7 Web Development Trends of 2021

As we continue to look for different ways to evolve and get better at things we do, technology plays a crucial role.

Web development is one of such technologies at the heart of business growth and evolution. It has proven to be indispensable to business organizations’ success as it opens up a window to give them global growth.

Like many other industries, the trend in web development changes constantly. In recent years, these trends are changing even sooner. In order to help designers stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to watch out for techniques, updates, and the latest trends in the industry. Knowing these trends and updates will help catapult these designers into a bright future.

So here are the main seven trends of 2021.

1. Progressive web apps (PWAs)

These are similar to the native mobile apps but are websites. One study mentioned that PWAs have 36% more conversion rates compared to native apps. So this is a trend worth noting. This trend’s primary goal is to give web users a similar experience to mobile apps across different devices.

The PWA is responsive and more interactive. Its app-like functionality is giving users a new mobile experience online without having to download an app. Big brands such as Forbes, Twitter, and Amazon combine both web apps and native mobile apps to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

Global brands now have even stronger identities because of PWAs and how it works offline, page speed and fast loading. The fact that there are more mobile users daily and yearly as internet accessibility gets better, this trend will only grow further. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that a large number of internet users have some types of disabilities, which may eventually have a negative impact on their experience once they face information that is not accessible. Thus, integrating accessibility remediation services during this process will ensure to make an inclusive environment for all the users.

2. Single-page apps

This trend allows users to have it all in one place without having to switch. Users are already irritated by having to click on leads, and it takes them to another web page. It also consumes a lot of time and generally is not ideal for web users. This is what led to the development of single-page apps (SPA).

According to the latest reports of the write my essay UK from Aussiessay, this web development trend developed in recent years and ensures that web users avoid unnecessarily long communications with the internet server. With this, data protection is on a higher level, and page performance also improves dramatically.

SPA is simply an application working in a browser that doesn’t require page reloading while in use. Examples of services that use this application are Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

3. Low-code and no-code

This trend is going to drive the development of applications. The reason for this trend is to make things easier. It is now a tool that experienced developers can use to reduce and streamline the level of workloads and allow them to face other tasks.

With these tools, citizen developers can also create good apps without having to write complex codes.

No-code tools reduce the entry barrier with their drag and drop features and visual programming interface for people without experience writing codes. However, it is worth noting that it hasn’t established itself fully just yet.

4. Dark-themed user interface

This is a common trend in mobile app development and is beginning to pick up pace in web development. Dark themed interfaces are easier and safer for the eyes as it reduces the eye strain and makes users see light content with ease by enhancing the content’s visibility. It also saves battery life because it takes less energy when using black pixels than the light one. It’s also more stylish and gives users a better experience.

This trend is already in use by giants such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, Android, etc.

5. WebAssembly

This is another trend that you can’t look away from, especially when it comes to your web application’s performance. Heavy calculations are usually slow because of JavaScript’s limitations, and this diminishes the user’s experience. This is why WebAssembly is a trend on the rise.

This technology makes it possible to code in any language, and it is possible to compile it into bytecode running in a browser. This open standard technology defines the format of binary code for executable programs. It also affects the textual assembly languages that correspond to it, which facilitates interactions between the different programs & the host environment.

6. Adoption of artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning (ML)

For many years, we’ve seen artificial intelligence find its way into the digital spheres of our lives. With more companies investing in this technology, we are beginning to see more of its capabilities. Machine learning (ML) and Natural language processing are some of the most exciting aspects of AI that have gone past being a concept to being used fully.

Some examples of artificial intelligence growth are recommendation engines that platforms like Amazon use, chatbots, SaaS tools to make employees work with much ease.

7. Voice recognition technology

IoT (Internet of things) has shown its importance over the years. This technology will only get better in 2021, especially in the area of voice search. Recent studies estimate that by 2023, there will be approximately 8 billion voice assistants in use.

An increase in the functionality of voice search is expected to impact the way web developers work. Features such as voice e-commerce might take over the market with companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft taking advantage of this technology to bring in innovations.

Also, voice technology now works better with the introduction of assistants and smart speakers. So, developers must create websites that are optimized fully for voice searches.


These are some of the latest trends in the web development space. Although it changes constantly, this article contains trends that are here to stay.

By using these trends, web developers create websites that appeal to users and give the best user experience.


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