Why Every Business Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant

In 2021, Gartner published a report saying that virtual assistants will be in use for two to five years before reaching a stable and constant level of adoption in human capital management and recruiting. This means that if you’re not already using them, you should plan to implement them now.


If you haven’t yet thought about how a personal virtual assistant can help your business, this is the article for you. The experienced writers and editors at payforessaycheap.com have put together some compelling reasons why a virtual assistant can be a valuable addition to your team. You’ll learn what electronic assistants are, how you can use them to grow your small business, and which solutions are right for you.

What is a virtual assistant

An intelligent virtual assistant or virtual personal assistant (IVA or VPA, respectively) is an artificial intelligence-based digital program that understands voice commands and natural language and can interact with customers in a conversational manner. Essentially, virtual digital user assistants are able to understand human speech and respond in the same way that humans do, especially when it comes to simple, repetitive requests.


Although sometimes confused with chatbots, electronic assistants are actually much more sophisticated. Cognitive process automation uses technologies such as natural language processing (NLU/NLG), image processing, pattern recognition and contextual analysis for more intuitive responses and for better speech recognition.

The difference between a virtual assistant and a chatbot

As recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) make IVAs easy to use and cost-effective, more and more companies are using voice-based virtual assistants for the site instead of simple chatbots.


Chatbots mimic human dialogue to a certain extent, but are limited to a given scenario. Whereas IVAs initiate context-related and human-like dialogues. The virtual agent can also offer multi-channel integration to be accessible through the channels that users are most comfortable communicating through (live chat, voice or callbot, etc.). This includes phone and enterprise digital workplace solutions.


One of the great benefits of an intelligent virtual agent is that it can track information throughout a conversation and learn as it goes along. For example, if a user asks a question about an order and enters an order number, the virtual agent saves that information and can refer back to it later in the conversation. If the next question is about changing the delivery address, the bot will still know who is talking about what. This means that virtual assistants are able to provide accurate and personalized responses to inquiries and only get better over time.

Programs that support the operation of virtual assistants

To better understand how electronic assistants work and how advanced an automation tool they are, let’s take a look at the technologies that are involved in VPA development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence software is the primary type of software responsible for the functionality of a virtual personal assistant. These tools help produce more business transactions through workflow optimization and predictive analytics, improve customer response times with multi-lingual chatbots and, of course, save time by automating low-level tasks with VPAs.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI platforms help develop and deploy solutions to automate customer service and engagement, human-computer interaction through natural language processing and natural language generation. More customer-centric than conventional AI software. With this technology, virtual agents act as a liaison, helping customers complete tasks without the need for human intervention from your company.


IVAs are able to understand and respond to any request, even if they weren’t programmed to do so. Through a combination of natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), machine learning and artificial intelligence, virtual assistants are able to recognize human speech, understand its intentions and respond in ways that mimic human conversation.


Using machine learning and deep learning, virtual agents can build a large vocabulary, understand slang and misspelled words, and self-learn. This ability to auto-learn may be the most important factor in understanding what an IVA is or should be. Because at the end of the day, end-user experience and satisfaction is at stake — a factor that can make or break any technology project. 

How IVAs can help businesses

It may surprise you to learn that the phone is still the preferred channel for users (72% of users prefer to call the help desk rather than using self-service solutions such as the portal). That’s why AI-based voice technology in different languages is also critical to making users feel comfortable with a virtual assistant.


And because human experience is always valued, a virtual agent can also act as an additional digital staff to help professionals. For example, ITSM specialists to triage IT support or complex requests.


In addition, virtual assistants are available for after-hours issues, which globally removes the difficult choice for an employer between paying overtime and potentially losing a client or employee.


Automating routine tasks such as scheduling appointments, creating and sending marketing emails, automatically responding to customer service requests or generating invoices frees up your time for important daily tasks. And even if you have employees willing to lighten the load, using IVA will allow them to focus on higher priority functions such as social media marketing and project management or complex help desk tasks.


If your business has a need for repetitive tasks but lacks the resources to increase staffing levels, a virtual assistant will be a great help. However, writing academic papers is not something that virtual assistants can usually offer. For college assignments, it is important to have a qualified writer who understands the subject and from whom you can buy academic essays for money.

Where to use IVAs

Regardless of the size of your business, there are always areas that could benefit from using an online assistant. Below we look at a number of areas where personal VDAs are actively used.

Human capital management

Virtual assistants are great for HR tasks, which typically require employees to look up information in a knowledge base or on the company’s main website. According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle research, employees want a more personalized interaction reminiscent of popular consumer technology such as Google Home or Alice.


VAs allow employees to get HR information without going through the cumbersome process of logging in and searching for information in knowledge bases. As virtual assistance evolves using natural language processing and natural language generation, electronic assistants will be able to act on behalf of employees and solve increasingly complex tasks.


Virtual assistance are also a powerful tool in the recruiting process. They can take over some of the recruiter’s functionality: searching and screening resumes, attracting candidates, and performing administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews followed by automatic follow-up.


In candidate-focused applications, virtual assistants can help with frequently asked questions and navigating company web portals, provide voice-activated job searches, and give the candidate control and tracking of the entire process.


Not only does this increase efficiency by creating a more convenient experience for both recruiters and candidates, but it also affects important recruiting metrics such as time to fill a position and candidate satisfaction.


E-commerce stores use online assistants to send out information on promotions and special offers, manage the customer base, place orders and returns, and maintain user loyalty. Law students can also benefit from online law essay help services. These services provide expert assistance in researching and writing law essays, editing drafts, and formatting citations. By working with a law essay help service, students can improve their grades and gain a better understanding of the subject matter. 

Service industry

The virtual assistant can be used for making appointments or transferring customers. This convenient and simple tool can be used in clinics, dentist’s practices, beauty salons and any other organization providing personal services. This can also include delivery services. With the help of interactive assistants customers easily get information about the status of the order, set the date of delivery.


Banks are also using virtual assistant software solutions to streamline their daily inquiries. For example, customers no longer need to call customer service to find out their account information, view investments, or manage their credit or debit cards. A personal online assistant will provide all the information you need. Some banking virtual assistants are voice-activated, so you can save time typing.


The list of industries which effectively use the services of online assistants can go on indefinitely. And every year, more and more companies adopt this technology in their business, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks.



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