Debunked: Top 5 Myths About VoIP And Why They’re Not True

Even though VoIP has been around for a while already, there are still a lot of rumors circulating about what it’s supposed to be. These usually tarnish the image of VoIP, preventing business owners who may benefit from having this weapon in their business arsenal.

The benefits associated with VoIP may be extensive, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t doubts in people’s heads. Misinformation helps no one, especially not entrepreneurs who are wary of new techs, to begin with.

We believe that every type of business will be much better off by finally switching to VoIP because:

  • It’s much more affordable. Accounting for the cost savings as well as the actual amount you pay, VoIP comes out much cheaper than desk phones.
  • It’s more flexible. Only pay for what you need. You’re free to scale up or down your system anytime.
  • It’s more convenient. We’re living in the internet age. Virtual numbers for business let you connect with anyone in the world for cheap just by using your phone.

There’s just so much to gain by taking that leap of faith and trying VoIP. So for this post, we’ll be talking about the biggest myths about VoIP out there. It’s time to set the record straight.

MYTH #1: Only tech companies can benefit from VoIP

For some reason, a lot of people think that you need a vast tech team or have the extensive tech knowledge to use VoIP. Perhaps they’re imagining that once you log into the system, you’ll have to work through lines and lines of codes.

We don’t know where people got that idea, but that’s not true at all. Even during the early days of VoIP, it has always been user-friendly. That’s why business owners from practically every industry imaginable are signing up to make the switch.

Even if you’re not sure if the extremely intuitive VoIP system interface is something you can handle, don’t worry! Going with a reputable wholesale voip service provider like Betacompany means getting all the hand-holding you need to maximize the benefits.

MYTH #2: You can’t consistently rely on VoIP

Even though it’s true that there’s no perfect tech that works the way it’s intended a hundred percent of the time, VoIP problem solutions can be addressed easily. More importantly, people tend to forget that having a strong and stable internet connection is the most crucial element here.

If you choose a qualified provider, you don’t have to worry about anything failing from their end. Your VoIP system and all necessary information are encrypted and made redundant in multiple servers located in different places. This means it’s almost impossible for any kind of provider-caused inconsistencies to happen.

For as long as the internet connection you’re using is good, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you want to prevent inconsistency issues, ask your provider’s opinion on the bandwidth your enterprise will need.

MYTH #3: VoIP is hard to install

To be honest, there’s some basis to this. There are two kinds of VoIP systems: hosted and cloud-based. With the first one, tech experts have to come to your office to set up equipment.

But fortunately for you, this isn’t the only type of VoIP that you can get. The cloud-based type was designed to be so user-friendly that it’s as quick and easy as downloading an app. You’ll also be able to design your VoIP system as you wish even without any tech knowledge.

MYTH #4: VoIP isn’t a popular tech

VoIP isn’t something new. And unless you don’t dabble with the internet at all, chances are you’ve already encountered it. Have you ever used Skype or Viber? These are considered VoIP tech.

As a general rule, any app where you can call and see the other person on live video is VoIP. Given that the apps we mentioned are known worldwide, we can logically conclude that VoIP (the foundational technology for those apps) is popular as well.

The market will definitely continue growing as the need to communicate for cheap grows. And as the demand increases, so will the supply of various VoIP solutions.

MYTH #5: VoIP is not secure

Like with everything in the world basically, there’s no such thing as safe. You can only minimize your risk exposure by employing safety measures.

If you’re worried about eavesdroppers who would steal confidential information from you and your clients, don’t settle for a provider that doesn’t provide encryption. You may also try out additional measures like using a secure password, logging out of your account when not in use, and connecting only to a secured WiFi.

Simple precautions like these would help a lot in ensuring that you and all your information are safe.

Now that we’ve debunked the biggest myths, are you ready to try out VoIP? This is the next logical step. There’s no point in further delaying it.



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