Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

In essence…

Pepper Virtual Assistant Services is amping its launch with a contest.

From April 23 until June 1, 2009, everyone who signs up for our free trial will get the chance to win “The Peppered Customer of the Year” contest.

Just like the story on our article A Real Success Story That Could Happen To You Too, there are many business people whose businesses have grown tremendously through offshore hiring or through working with a virtual assistant.

What we want is to be able to choose one lucky customer and give his or her business a boost by providing our services gratis.

The irresistible offer…

The winner for The Peppered Customer of the Year will get one year free Bit Hot Jalapeño Package or 40 hours per month of virtual assistant services.

Value: $6,684.00

And if that’s not enough, we will also give the winner the opportunity to put his/her name in lights.

  • We will publish an article about you. The article will announce you as the contest winner and will ultimately be about you and your business.
  • The article will be spread out to multiple channels like the Pepper blog site and all Pepper social media accounts.
  • We will tweet about you winning the contest on Twitter.
  • We will publish a YouTube video about you and your business.
  • We will send press releases about you and the contest.

Value: Free viral marketing, can you really put a price tag on that?

Two baby steps and you’re in…

We simplified the promo mechanics to give everyone the chance to join. ☺

Step 1: Sign up for the 10-hour free trial VA services.

Step 2: Choose from the two topics

What can a one-year Virtual Assistant service do for you and your business?


What’s your Virtual Assistant wish list?

Then submit your answer as a comment on this article.

How do we choose the winner?

Simple, the winner who gets the most votes from our promotions team will win. So put your heart in your story.

That’s it!

Now all you need to do is stay tuned and wait for the announcement of winners on this blog on June 2.

Although we’re only choosing one person for the grand prize, we really want everyone to be a winner…

So everyone can claim a prize now, we’re also giving away an additional 5 hours of free virtual assistant services (Making your free trial a total of 15 hours for the whole week!).

Value: $ 74.85

All you need to do is spread the word…

After submitting your comment/story on the blog, all you need to do is post an update on your Twitter & Facebook accounts.

Can’t think of what to say? Here’s an idea…

“Just joined Pepper’s contest to win a year of virtual assistant services, I highly recommend you check it out http://budurl.com/bepeppered ”

Then join Pepper Fan Page on Facebook and follow Pepper on Twitter.

That’s it folks, good luck!

About Pepper Virtual Assistants

Pepper Virtual Assistant Services is a business solutions firm that specializes on administrative assistance, customer support, CRM, copywriting, and personal virtual assistance. We take pride in our reliable service and responsive client handling which embodies our team’s optimal performance.




  1. Shanon Harris

    Wow! First one in! Do I get extra points for that? 😛

    If I could have my own virtual assistant I would ask her to help me out with putting up my website. I need someone who has the know-how to do this with. I have to admit, I’m new to the industry and to have someone who can guide me through it would be a big big help.

    Promotions team please choose me. I need this the most 😉

  2. Robin

    Hey Isobel! Thanks for letting me know about this contest. If I win, a year of free va services first, I hope you’ll still be the va I’ll be working with!

    I’ll be asking the usual stuff -manage my email, do my presentations, client follow ups, online errands and manage my calendar. These are the task that i assign usually and so far its been working out great for me.

  3. james escueta

    My virtual assistant wish list:

    1. check my mails daily
    2. Do my research
    3. order my coffee in the morning
    4. deal with support issues
    5. work on my articles

    I’m tweeting about this too 🙂 Hope I win!

  4. Daxx Bondoc

    Hi Isobel!

    Looks like I need a “Pepper” of my own to increase traffic and sales for my site!

    Looking forward in making me a “winner” in the near future.

    Daxx Bondoc

  5. Naomi Kessler

    I just signed up.
    I never had a virtual assistant before. I hardly know what to expect but I’m really excited! 🙂

    If I win my assistant can help me out with updating our website and managing it.

  6. Kip Ferguson

    I have many projects that I am working on and a VA sounded like a great idea. I have searched around and found Pepper and one other that looked like they would work, so I am trying both. Right now, Pepper is winning!

    It was easy to sign up and the response time has been great. The other service? It has been almost one week and I have not seen any work yet!

  7. Kip Ferguson

    What can a one-year Virtual Assistant service do for me and my business?

    The addition of a virtual assistant service for me would change my life! I am currently struggling to get my business off the ground and there are never enough hours in the day. I work a normal 9-5 job that is 75 miles from home and I have to commute 1.5 hours each day. Over 3 hours on the road! When I get home I barely have time to spend with my wife and son. We are expecting our second child about the time this contests ends. I can’t think of a better gift to my new child than to be able to work from home with my new business and be able to spend time with family.

    In under an hour of working with my new assistant I can already feel some of the stress of wondering how I am going to make my business work leave my body. I can start to focus on the core elements of the business and let Pepper handle the work that they are good at!

  8. Barbra Sundquist

    I have many projects that I am working on that I would love some help with.

