6 Crucial Items You Must Have When Planning a Major Event

Planning for any event can be really difficult, as there are many things that you need to keep in mind. You need to be sensible when planning major events, understand what you are against, and try to make the most out of what you have. Here, we will provide you with some tips on what you should have for this event so that you have it a bit easier.

Get a marquee

You need a place where you can place all the people that will come to the event and why should you cramp them inside a building when you can get yourself a type of tent that will be great for you? When you opt for marquee hire in Brisbane, you will get yourself something that looks truly amazing. What is great about them is that they are usually very customizable. You can shape them to your liking, and the size you need. No matter what event you are planning, when you have one of these, you will not have to worry. They can hold a lot of people, which means that all your guests will be cared for. Also, the companies that offer marquees for hire usually provide all the other elements that are needed with them. For example, lighting, furniture, and other necessities. What is also great is that you can organize the event wherever you want. You do not need a great venue in the place where you want to have your event. If you want to have your wedding, for example, somewhere in the mountains where you and people can enjoy the beautiful scenery, you only need to make sure that you have a power source at hand and check the weather report.

Experienced team

Major events are no joke and you need to find the best team available who can take on the load. We would suggest that you by no means do everything when it comes to the work that needs to be done if you are not an expert in it. You need to find people who have a lot of experience handling events like the one you want to make. What we suggest is that you scout the Internet and local businesses that offer staff for these types of events much before you plan to have the event. You need to make sure that you have the best available crew and you will be only able to do that if you see them at work. Usually, events are filmed so you should look for different events that were in your area and try to find footage from them to see how the staff is handling it all. Also, you should talk to different organizers and see whether they can help you find the right people.


If you are hosting an event where you expect people to come who are not your invitees, then you have to consider different marketing strategies so that you can promote it. Of course, the things that you plan on doing at that event should be the focus of your marketing campaign. You must know your target audience and you need to find a way to bring the event to their eyes. If you want to attract younger people, then the best way is to market the event to them on social media because that is the place where they most spend their time. You can pay ads on these social media sites so that they can see them. Also, if you are selling tickets, you should have a website where you can do that. All your marketing campaigns should go back to your website, where you have everything laid out.

Emergency plan

Nobody likes to talk about how something bad happens but still, you have to plan for it. You need to make sure that you have a sound plan for emergencies. It may be necessary that you seek advice from an expert when planning these things. Of course, you should have all the safety gear in place if something happens. Places where risks are higher, such as the kitchen, need to be closely looked at. Even though most likely you won’t have any accidents on your special occasion, it is still better to be safe than sorry, so work on your emergency plan diligently and do your best to keep everyone safe and sound.

Vendor and supplier contracts

Vendors and suppliers are the lifeline of a successful event, as they offer a wide range of necessary tools, like food, audiovisual gear, decor, transportation, and more. So, you should have well-defined contracts with them and let everyone know what they are responsible for. First of all, you will need to outline the scope of services you need for your event, which will help you know who to call and hire. Of course, make sure there are no unpleasant surprises when the bills come later on, so agree on the price before the event. Also, include the conditions and possible penalties in case someone cancels their services, or if some damage occurs. These contracts will protect both you and the vendors, as they clearly define rules for this relationship and reduce the chances of confusion and misunderstandings. The whole event depends on these services, so you need to make sure you do it the best way and with the most reliable people out there.

Management Software

The best event management software helps with streamlining event logistics and following the event’s progress. It also helps with ticketing, registration administration, and feedback gathering. This will help you alleviate stress and save precious time, as you will focus on some more important things, such as creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. Also, this kind of software improves productivity, keeps everything and everyone in place, and makes sure that you will make the best decisions and organize your event to make everyone feel comfortable and pleasant.

If you want to have a successful event, you need to do a lot of work, be creative, and organize everything properly. All of the tips we have mentioned will help you achieve this goal and make a lovely memory for every one of your guests.




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