reasons to use them in everyday website administration. 

1. Discover the Right Keywords for Your Content

You don’t need to be a webmaster to know that keywords play a crucial role in SEO. Internet users search content based on key phrases and optimization platforms will help you to recognize customers’ intent and discover the right keywords for your content. 

For instance, you might be running a dissertation writing service and wondering whether to use a keyword “essay writer” or “assignment help” in your new blog post. Although the two options are very similar, SEO tools will tell you which one is better and even provide you with dozens of corresponding keywords. 

In case you want to run a PPC campaign, SEO platforms can help you create a list of negative keywords that you don’t want to include in your copy. Of course, it’s also easy to identify low-performing keywords and adjust content using more efficient replacements. 

2. Conduct All-Encompassing SEO Audits

Periodical SEO audits are mandatory if you want to understand the current condition of your website, but the process itself is very demanding and time-consuming if you perform it manually. This is why clever entrepreneurs use SEO tools to speed up audits and make them more comprehensive.

A reliable SEO platform will quickly scan your site to pinpoint the flaws and shortcomings. For example, you might discover a problem with missing meta-tags, broken links, orphaned pages, and many other website details.

Besides that, the best SEO tool will also suggest adjustments and give you instructions on how to improve your website. It means you won’t have to wander around looking for solutions since you can simply follow instructions and enhance the content accordingly.

3. Research Competitors’ SEO Strategies

Who says you have to do all the SEO work alone? If your biggest niche rival is dominating the first page of search engine ranking, you might as well utilize SEO tools to research their optimization strategy. How does a competitor research work? Here are only the basic principles:

  • Learn their ranking and traffic numbers along with the most important keywords. After that, you can use the same keywords when writing new articles.
  • Identify the origin of their backlinks. That way, you can reach out to the same websites with high-quality content and obtain backlinks for your own site.  
  • Figure out competitors’ weaknesses and use the opportunity to win over the audience with much better content. 

Everybody can use this tactic to boost ranking – from design software companies to blogging platforms such as TheOne. The reason is obvious as you can simply use proven SEO tricks instead of searching for a new way to approach customers.

4. Measure the Results of Your SEO Campaigns

SEO consists of hundreds of more or less important parameters and each one requires a different tracking method. Instead of spending countless hours on manual research, you can make use of SEO platforms to measure the results of SEO activities automatically. Here’s what you can track: 

  • Domain authority
  • Website traffic and performance in general
  • Backlink numbers and quality 
  • CTR 
  • Social media signals
  • Bounce rates
  • Time spent on page

These and many other SEO factors are available at a glance if you use a reliable optimization tool. Another benefit is that you can measure performance in real-time, so it’s possible to adjust malfunctioning details along the way and improve ranking very quickly.

5. Improve Data Visualization and Reporting 

Although being a popular IT concept, SEO is relatively unknown among business owners and webmasters. If you try to discuss the benefits and consequences of your SEO strategy, you might find it very difficult to explain it to the average client. 

In such circumstances, data visualization and powerful reporting come in quite handy. This is what you get from using professional SEO tools and it is by far the easiest way to present your thoughts, ideas, and achievements simply and directly. Instead of using heavy jargon and fancy vocabulary, you can showcase a few charts and ensure easy understanding regardless of a client’s SEO knowledge.

The Bottom Line

SEO is getting more complex every day, so you cannot enter the game unprepared. A well-chosen optimization platform will help you to skyrocket website ranking and drive a sufficient amount of traffic consistently, but we delved deeper into the subject and showed you five brilliant reasons to use SEO tools for your business. Remember our tips and make sure to find a reliable SEO program for your company – it will pay off almost instantly!


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