Top 5 Shopify Apps To Increase Business

Shopify started as a powerful eCommerce platform that helps businesses to establish their online presence without many complications. Anyone with the least technical knowledge can build their online store with Shopify. This application provides various features and functionalities to build a robust online store at a minimal cost, making it a perfect platform for small or low investment businesses to have an online presence.

However, building an online store on Shopify is the beginning of your business’s online presence, but the major milestone to hit is generating sales on your Shopify store.

As more than 500 million businesses have built their online stores Shopify, it is tough competition to attract customers and increase sales on their online store. Thus, you require some tools and applications on your Shopify store to boost sales tremendously.

Hence, we will guide you with some amazing Shopify apps to boost your business sales and revenue exponentially. Integrating these powerful Shopify apps into your Shopify store will help you define and execute the marketing strategy in an innovative way. Furthermore, you can retrieve amazing benefits like more visitors’ engagement, interaction, and information on your Shopify store with these Shopify applications.

We will tell you different categories of Shopify applications that will help you enhance different aspects of your Shopify sales and marketing.

Let’s get started,

5 Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales & Conversions For Your Business

#1 Tagembed

It is best to display social proof with user-generated content, customer reviews, and social media posts beautifully curated. Tagembed helps you enhance your Shopify store with the powerful content available on the social networks and display Instagram feeds, tiktok videos, reviews, Facebook feeds, etc., directly on the product page to reflect an influential effect on your Shopify store.

Displaying social proof boosts inspirational content on your Shopify store, increases social impact on your customers, and encourages them to buy the same product feature in the social media posts.

With Tagembed, you will get more than 15 major social media sources to collect different content categories to integrate into your store. Moreover, it has various features and functionalities that will help you creatively display social media posts.

Additionally, you can also add the CTA button to social media posts, which increases the shoppability of your products as it triggers users to buy your products.

#2 Plugin SEO

SEO is the most crucial factor for any website or eCommerce store. You might already know that if your website or web page is well SEO optimized, there are higher chances that it will rank higher than your competitors. However, it is not easy to rank top on the SERP results. You cannot rank higher unless your Shopify store follows SEO guidelines.

Thus, here is a tool named Plugin SEO that helps you figure out where your website lacks SEO and how you can improve SEO for your Shopify Store. In addition, this tool will give you a detailed report of SEO and how to solve them appropriately.

This tool performs the overall SEO checkup of your Shopify store, identifies issues, and helps you optimize your Shopify store as per search engines.

These tools check the SEO title, meta description, headings, loading speed, page experience, page structure, and much more crucial for SEO.

#3 Google Channel

This tool helps you stay top of the Google search engine by automatically displaying relevant information related to your product and displaying it on the top of Google Merchant Center.

The Google Channel app helps you sync your Shopify store with Google Merchant and do automatic updates with updated information you added to your Shopify store.

With this app, you have to connect your Google Merchant Center account, and it will collect all the information, also syncing your products and other details that display on the Google Shopping section.

#4 MailChimp

Email marketing is a crucial factor of online marketing, helping you connect with your leads and pitch them to buy your product. But managing an email marketing campaign without the assistance of a tool can be overwhelming. To make your email marketing campaign run more effectively and powerful, you should take the help of an email marketing tool. MailChimp is a widely used and most popular tool for email marketing, retrieving the best marketing results for your business.

#5 Referral Candy

Referrals have the power to boost your business. When your friends or loved ones refer you to something to buy, like a product, service, or anything, you are more likely to buy that product or service than searching for a product on a website or online store.

ReferralCandy is the best Shopify app to add to your Shopify store to boost sales with your happy customers referring your products to their friends and family members. Offer your customers attractive incentives. It will encourage your customers to share your products and get exclusive offers that they use in future shoppings. Hence, referral marketing apps retrieve some exceptional benefits for your Shopify store.

Wrapping Up!

Enhance your Shopify store marketing and sales with these powerful applications. In addition, you can use these Shopify applications to enhance the performance of your online store.



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