How to Instill Productivity in the Workplace

Instilling a culture of productivity is a challenge many businesses continue to face.

Research revealed that employees who are highly engaged are 50% more likely to exceed company expectations than the least-engaged. These companies have been found to outperform their competitions by about 54% in employee retention, 89% in customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

So how can you boost growth and productivity in the workplace? Let’s take a look at what you can do!

Remind them of their importance

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why employees are less productive is because they feel underrated and unappreciated. Your workers want to know that their role in the company is valued. They want to feel like they matter and that they are not another cog in the machine.

Showing your employees their purpose can give them the motivation to excel and go the extra mile to be productive. By having a shared meaning, you not only fulfill your brand’s mission but you also forge strong personal and organizational values with your team.

Allow them to make decisions

Followers are only as good and productive as their leaders. As the head, you have to give your employees the room to exercise critical thinking to make minor decisions. Extending to them this small freedom can foster independence so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Treading the fine line between managing and micro-managing can be tricky. Remember to supervise their work but give them room to grow on their own. They’ll be able to work more efficiently, confidently, and productively knowing that you’re not watching their every move.

Keep them in the loop

The biggest, most successful companies nowadays understand the importance of open communication with its employees. Telling your team what’s going on in the company can not only make them feel like they’re part of the greater whole but also motivate them to be more productive and do their jobs better.

Share with your team any changes within your company especially those that affect them directly such as declining business, new direction, or growth opportunities. Keeping your staff in the loop can encourage them to work harder, be more productive, and produce higher quality outputs to help push forth the growth you’re looking for.

Recognize them for their work

How do you feel when somebody commends you for a job well done? It feels great, right? Why not make your workers feel the same way?

While it may seem obvious, many businesses still fail to give their workers the recognition they deserve for a job well done. When you fail to recognize your employees, you miss out on one of the most effective ways to reinforce great performance. Recognition does not necessarily equate to material rewards. A word of appreciation is free but can go a long way to boost employee morale!

Give incentives for a job well done

People love rewards. It’s part of our human nature. Rewarding your hardworking employees with incentives clearly shows them how much you value their work. Knowing that they’re appreciated and rewarded can also give them the motivation to work harder and be more productive.

Although nonmonetary rewards are great, there’s no ignoring the role money plays in motivating workers. Monetary incentives like profit shares and bonuses pushes employees to create high quality outputs and be more creative, innovative, and productive!

Many companies struggle to find that perfect balance between traditional, corporate behavior and modern openness in the organization. But that is not to stay that it is impossible! The key to growing your company is knowing how to keep your employees motivated and productive to create the best your brand has to offer. As the saying goes, it’s not about how much hours you put into the work but how much work you put into the hours.

How have you been instilling productivity in your company? Tell us about it in the comments below! Having trouble being productive yourself? Then let us help you by signing up for our free five-hour trial!

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  1. Leah Lisette S. Aying

    It’s a useful list for fresh graduates who just got their job and are still hang up with university routines. I like number 2 best! Employees will feel more like they belong in the company. 🙂



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