How to start promoting your business on Twitter

The main difference between Twitter and other social networks is its speed. Everything happens incredibly fast here. When a joke is trending on Facebook, it has already been forgotten on Twitter. So the main thing that you can not afford when promoting on this platform is to be slow. We’ll have to catch relevant topics and use them.

Today we will talk about how to promote your brand on this social network without having to constantly buy Twitter followers.

How to start promoting your business on Twitter?

Obviously, you need to start by creating an account. For the promotion to be successful, you need to fill out the profile correctly. Users should immediately get an idea of ​​your company, so set a quality background image. You can put a logo, company name or an indication of some corporate event there.

It will be useful for promotion if your account has a simple catchy name. When filling out the profile, indicate your location, which is especially important for regional businesses. In the description, try to use keywords that will make it easier for users to find you. After they accidentally get to you, they will most likely want to subscribe. This way you won’t need to buy real Twitter followers again.

Remember that before subscribing, the user must read your profile. Therefore, in order not to ruin the promotion of the brand, be very careful about filling it out.

  1. Eliminate errors and typos.
  2. Just facts, no water.
  3. Focus on your differences.
  4. Don’t use value judgments.

To promote a business, you need to attract potential customers. Start by getting people interested in your description. Make it bright, interesting, attractive, but at the same time short.

Promotion principles

Decide on the number of posts per day

Opinions on this matter differ. Someone names the number of 4-5 tweets per day, someone raises this number to 15. The only thing experts agree on is the importance of regularity. For promotion, 2 posts a day will be much more useful than 7 at once, but followed by many days of silence.

Decide on a posting time

If you already have an audience, then track when it is active. For promotion to be effective, post at this time. While there is no audience, you can experiment, but at the same time keep track of which publications and at what time there were more reactions.

Mention famous users

If you write about an event that is somehow related to a famous user, then you must definitely mention him in order to promote. Even if he does not retweet, but only likes, his subscribers will still have your post in the feed. This way you will get an additional audience.

Use hashtags

You won’t be able to promote yourself without hashtags, but the main thing is not to overdo it too much. According to statistics, the optimal number of hashtags is 2.

What to write about

The main one is any information related to your company. But news and promotions for every day may not be enough. For promotion, you need to work out newsworthy events, arrange flash mobs, sometimes directly ask users to retweet and actively retweet themselves.




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