What Marketers Can Learn From The ALDUB Social Media Phenomenon

Nobody expected #AlDub to exceed the 21.4 million tweets from the MTV Video Music Awards despite Kanye West’s presidential bid and Miley Cyrus’ antics. Nobody expected #AlDub to come 2 million short of Superbowl’s 28.4 million tweets last February.

The 26 million tweets #AlDubEBforLove pulled in September got the world’s attention. Twitter Asia Pacific and Middle East Vice President Rishi Jaitly even called #AlDub “a global phenomenon.”

Who is #AlDub?

If for some unthinkable reason you haven’t heard of them, here’s what you need to know about the biggest social media love team in the world.

#AlDub stands for Alden Richards and Yaya Dub, the character played by Maine Mendoza in the noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” The show has a segment called “Kalyeserye,” which is like a drama series with a dash of humor happening in the streets.

The two split-screen-crossed lovers have won the hearts of Filipinos since day one. Richards is a Filipino actor while Mendoza is an internet sensation made famous for her Dubsmash videos of presidential sister Kris Aquino.

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As the love story of AlDub unfolded, it also continued to set Twitter records. From 250,000 tweets on August 21 (#ALDUBKeeptheFaith), the social media sensation quickly made its way to the million-tweet mark with 5 million tweets (#ALDUBBATTLEForACause) on September 1, 2015.

Their first date garnered 12 million tweets (#ALDUBMostAwaitedDate) #AlDub continued its Twitter dominance until it peaked at 26 million tweets on the day when Alden visited Maine in her home on September 26, 2015.

The AlDub nation is proving itself as a legit phenomenon by having resident Twitter experts such as Rain Basa and Istatistika Guru keep track of #AlDub’s Twitter performance. They do this voluntarily all for the love of Alden and Maine.

What can marketers learn from this?

CEO of Rappler and renowned Filipino journalist Maria Ressa was able to interview Jaitly about the AlDub phenomenon and he gave valuable insights for marketers.

1. Pay attention to your audience.

Jaitly said that the producers of “Eat Bulaga” take time to listen to what their audience is saying. Twitter has been their platform in knowing the direction of their story. It has become a two-way communication between the showrunners and the fans. Even though the love story happened by accident, the progression of the plot is aided by the feedback being given by AlDub supporters.

“What Twitter gave them was a view into the audience, that before Twitter, they never could’ve had,” the Twitter VP said.

He added, “I think what they’ve observed with Twitter is validation, right? Your (the audience’s) tweets around the world are validating that their story line is resonating and I think that’s been helpful for them to keep going, keep this story line going.”

Netizens are commending the show for promoting good values and bringing back respect for women on national TV. This is why the producers are continuously showcasing Filipino values and tradition such as old-fashioned courtship, respecting the elderly, and more.

2. Join the conversation

Jaitly said that whether you’re a brand or a politician, you need to capitalize on what people are talking about and use it to start the conversation. He espoused the need to “lean into the conversation.”

Jaitly explained, “What I think the consumers of tomorrow want, the fans of tomorrow, the audiences of tomorrow want, they want politicians, government agencies, brands, that lean into conversation on things that may not be in their self interest.”

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He said that Twitter is all about personality so it needs you to be human. He also said that brands that personify are the brands of the future.

3. Spontaneity is key!

According to “Eat Bulaga” director Mike Tuviera, the AlDub story started by accident. He said, “It was born from the moment that the staff found out that in real life, Yaya Dub had a crush on Alden. No one knew that.”

In one episode, they asked Alden to sit in the front row and just be charming when the segment kicks in. When he waved, they all saw Maine’s reaction and the crowd’s excitement which snowballed to the phenomenon that it is right now.

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Photo credit: AlDub Official Facebook Page

Jaitly said, “There’s all kinds of lessons [in AlDub] about ways in which to be spontaneous and serendipitous. Embrace serendipity in the context of how you tell your story.”

Even if you have your campaign set in stone, always leave room for spontaneity. There’s something about the unexpected that provokes the truest emotion and highest engagement from your audience.

The AlDub phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down. Fans are reportedly aiming to reach 30 million in tweets in the coming weeks. There’s still a lot more to look forward to for AlDub fans.

They are still in the courtship stage so people are looking forward to the time when they will be officially together. Who knows? They might even end up getting married in the “KalyeSerye” and start a family!

Jaitly said that AlDub is “just getting started” and we couldn’t agree more.

You can watch Rappler’s full interview with Jaitly here!

Update: “Eat Bulaga” had just concluded a big event last October 24, 2015 at the jampacked 50,000-seater Philippine Arena. The benefit show had no commercial breaks as their way of thanking the fans for supporting AlDub. The hashtag #AlDubEBTamangPanahon (AlDub EB The Right Time) has garnered 41 million tweets according to Twitter, beating the 35.6 million set by the 2014 FIFA World Cup Semifinals between Germany and Brazil.

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  1. Lornie

    Aldub is not just an inspiration to everybody but it also serves as a modern market strategy where it pursuades people to a more meaningful market outcomes. It gives ideas to people in their business and apply it. One example of these is selling items where people would love to buy because they want to copy their idols on screen.

