5 Brands That Do Seasonal Marketing Really Well

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Timing is one of the keys to successful marketing. And it’s clever for any business to see the different seasons, holidays, and cultural events as a perfect time to modify and implement their solid marketing plans. With an effective seasonal marketing campaign, companies will most likely gain more customers and sales.

Entrepreneurs like you can take advantage of the season – may it be the summer season, Christmas time, or Valentine’s Day – to advertise your brand. A lot of big brands have been nailing seasonal marketing for quite some time now. And they can serve as inspiration as you create your own plan.

Check out these 5 brands that do seasonal marketing really well:

1. Coca-Cola

Name a season or occasion and bet that you’ll see a new seasonal advertisement from Coca-Cola. This beverage giant’s Christmas trucks and other holiday season ads were definitely a hit! But the company made waves as well with its Halloween, Easter, and Valentine’s day advertisements.

2. Dove Chocolates

Those silky, smooth chocolates with inspirational or witty quotes on the wrappers are a winner, so a lot of consumers love it whatever the season is. But since chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s day, Dove is especially considered an iconic Valentine’s day chocolate brand.

3. Dollar Shave Club

Injecting humor in advertising is the Dollar Shave Club’s forte. Through its entertaining and unique seasonal marketing campaigns, this subscription company succeeds in attracting members and customers.

4. H&M

H&M not only comes up with exciting seasonal offers. Its seasonal ads prove to be attention-grabbing and effective, too. Getting famous celebrities like David Beckham, Adrien Brody, and Nicki Minaj and brilliant directors like Wes Anderson and Baz Luhrmann to be part of the ads is perhaps one of the best tactics the retail giant uses.

5. Heathrow Airport

Whether it’s the summer or the yuletide season, Heathrow Airport utilizes the power of emotive marketing to attract its audience. Part of the company’s marketing plan is to show that Heathrow is not just an airport. It’s also a part of the consumers’ journey and something that can change their lives.

Marketing is vital to any business. And creating effective seasonal marketing campaigns is something businesses need to do to boost brand awareness and gain customers. Your business may not be as big as Coca-Cola or H&M yet, but try doing seasonal marketing well and you can also achieve your business goals and succeed.

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