Useful Tips for Hiring a CRO Specialist

If you’ve ever gone through the process of launching a website, app, or software product, chances are you’ve heard of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is the practice of optimizing a user’s journey on your digital property to increase conversions. Put simply: it increases sales and leads for your business. As you can imagine, having an experienced CRO specialist on board is crucial when looking to maximize your return from any online presence! But with so many specialists out there offering their services—many without proper experience—it can be difficult to truly discover who’s best equipped to make a difference in your project. That’s why we’ve put together this list of useful tips for hiring a CRO specialist that will help set you up with the right person for the job!



Identify what kind of CRO specialist you need for your business

Understanding what kind of CRO specialist you need for your business is the first step in making a successful hire and creating an effective CRO strategy. If you require experience in running A/B tests, expertise in personalizing user experiences, or specialized knowledge of constructing strategies of CRO for mobile site design, it’s important to have those needs defined before you begin your search. Identify the key qualifications that are required to help your business reach its goals. Write up a job description that details these qualifications and ask prospective candidates to provide examples of their related work experiences and successes.

Make sure to check the credentials and experience of each candidate

The most important thing when searching for a person you want to hire is researching the qualifications and experience of each candidate you consider. Make sure that this individual has relevant skills and experience, ideally within the same industry as yours. Look at their CV and portfolio to confirm that they have the necessary knowledge. Pay attention to any awards or recognitions they may have received, as well as any special training or certifications they can bring to your company. All of this additional knowledge can be invaluable in choosing which candidate will be best for the job and position.

Ask for references and reviews from past employers

Asking candidates for references is imperative. Don’t be content with a few recommendations – make sure you get as many reviews and references from past employers as possible. Doing so can shed light on the individual’s technical skills, understanding of best practices in the industry, attention to detail, and attitude toward their work – all important aspects when considering your choice of specialist. Always ask for verifiable references whenever possible too, so you can confirm that their employers have indeed completed projects for them and been satisfied with the end result.



Find out how the candidate works and if it matches your expectations

Understanding an individual’s business style is key to assessing the right CRO specialist for your team. Ask questions of the candidate to get an idea of their approach: How do they problem-solve? Is their working process structured or more spontaneous? What kind of emphasis do they place on data collection and analysis? Once you’ve gauged whether their industry experience is up to snuff, make sure that both sides can harmoniously work together as a team. Interviewing potential candidates thoroughly and ensuring that their business style fits your expectations will help you make the best decision for long-term success.

Request an example of your potential associates’ work and assess its quality

When you’re finding the right CRO specialist, analyzing their portfolio is of utmost importance. Be sure to request an example of the work they’ve done in the past, and assess its quality with a critical eye. A proper analysis should focus on the type of project they took on and the results they achieved, not just the design approach or aesthetics. Taking the time to do your due diligence here will help ensure that you find the best fit for your business – someone who can help you reach your conversion goals with their expertise.

Take time to meet with multiple candidates and compare them side by side

Did you know that taking time to interview multiple candidates when hiring a CRO specialist can make the biggest difference in assembling the right team for the job? It is essential to understand each candidate’s unique set of skills and experience as they relate to a particular role. Comparing them side by side will ensure you have an experienced, detail-oriented, and passionate person who understands what it takes to optimize customer retention. When in doubt, do your research and make sure you meet with several potential hires before making your final decision.


It takes diligence and research to find the right CRO specialist for your business. Hiring someone with the right qualifications, references, and business style can make all the difference. Make sure to interview multiple candidates and compare their portfolios side by side. Ask yourself if the candidate has a clear vision of how they will approach your project and if their strategies are aligned with your goals. Doing this research upfront will pay big dividends in the end. With these tips, you now have all you need to find the perfect CRO specialist for your organization – one that meets your expectations, performs excellent work, and makes an impactful addition to your team.



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