    • Pepper

      That’s true, Lornie! Thanks for your insights! 🙂

  2. Christian Hope

    ALDUB is a very phenomenal and a very inspiring couple that emphasizes the phrase “Love knows no boundaries”. Though from the start they’ve been separated. Both of them will make sure to do their very best in a way that they will see each other. as what the phrase implies, they will forcefully and loudly tell the world that they love each other and the will be together forever.

  3. may suzaki

    nowadays, social websites are very rampant and helpful in providing communication. i guess aldub boomed because of the widespread of feedback through twitter aside from the fact that theyre really cute together. im glad though that Eat Bulaga has formulated strategies right away.

  4. may suzaki

    Nowadays, social websites are very rampant and helpful in providing communication. I guess aldub boomed because of the widespread of feedback through twitter aside from the fact that they’re really cute together. I’m glad though that Eat Bulaga has formulated strategies right away.

  5. Benedict Alob

    Loveteams are one of the most effective product endorsers here in the Philippines. Every fast food chain has their own loveteams to promote their products. ALDUB has this effect to the masses that other loveteams lack. the fact that it was said to be just for fun to put them on screen together but still they showed this chemistry that people noticed on the first day that their eyes met and this made it clear to the different marketing heads of different products that they would be the perfect ambassadors to promote their products. The amount of support that ALDUB is getting are also being directed to the products that they promote. Even those that they do not promote are most likely to be bought by their fans because of their love for the couple. Ultimately, ALDUB may be accidental as the staff of their noon time show says but this “accident” proved that if you listen to the wants of the supporters then they would definitely get what you give them as well.

  6. Jam Gellecanao

    Who would have though that #aldub would grow this big and would create a whole new level of meaning of Love and Marketing Strategy.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Maine (yaya Dub) started from doing #dubsmash and it really went viral Fast! (which I dont mind since shes really good at it and I have to admit that I am also a follower). I am not sure how she actually started with EatBulaga or GMA but when I saw her on the episode #kalyeserye It was a habit of mine to continually follow the trend since she was really big and known already, what she did over the internet or with her Dubsmashes is actually still the same with what she is doing with the said episode, she was not speaking she just was given a song had it played it and she would automatically lip sync to it and create this funny face (we already get the gist, I hope).

    One thing led to the other and then it begun that she and Alden became a hit right away since the peoples reaction to their tandem was huge and again I am still a fan. What good thing about this and for sure from the very start when this happened I knew that it was not scripted all of it was ad lib and improvised which was actually good since it was not cheesy at all, then it began when they had this story line and eventually up to now they still are creating and inspiring viewers with their love escapade. (weather it is True or Not)

    Everything is posted on top but I also wanna share it with you guys. (sorry about that)

    GMA/EatBulaga was very smart for having Maine, this came the Marketing strategy of the Company, which is really good (kudos). Now both of them Maine and Alden opened a whole new meaning of what “Kilig” is. If they are seen together in an Advertisement it feels like you also wanna be a part of them by buying the product. And having said, Marketers need to know that having a positive feedback from People especially with the endorsers that they are getting would make a huge impact on the/their business/es.

    Social Media will always paved way for anything and everything, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a whole lot more. This just only shows that new generations right now are more focused on what is current and not what is actually needed and important. (no offense, I do it too, but basing on mere observations)

    Would it be Negative or Positive the outcome is but we need not to forget the Importance of what we do, not everything that is posted on Social Medias are True and Real, some are made up and exaggerated, (but its always a good stress reliever for me).

  7. Crisbertnonie John Pacres

    I have to agree that spontaneity is the key. It’s the same factor which draws us to watching reality TV shows such as Pinoy Big Brother and Survivor Philippines. In Aldub’ case, they captured the heart of many Filipinos because most of their followers find it adorable that a new generation soon-to-be couple still follows the old way of courtship. This adoration led netizens to share their thoughts and feelings through social media making them a trend. And every ‘trending’ holds a potential market. We can make use of what’s trending to get fishes in the sea.

  8. Michelle

    AlDub has made a record-breaking team-up that gave hope not only to the hopeless romantic people but also to the society that really need a hand. Remember when they had the Tamang Panahon show at Philippine Arena? They had built a library for the children. That’s why they had the hearts of their fans. That’s why most of the company are taking advantage of their loveteam and hire them as their endorsers. Mcdo was of those companies who made Alden and Maine as their endorsers and earned alot because of Aldub’s commercials.

  9. Mary

    I’m a big fan of love-teams in Philippines. I can name a lot of them but I hate AlDub. Their popularity doesn’t make any sense to me. For me they don’t have chemistry and everything is scripted which is of course everybody is but this is worst. i feel pity for them because they’re been used by the GMA management. They’re better in different partners.

  10. Juan

    Filipino viewers are able to relate to the phenomenon because it touches them on a personal level. There are certain points in the “kalyeserye” where most of the viewers can relate to. The typical story-line of “boy meets girl” and “you and me against all odds”, may be common to all of us due to countless teleseryes we’ve seen in the past. However, it continues to be a major hit to majority of the viewers which is why AlDub continues to thrive. Moreover, filipino culture is also depicted in the serye which most of the viewers practice and therefore easier for them to picture themselves on the serye. Furthermore, the split-screen love story is no longer new to majority of the viewers. Our OFWs would definitely relate to this since most of the time, they communicate with their love ones online.

