We’re Not Internet Marketing Experts, and That’s a Good Thing!

Why It's Good Not Being An Internet Expert
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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
― Socrates

When I first joined Pepper a few years back, the firm’s focus was, as our About Us page states, “to provide you with an exemplary assistant who not only shines in performing simple tasks, but is also someone you can entrust with greater responsibilities.”

Since then, we’ve worked hard to prove we’re more than capable of handling the greater responsibilities we mentioned, and our suite of services has expanded to include, among other things, Internet Marketing.

Now, we don’t claim to be experts in Internet Marketing, and we hope you don’t take that negatively. In fact, we think you should see it as a good thing. We don’t claim to be experts because what we know now might not be applicable tomorrow. If we stubbornly stick to what we know now and what we’ve learned in the past, the world will leave us behind.

Instead, we pride ourselves on being students of marketing. We take what we know today, and try to keep adding to it. This way, we can keep up with the ever changing world of Internet Marketing.

This means, of course, that we still know a thing or two about Internet Marketing, and we’d like to share some of that with you. We’ll be doing that right here on and off for the next… well… for as long as we’ve got something to share. Why? Put simply, because we can, and we think you’ll find it useful.

More importantly, we want to share what we learn because we believe that your education can’t stop. Ever. Attending marketing conferences and social media workshops helps you advance your knowledge, but it isn’t nearly enough. We attend our fair share of them and take whatever lessons we can from them, but we also learn a lot in other ways.

We learn from our own actions; we study the steps that lead to our successes, and more importantly, pick up lessons from our mistakes. We’re willing to experiment every now and then, and even though we don’t always get the results we want, we always end up at least a little wiser.

We also learn from the people we work with – from the work our clients assign to us, research our partners share with us, tools others let us use. Whether or not they’re aware of it or believe it, everyone we meet knows something we don’t, so each one of them is a potential teacher or mentor; at least that’s our attitude.

Lastly, we’ve been lucky enough to have access to a wealth of information online, and much of it is free. We’re avid readers of sites like Copyblogger, JeffBullas.com, and ThinkTraffic, just to name a few. The people behind these blogs have been kind enough to share their amazing wisdom with the rest of the world; who are we to keep what little knowledge we have to ourselves?

I guess this last statement pretty much captures the whole reason we’re sharing the few lessons we’ve learned with all of you reading our little blog. We’ve learned quite a lot thanks to the generosity of much people much wiser than we are; sharing what we know is just the right thing to do.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll be sharing bits of our knowledge with you every now and then, for as long as we’ve got something to share. Stay tuned, and soon enough, we’ll add another chapter to our series on Students of Internet Marketing.

About Pepper Social Media

Pepper Social Media is an online marketing firm that specializes on social media management, content marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, copywriting, and targeted blogging. Our creative team consists of experienced marketing strategists who can fortify your brand identity and amplify your reach.




  1. Philip Carino

    I particularly like the humility of the writer. It shows that true experts aren’t necessarily a know-it-all type of person. I agree with the realization that certain experts tend to rely on others for their information and learning doesn’t stop. Aside from humility, this write-up also highlights the importance of virtual connections. I don’t see the same quality in most other teams I’ve met before. Kudos!

    • Pepper

      Thanks for the kind words, Philip! Yes, we believe that all of us can learn a thing or two from other people. Learning is a continuous process, indeed! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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