10 Heart-Warming Holiday Ad Campaigns

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The holidays definitely give us happy and positive vibes. It is the season to spread love, give thanks, and be jolly and festive. But for businesses, it is also the perfect time to launch attractive campaigns that not only bring joy and excitement, but also warm the heart. It’s a marketing strategy that can boost brand awareness and expand market reach.

No matter the platform, it is most likely that we see a lot of heart-warming ads this season. Are you ready for a dose of ad campaigns that could put a smile on your face or move you to tears? Here are 10 of the best this year:

Heathrow Airport

This ad campaign tells the love story of these adorable bears, which started decades ago at the Heathrow Airport. It can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside because the holiday season is really about flying to and being closer to the ones you love.

M&S Paddington and the Christmas Visitor

When Paddington caught a burglar and mistook him for Santa Claus, a one-of-a-kind gift delivery adventure began in this Marks & Spencer Christmas ad. In the end, the burglar realized that by returning the gifts he stole, he has made kids very happy. He, then got a sandwich and a tight hug from Paddington. As for Paddington, he became the instant celebrity bear who helped “Santa” deliver gifts for Christmas.

Macys The Holiday Lights

Retail giant, Macy’s, has done it again with its series of heart-warming holiday ads this year. “The Holiday Lights” shows a husband’s romantic gesture by perfectly creating a holiday lights message display and giving his wife the perfect gift.

Globe Telecom Create New Tradition

This Globe Telecom ad tells the bond between a missing dog and an old man who found and took care of it. When the man, who lives alone, had to return the dog to its owners, he didn’t exactly lose a friend, but gained a loving family.

Tesco Everyones Welcome

Mealtimes, especially during the holidays, are best shared with family. No matter your race, every family’s welcome to enjoy a delicious turkey from Tesco.

Aldi UK Kevin the Carrot

It was like love at first for Kevin the Carrot and no obstacle can stop him from being with Katie the Carrot. This ad not only delivers that message, but also showcases the wide range of food Aldi UK offers for the holidays.

Toyota R+S

Toyota sends a heart-warming message about a family’s sentimental bond with a tree in this commercial. Watch how they transformed an old, dying tree into something the whole family can use and treasure for many holidays to come.

HP Create Wonder in Your World

The holiday season is about making other people happy. And this HP commercial spreads that message as neighbors with different skills and interests come together to give a little girl a wonderful and memorable Christmas.

BBC The Supporting Act

This BBC commercial depicts the joyful moment shared by a father and his daughter. Holidays or not, it’s always important that we support and spend time with the ones with love.

Debenhams You Shall

If you are a romantic or a fairytale lover, this Cinderella-style holiday ad from Debenhams will make your heart smile. Scottish actor Ewan McGregor’s cameo appearance is a bonus holiday gift for you if you’re a fan.

May these ad campaigns inspire you as you plan and create your marketing strategy for the coming year (including the next holiday season). Celebrate the great things you achieved this year and cheers to a more successful business in 2018!

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  1. Carl Angelo Deiparine

    It is a great time to celebrate holidays with our family and friends. Seeing a big smile on peoples faces makes me feel the spirit of the holiday more happy.


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