5 Ways to Effectively Evaluate Seasonal Campaigns

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Seasons come and go, and the campaign you and your team carefully and wholeheartedly worked on is about to end. Now it’s time to check if you achieved the marketing goals you’ve set and find out if your seasonal marketing campaign delivered the best results.

Measuring your success is easier by utilizing key performance indicators and software tools. There are in fact many metrics that you can use, but these five strategies can already help you effectively evaluate your seasonal campaigns:

Check Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Your overall ROI is most probably one of your biggest concerns. Calculating ROI may not be easy, but it’s important that you do so to help you determine if your marketing efforts paid off. Did the money you invested in your seasonal campaign generate profits? If yes, then your plan worked and your campaign was a success.

Monitor Traffic

One of your reasons for launching seasonal campaigns is to increase brand awareness and gain more customers. And you can do that by leveraging your website for your campaigns. That way, you can monitor the different types of traffic that you attracted. If you observed that your traffic – may it be organic, social, referral, etc. – grew, then that means your seasonal campaign gained traction.

Know Your SEO Ranking

Targeting the right keywords for your campaign, in addition to getting tons of traffic, are keys to ranking high on search engines. By determining your SEO position, you’ll more or less know if the campaign you launched online did well or not.

Assess Customer Engagement

It’s good if you attract visitors and get views. But it’s much better if your campaign encourages better customer engagement or interaction on your website, social media page, etc. The likes, shares, downloads, followers, and comments you get shall help you evaluate your seasonal campaign.

Get Partner and Competitor Feedback

You can also get feedback from your marketing partners and salespeople regarding your campaign. They will inform you of how the market grasped your campaign and tell you if your plan is actually working. As for your competitors, you’ll know that your plan is a success if they try to copy your campaign.

Evaluating your seasonal campaigns is essential for your business’ growth and development. By implementing these five strategies, you’ll be able to determine the marketing plan that’s best for your business. You can revise or modify as necessary so that you can launch more successful seasonal campaigns in the future.

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