    1. HowToWriteBio.com

    Although I have an affiliate program for http://www.howtowritebio.com, I have not done anything with the affiliate program. I just haven’t had the time to let potential affiliate partners know about the opportunity. If I had a VA for this site, I would ask the VA to contact individuals and organizations that might be interested in signing up to be affiliates. And I would want the VA to set up some affiliate materials such as text links, banners and sample emails to promote the bio templates. And of course, it would be wonderful to have the VA answer enquiries from affiliate partners.

    2. Other Websites

    Another thing I would get the VA to do is maintain and update my other websites. There is so much more I could be doing with my various sites, but it all takes time! The types of things I would like to have done are: replacing outdated banners with new ones; updating privacy and copyright info; and submitting the best articles to StumbleUpon and other networking sites. I’d also like help in submitting articles to article directories such as EvanCharmichael.com and EzineArticles.com.

    3. General Research

    I write a lot of articles for my blogs and sites, and it would be great to have a VA to do some background research for me.

    All in all, having a VA devoted to these projects would be a wonderful thing!

    Good luck with your launch. I’ll be spreading the word about your service and your launch contest.

  9. yvette

    Great talking to you Nikki! It wAS A a pleasure , and I am awaiting your speedy marketingspreadsheet/marketing plan with excitement!

  10. Julia Stewart

    What a brilliant offer! I already admire you guys ~

    I have a fantastic administrative assistant already, so I know that with the right VA, it’s possible to build a much more successful business. Pepper sounds like it could be a great addition for us, because these days businesses like ours must offer more for less.

    Okay, here’s what one year of free virtual assistance will do for my business:

    We are a two-year-old life & business coach training school and we are poised for exponential growth! Only, the economy (and our potential students) are telling us loud and clear that they want us to give them more for less!

    So we’re looking for every opportunity to offer amazing quality, the best instructors, small classes and top-notch business-building assistance to our student/coaches, so they can build their own successful coaching businesses; plus give them terrific customer service; but at the same time, still keep our tuition lower than the competition. No small feat!

    With a year of free virtual assistance, we’ll be able to consolidate our free resources to make them much easier to find, plus edit and post class recordings, coaching guides, class transcriptions, as well as improve customer service, keep our data base up to date and so much more.

    This could make the difference between struggling this year to get over the hump, or really flying high and reaching our full potential.

    Plus, we’ll be modeling for our student coaches how to grow a successful business with the support of quality virtual assistance. I think it’s a great match for both companies!

    I’m excited to work with a Pepper VA for one week and perhaps for a whole year for free! Thanks!

  11. John Clay

    My VA wish list!
    1: To write witty and intelligent blog posts so I can claim them as my own.
    2: To maintain my social media system
    3: To make prank calls to my friends
    4: To conduct internet research
    5: To do the boring data capture stuff.
    6: To update my website.
    7: To look after my children when they are sick (… well it is a wish list 🙂 )
    8: To trawl the internet for business opportunities
    9: To help me remember birthdays.
    10: Help me keep up to date with industry news.

    All in all a VA is going to free me up to concentrate on the high end aspects of my business where I can add most value. I dont want much do I ?

    p.s do you do laundry ?

  12. Jeff Nunley

    In just the last few days amazing things have happened while using my Free Trial and we are just getting started. Over the next year I can see my business increasing and my workload dropping. Currently I am running two businesses and it’s not uncommon for me to start my dat at 6 am and end at 1 to 2am as I work to handle administrative tasks all night long. Since starting my trial I have been able to cut my email down to a manageable 100 or so a day. This may sound like a lot except I was getting over 200 before lunch. Now, my Pepper Virtual Assistant manages it for me. This saves me nearly two hours a day allowing me to already have a life at home. That’s just the start, she has also been calling my clients to help me keep in touch and in just the first day she uncovered two sales opportunities and one has already resulted in a sale.

    Over the next year I hope to use my assistant in the following capacity:

    1)manage and update my database
    2)help me design a web marketing and social media campaign that build the virtual side of my investment club “business”
    3)Handle many personal tasks like pricing gifts for my wife and booking hotels, flights, etc.
    4)Client follow up to prospect for new busienss
    5)To create new and exciting collateral material for sales presentations, direct mail, etc.
    6)To build my invesment club by designing and implementing a marketing and sales program to businesses that are interested in hiring our club to create a self directed employee benefits program
    7) To update the realtor database I have and eidt and pruf my emails and articles to those potential “partners”
    8)Add my actual picture to my website (I’m cuter than the guy in the current generic picture I have there now)
    9)Reseach articles on the web that I can post on twitter and link back to my blog
    10)lots, lots more.

    As you can imagine, with all that free time and efficiency that will be created I will be able to accomplish the near business impossible; to work less and earn much, much more. If I only had to concentrate on my 2 or 3 core competencies I could easily accomplish more in less time. I would make more money, create a residual income, get in shape, lose weight, play more golf, go on more vacations with my family, train my inside staff to be the best they can be improving my business even more, and once again, a whole lot more…

    Thanks for all you’ve done and all your going to do for me with (or without) the free year of service.


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