Reasons You Need a Portable Computer Monitor

A portable computer monitor isn’t for everybody, but you’ll be surprised by how many people can benefit from the portability this device can provide for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a monitor to use for work, play, or a combination of both, portable monitors could be a good fit if you know what it could bring to the table. 

Here are the most common reasons why people love their portable monitors:

  • You want to extend your laptop’s display size. If you work or play exclusively on your laptop and have no plan of upgrading to a newer one yet, but feel like the small display size limits your productivity, a portable monitor is a good enough investment that doesn’t break the bank like a new laptop, but upgrades your setup significantly. 
  • You find your smartphone’s display very small. For people who use their phones for work, play, travel, and multi-task, having the option to scale up your phone’s display to a bigger external screen will totally change your game. This means you could project your apps from the phone to the portable monitor instantly without the need to buy other devices. 
  • You need it for your job as a photographer or videographer. A portable monitor can be extremely helpful to the daily operations of a photographer or videographer. Used as a secondary display view (instead of the small window most cameras are designed with), professionals can see their content live more clearly and be able to identify more accurately if additional shots need to be taken or if the existing shorts are more than enough.
  • For the on-the-go people who require to travel lightly. If you’re required to work even if you’re following a nomad lifestyle, a portable monitor could feel like a traditional computer (and not like you’re working from your phone). Most portable monitors are also manufactured as lightweight devices, so you don’t have to worry about adding weight to your luggage. 
  • Your office or work desk has limited space. Even if you’re not traveling, the portable monitor could still be useful to your workspace, especially if you have limited space on your desk or home office. For some people, the portable monitor could serve as their second monitor when switching work in the office and at home, so they get to enjoy the same setup as much as possible. 
  • You travel leisurely a LOT. People who travel all the time can still get homesick sometimes and miss doing their ordinary computer tasks. If you’re on a mission to visit as many cities or countries, you can still embark on your journey armed with a portable monitor and mini PC to keep connected to your “old normal.” 
  • Must-have of gamers, influencers, or entertainment professionals. These internet-created professions are a mixed bag. Many of them work and play on-the-go, while others are home buddies who prefer to entertain from home. Whichever group you belong to, I’m sure you’ll appreciate any additional component you could add to your set-up that actually helps you become more productive, better communicators, or overall more creative.
  • You need a display for on-the-field presentations. Perfect for teachers, coaches and other kinds of educators, as well as any kind of expert in their field (think engineer, HR expert, app guru, and so on), portable monitors can be super efficient during their lectures, presentations and workshops no matter how big or small their audience are.
  • You’re looking for energy-efficient solutions to second monitors. You’ve been dying to buy a second monitor for a while now, but you’re worried about the extra power consumption you’re going to shoulder. If this is the only reason why you can’t commit to another monitor, a portable display is your solution. It is lightweight and energy-efficient. 
  •  Flexible monitor for office-based or remote work. A portable monitor lets you work anywhere that gives you the most comfort. Want to get some fresh air and finish your deadline outside your garden? Need help from a friend so you’re bringing your PC to his home for a late-night project? No matter what job you have, these portable monitors offer flexibility like no other. 

With a portable monitor, setup is as easy as plugging it into a power source. It’s why both techie and non-techie people could benefit from a device. 

The only disadvantage portable monitors have is the price tag – it isn’t cheaper than traditional monitors. While more and more reputable brands like HP, Lenovo, AOC, ASUS and GeChic are releasing their portable monitor versions in the market, the demand is still lower than desktop-based displays. 

This problem should probably fix itself in a few years when the demand increases and manufacturers could bring down the price tags of portable monitors as well. 

I say if you can afford it, go for it! A portable monitor is definitely worth your investment.



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