This is the time during your mid-twenties to late thirties when you feel as if you are still waiting for your life to unfold despite having finished school for years. When you were younger, you have set your personal goals, and now, you begin to question if you have made the right decisions or chosen the right path towards self fulfillment in terms of identity, stability and even relationships. It is at this stage when you feel the pressure to find yourself, to be certain of what you will be doing from this day onwards which will make you established as an individual.

For most quarter-aged people, this quest of finding oneself is like a code that can never be deciphered. This article may not completely provide a solution but would help, at least, by suggesting small steps that you could take in dealing with this crisis.

Ask yourself and be aggressive
It’s true that taking other people’s advice, especially those who know you well, may help you in knowing what you want out of life. But if you examine closely, the words your friends or family speak are mainly based on their own experiences and may only work for them—but not for you! You are the only person who would know the answer. Instead of conducting surveys, listen intently to yourself. Perhaps write down the things you enjoy doing and then think of ideas on how to make a career or business out of them. If you already have one, instead of thinking that there is no room for growth, find ways to expand. With the advent of technology, opportunities are limitless. Grab these prospects and work on it.

It’s more than the money

The main reason why most people end up not doing what they’re meant to do is because people usually define a person’s success by looking at the material possessions—car, house, lots of money. This does not mean that it is okay to keep doing what you want even if you earn nothing from it. This simply means that the steps you’ll take and your life should not entirely depend and be measured on the salary or the potential business returns you would get. Financial rewards would naturally flow if you continue doing your best on what you do best.

Bank on resources
Looking at your accessible resources does not necessarily pose unwanted enforcement or limitation in what you ought to be doing. In fact, this could actually help you to avoid being spoiled for choice. If you don’t necessarily want to follow your parents’ footsteps, why not try to make a career out of a business that complements your family’s company? Example, if your mom has a flower shop and your expertise is into networking and management, why not venture into wedding coordination? You can utilize your skills while helping your loved ones boost their own too. This also gives you business models that you could follow to avoid unnecessary mistakes and loss.

Set a deadline
Life is too short to be spent on thinking and rethinking. Give it a week or two—plot out your options and do a little research about each one. Ask experienced people for an in-depth understanding of your considerations. You can also spend some time on healthy conversations with people from different age groups so you can keep discovering new ideas. If you took time and weighed your options well and still are not sure whether you’re making the right decision, look at the most viable path and take it. Start your journey to being successful right away!

Beware of comfort zones
The trick with comfort zones is that you’re too comfortable that you don’t notice or simply ignore the fact that there is something wrong. You might be in a job where you are under-utilized but you stick to it because of the employee benefits. You want to pursue a business move but are afraid to take risks. If you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s unfair to you and your employer for they’re paying for mediocrity. Don’t get stuck! Maximize and even exceed your potential by trying out and doing something new.

At this stage, you might feel and think that it is a must to have found yourself in terms of career or business and that you should be on your way to settling down. Consider the fact that each one has his or her own pace to keep up with. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and repeat the whole process for this makes you more learned and experienced. If in the middle, you get wound up in a situation outside your expertise, find the right people to help you and stay focused on what you are superb at.

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