How to Handle Accidents in Business

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When you run your own business, you are adept at wearing different hats. No two days are the same. You are busy. You provide the core services to your customers and clients; you market the business, you do the accounts, and then? You have an accident.
Life has a habit of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it.
Accidents occur in all shapes and forms. You can be driving down the highway, and another vehicle hits you. You can be on the sidewalk and a bicycle clips you. You can slip and fall on uneven ground. While this list is varied, all share the same aspect of being unplanned. So, what now?

Document exactly what happened

Memory has a habit of distorting the reality of the circumstances of your accident. So make sure that you make detailed notes to document exactly what happened. Use your phone to take photos of the scene: vehicles that were involved, the weather conditions, the location – any details that may be relevant.
Exchange details with anyone else who was involved and note the contact details of any witnesses. This information is critical if you need to recover any costs and compensation for the accident. A personal injury lawyer such as will be able to pursue your claim armed with factual details.

Seek medical treatment

You may feel okay immediately after the accident, but you will be running on adrenaline and shock. The mix of adrenaline and shock can mask the pain that you are in, and so it is important to seek medical treatment to ensure that there are no underlying injuries that you are not aware of. Typically, after an accident, it takes time for injuries to come to develop. For example, whiplash can take up to 12 hours to become evident.

Inflammation, bruising, pain, and stiffness is often not felt until a day after the injury and can continue to get worse over the course of several days, or even weeks. Seeking medical treatment as early as you can is important.

Schedule time out

You may have laughed out loud when you read that. You are far too busy to schedule time out; however, you need to give your body time to recover and rest. Your business needs your attention, but your priority right now is to concentrate on your health.

This is a time when hiring a virtual assistant can be of great help. You will be able to orchestrate the delegation of work remotely, and the good news is that an attorney should be able to claim back the costs through your personal and staffing agency insurance injury claim. Scheduling time out from your business is vital for your recovery, but you should also delegate tasks in your home life too. If friends and family offer support, take it.

Nobody plans to have an accident, but if you’ve been involved in one, it’s important that you recognize that this is serious. Injuries may not be evident straight away, and so you must take the details and document the events in case you need to pursue a claim. Delegate tasks at home and work so that you give your body the best opportunity to heal.



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