  11. Marion Galvex

    Knowing what your audience like to see or hear is very important as a marketer. If you want people to know more about your products or services, you have to first catch their attention. Aldub does that.

    I agree that we have to join in the conversation even if it is not in our self interest. The more we join conversations, the more people will notice our presence. They will begin to be curious. When that happens, we can readily tell them about us, whether it be about our products or services.

    When we catch the audiences’ attention, we do not stop there and be complacent. We capitalize on that interest and make sure that feeling of interest will stay.

  12. Vaneza Casimiro

    The Aldub “Kalyeserye” really create a big impact not just in the Philippines but also overseas. The viewers can feel the excitement because EB knows what the people want to see even without ALDUB’s presence. Same goes with the marketers. Social media is one of the top source of strategies when it comes to marketing. No need to ask them one by one. It’s already there. What the people want is already given. You just have to listen and apply if it’s applicable. Especially when it comes to fashion, everything is available online.

  13. Naomelinda Millona

    Spontaneity is not just the key for the success of the love team of ALDUB. The mystery and also the unexpected happenings that occur every day all thru out the week in the show. But I believe that one of the main reasons why ALDUB is very in with the audience is the lesson that you will learn while watching it.

  14. Rutchel Moises

    Filipinos loves ALDUB because this creates thrill, fantasies, and uniqueness. This teaches marketers how powerful social media is nowadays and the perfect strategy is uniqueness that triggers interest to netizens.

  15. Yolexelle Dawa

    Aldub loveteam is exquisitely known and famous worldwide due to their unending sweetness off- cam and on- cam. They are also admirable because Maine Mendoza the girl who is known as Dubsmash queen was not even that showy type of girl before, in other words, a shy girl. But because of Alden Richards who is already an actor and a model, found out that Maine Mendoza has a crush on him.After the discovery, Alden noticed her and made commitments to her.

  16. Michelle Alonzo

    I haven’t been really fond of this Aldub phenomenon since I no longer watch Eat Bulaga that often. But what really struck me most on this trending love team are the supporters. The fans are so into them that whoever speaks negatively of them are being bashed. I really don’t get it but I guess it’s the effect of their popularity. I just do hope that people will be responsible in whatever they post in social media. It’s okay to share but make sure to know your limits.

  17. Arriane Mae D. Lingo

    The phenomenon LoveTeam of Alden Richards and Maine Medoza known as Yaya Dub has been capturing the hearts of Filipino viewers since last 2015 are set to ignite in the year 2016.The power of onscreen couple who made history in the Philippine noontime show eat bulaga doesn’t only give sweet moments from the onscreen couple but repositioned itself in giving values to the youths, It only testified the trait of a Filipino for being persevere to the one’s they love and treasure the most.

  18. Racel Rubia

    Aldub loveteam serves as a good influence. It brings back the Filipino Culture and tradition. I hope that young people in this generation would take time and not be in a hurry. The best thing will arrive at the right time. I support Kalyeserye because they’re reminding the people to show value and respect especially to your family.

  19. Alexa Fernandez

    One of the factors in marketing a product is using trendy or famous people on endorsing the product. Nowadays when we say trendy, AlDub couple is definitely one of the trend-setters not just on TV but also on the social media. Aside from their catchy love story that inspires many Filipinos we can say that they are also famous around the globe because they are always on the number 1 spot trending story in Twitter and many people outside the Philippines are asking who are this couple. And since many people are anticipating on them, may advertising companies are showing interest on them to endorsed their product. Because some of the factors that the buyers are looking from the product aside from the catchy lines is the person endorsing this. The buyers would think that because their idols promote this product it may be also good for them to use. Some of the buyers, even though they are not really into the product have this want or eagerness to buy that certain product that their idols are endorsing to show support on them.

  20. Jahros Valiente

    #Aldub love team,this aldub “kalyeserye” has more people touching of this because of there good character to show people that’s why they had the hearts of all people or fans of this loveteam.they also bring backs the filipino tradition and culture and the new generation learn whats is the tradition of our last generation like how to get the heart of a girl,and good attitude showing this characters because many children watching this segment aldub at eatbulaga. That’s why many people love this afternoon show.

  21. Karen Corpuz

    AlDub is very phenomenal, and marketers should have done the way GMA promoted it. In entertainment world, one of the best-selling is love stories but with a twists. People always likes surprises and hate redundancy, they always want an unpredictable happening between the characters involved. An intriguing thought of the people plus a sweet output, that’s the reason AlDub keeps them from the loop of their fame. For marketers, the very basic thinking in marketing is what’s in it with your clients is always the proven way to be successful on what they do.

  22. Fatima Zuhara Ambolodto

    The phenomenal love team of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard had reached international market as well.I am not surprise that this happened because the love team do give you the “kilig” factor. I am a self confess Aldub fan and I will continue to support Kalyeserye because of teh good values it presents to interviewers.


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