In essence…

Pepper Virtual Assistant Services is amping its launch with a contest.

From April 23 until June 1, 2009, everyone who signs up for our free trial will get the chance to win “The Peppered Customer of the Year” contest.

Just like the story on our article A Real Success Story That Could Happen To You Too, there are many business people whose businesses have grown tremendously through offshore hiring or through working with a virtual assistant.

What we want is to be able to choose one lucky customer and give his or her business a boost by providing our services gratis.

The irresistible offer…

The winner for The Peppered Customer of the Year will get one year free Bit Hot Jalapeño Package or 40 hours per month of virtual assistant services.

Value: $6,684.00

And if that’s not enough, we will also give the winner the opportunity to put his/her name in lights.

  • We will publish an article about you. The article will announce you as the contest winner and will ultimately be about you and your business.
  • The article will be spread out to multiple channels like the Pepper blog site and all Pepper social media accounts.
  • We will tweet about you winning the contest on Twitter.
  • We will publish a YouTube video about you and your business.
  • We will send press releases about you and the contest.

Value: Free viral marketing, can you really put a price tag on that?

Two baby steps and you’re in…

We simplified the promo mechanics to give everyone the chance to join. ☺

Step 1: Sign up for the 10-hour free trial VA services.

Step 2: Choose from the two topics

What can a one-year Virtual Assistant service do for you and your business?


What’s your Virtual Assistant wish list?

Then submit your answer as a comment on this article.

How do we choose the winner?

Simple, the winner who gets the most votes from our promotions team will win. So put your heart in your story.

That’s it!

Now all you need to do is stay tuned and wait for the announcement of winners on this blog on June 2.

Although we’re only choosing one person for the grand prize, we really want everyone to be a winner…

So everyone can claim a prize now, we’re also giving away an additional 5 hours of free virtual assistant services (Making your free trial a total of 15 hours for the whole week!).

Value: $ 74.85

All you need to do is spread the word…

After submitting your comment/story on the blog, all you need to do is post an update on your Twitter & Facebook accounts.

Can’t think of what to say? Here’s an idea…

“Just joined Pepper’s contest to win a year of virtual assistant services, I highly recommend you check it out ”

Then join Pepper Fan Page on Facebook and follow Pepper on Twitter.

That’s it folks, good luck!

About Pepper Virtual Assistants

Pepper Virtual Assistant Services is a business solutions firm that specializes on administrative assistance, customer support, CRM, copywriting, and personal virtual assistance. We take pride in our reliable service and responsive client handling which embodies our team’s optimal performance.

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