How To Extract your Creative Juice

The Internet seems to shrink the ground for creativity. As the world gets bombarded with countless innovations, you are left with little to nothing new to offer in the marketplace. Due to the fast pace of modernization, creativity somehow changes from “it takes time” to “instant”. And while everything is made at a snap of a finger, the impact it has on people also immediately wears off. It comes and it goes – just like that.

But cascading from this trend is the challenge for individuals, entrepreneurs, and business organizations to rise above and succeed. It is essential to find creative ways to start your business, keep it afloat and take it to greater heights.

Now, how do we tap into that creativity?

We all have innate creativity; some people may have more, but the point is, all of us have a creative nerve flowing. We just have to uncover ways for it to outpour.

It simply has to start with daily, small, even really tiny efforts. Listed below are some ways to begin unleashing your creativity:

1. Know your adequate length of sleep

Normal sleep of adults must go around 7 to 8 hoursi but it may still vary from person to person. Lack of sleep slows down the brain and hinders the capacity to focus. But then some people tend to think well at 4 hours!

2. Explore various activities
You might say you are already busy with family and work, having no time for other activities. But these other activities can perhaps mount an idea that you otherwise would not have thought of. See things differently by occasionally changing your routine then witness how the experience opens the door for creativity.

If you have a scheduled brainstorming on Monday, why not try parasailing this weekend?

3. Find time for friends
Old and new. It is always refreshing to be with good company. Go and have lunch out, dinner date, or coffee chat with high school buddies. Sincere conversation eases up your mind, and intimacy increases brain power thus allowing creativity to heighten.

4. Learn new things
If you are working in the computer industry, why not try and pick a magazine about advertising? Would it be interesting to know how they make a 30-second commercial just to gain new knowledge? And deviate your thoughts for an hour or two from your real and current tasks. Who knows, you might get some insights by reading stuff completely different from your field.

5. Spoil yourself once in a while
Buy that camera. Go to the beach. Purchase a new laptop. Watch it in 3D. Have a massage. Subscribe to the gym. When you feel too stressed out and nothing creative can be squeezed out from you anymore, this can be a good time to just follow your impulse. Have fun and indulge in your desires, for once! Then go back to thinking after the indulgence and observe how it elevates your creativity level.

6. Be at your creative footing
Others seem to undertake all possible business endeavors, what more is left? Still a lot. But in trying to give birth to an extremely unique product or service, it helps to be in a place where you can be most fruitful. Some people achieve their eureka working in an enclosed room with loud hiphop music. Others appreciate solitude while sipping a cup of coffee. And some create breakthroughs via harsh arguments with peers.

7. Take time to scribble
In scribbling, don’t be conscious of grammar, of the content, of the writing style. Just write down what is in your thoughts without editing and proofreading. It frees your mind from worries, making you shed ideas, good or bad. Then eventually you can pick the creative stuff.

8. Walk in the park
Or in your office garden. Or in the nearby street. When you’ve been staring at a blank paper for long and nothing seems to pop up—UNWIND. A breeze of air is like a spa to the busy brain.

9. Eat the right food

This might sound like a typical advertisement for brain boosting elements but really, take a whole grain diet and you will thank me for it. It will give you a longer supply of energy because its components break down slowly, giving the body a longer time to think. Load up on Omega 3 fatty acids too, found in nuts and some oily fish that are used as building blocks for the neurotransmitters; it enables neurons to transport information to your brain more effectively. Vitamin C, E and beta carotene are well-known anti-oxidants; include them in your meals to preserve brain function.

10. Try Aromatherapy
Particular scents can stimulate the mind! While you’re in your cubicle and are forced to conjure up something juicy, why not have aromatherapy oils for creative thinking? Try Ylang-ylang – this relaxes you and invites creativity in; cedarwood helps you focus; cinnamon motivates you; rosemary lifts the mood; sandalwood gives encouragement; peppermint relieves headaches and may improve your writing ability; lavender serves as an all-around feel good oil.

As you may see, BIG IDEAS may be triggered in ordinary ways but its impact is without a doubt— extremely huge! The room for creativity might really be extra tough in what is truly becoming a smaller environment for any trade but this scenario equates to higher opportunities if you just know how to grow and manage your creative juice. So do what is necessary not to spill it!


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  1. Liezel

    Its really true that once in while need to have ample time for ourselves to unwind and do everything we can to just relax and have some fun. There is a saying that says: LIFE IS TOO SHORT so we need to to live life to the fullest once in a while that seems it will be your last days. But of course we need to keep in mind that we need to be responsible in everything we do. Remeniece those memories and happy thoughts while eating your healty breakfast while listening to mellow music and read your favorite books. That will surely help us to be more proficient in our daily lives.

  2. April

    I really love reading this article. It makes me realize how I can enjoy life to the fullest even in simple things. It conjures up images of ideas and creativity in life that will make me a better person.

  3. Marco Paulo Tabbada

    Stress can be beneficial because it keeps you focused and alert. However, too much stress can cause an influx of hormones that can lead to the destruction of brain cells. This could affect your memory, learning ability, and emotions. The body needs to restore balance also known as homeostasis. Having sufficient rest, exercise, and leisure could definitely aid in bringing out that creativity.

  4. Roselle Mercado

    Stress is is a mans emotional and physical response from the pressures that he may encounter from work, peers and family. This article suggest us ways on how to free our selves from the stress around us. This suggest us ways on how to keep us stress-free even when we are pressured. We need to pamper ourselves once in a while to relieve stress and to keep our mind and body healthy to perform our daily tasks. If a person has a stable mind and is focused, he is able to bring out the best of him. Staying healthy and fit will not only benefit the person but also the people around us because they will ask how do we keep ourselves balanced despite the pressure behind and will also apply it for their benefit.

  5. C. Mobe

    This is one kind of an article! It helps me appreciate life more. That once in awhile we need to pamper ourselves too. Indeed, there is more life than spending wee hours at work. Keep it up!

  6. Carl

    Creativity as defined, refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art etc.) that has some kind of value. Creativity is innate to one-self. Creativity has different degree where a person can express it in any form, way or action.. Now, is there really a man that is not creative? What makes man non-creative? Is the product of not having a will to discover their potential(s) and not being influenced by his/her environment makes a man non-creative? Creativity rest silently to each individual and all we need to do is to have ourselves work on our best and express our very best through actions in a form of art or knowledge. In any ways, we human beings are truly creative in any degree.

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