5 Software Solutions Aimed At Improving The Organizational Structure

An efficient organizational structure directly affects the organization’s revenue generation. 

An efficient organizational structure is crucial to succeeding in this highly competitive business climate. However, to do so, you need a practical management system that encompasses all the entities of your organization. Whether you own a startup or an established business, you need to create a smooth organizational structure for all the involved entities. 

For instance, if you are a startup, you must first develop an organizational structure. Doing so is possible only when you truly understand your organization’s structure. 85% of small businesses state that technology aids success. While if you are an already established business, you must keep coming up with ways to evaluate and make changes in the existing organizational structure. 

Incorporating tools and software solutions is a great way to enhance an organization’s structure, as it will centralize the management system and positively affect the company’s success. 

This article talks all about that. We will look at five software solutions to help your business improve its organizational structure. So let’s get to it. 

1. Car park management software 


A well-managed site or a building lets organizations of all sizes function at their best. 

Car parking management proves to be one of the essential structures, especially for a business with a large team size. The key is to choose a parking management system that suits your business requirements. 

There are numerous ways to manage car parking, from general car park management software to intelligent parking management. Depending on the size of your business, your requirements will be different. If you are a company with a small team, a traditional car parking system works fine for you. 

However, established organizations need to go for the latest parking management system to keep attracting new customers. Also, if your team size is exponentially increasing, it is necessary to implement smart parking to ensure hassle-free parking and overall business efficiency. You could even analyze your competitors, see what type of parking management systems they use, and check whether your business would benefit from them. 

2. Tool to recognize employee performance


Performance management is yet another crucial aspect of an organization. Without proper employee recognition, an employee may look for jobs elsewhere. Hence, it is vital to recognize and appreciate your employees’ efforts. Employees who feel valued are more likely to continue working for your organization.  

You can recognize employee performance conveniently through various tools.  Such solutions will assist you with any performance-related duty, from frequently monitoring an employee’s performance to the company’s appreciation ceremonies events. If you have a sizable crew, these tools will be very helpful to you.

So go through the available tools in the market and choose the one that suits your business requirements. 


3. Finance and asset management software 


Finance is one of the largest and most important departments of an organization. Especially if you are an established business, you will have numerous accounts to manage. So it makes sense to digitize it and make it efficient. Look for a tool that focuses on the following segments: 

Asset management 

Tracking a company’s assets is crucial to its success. Also, as the company expands, so do the assets. Here’s when applications come to the rescue. Whether you are expanding your business or are established, go for a tool that enables managing company assets and helps you optimize the benefits. 

Cost management  

There could be numerous sources of revenue generation for a business. Go for a tool that helps you analyze the elements of your business that bring you the most revenue. 

Account management 

Managing the finances of an organization is indeed a complicated job. While you will need a human resource to perform specific tasks, you must go for a tool that helps you manage them better. 

Payroll management 

Ensuring all employees receive their salaries on time is crucial to job satisfaction. Buy a tool that aids the process, including deductions, bonuses, and taxation. 

Investment management 

Purchase a tool that keeps track of all the company investments and portfolios while also helping set long-term investment goals. 


A tool that looks after all aspects of the budgeting process, from defining the spending limit to keeping a tab on allocated funds. 


Buy software that handles all types of receivables, including claims and invoices.  

Finance and asset management cover a broad spectrum of sectors, making it essential for businesses to automate them.  

4. Employee engagement software 


A happy employee is a productive employee. 

It is without a doubt true that an employee needs to feel valued if you want them to keep working with you. The best way to make an employee feel valued is to make them feel like they belong. 93% of companies stated that a sense of belonging drives organizational performance. 

An employee feeling disengaged is likely to change his/her workplace. Incorporating an employee engagement software is one of the best ways to keep an employee engaged. From regularly appreciating employee’s efforts to organizing events, choose a tool that lets you organize events and keep your employees engaged.  

Below mentioned are a few major benefits of an employee engagement software: 

  • Gives employees a voice 
  • Makes employee onboarding easier 
  • Improves employee retention rates 
  • Increases employee productivity 

You can enhance employee engagement by keeping regular interaction with your employees and offering them appreciation on a timely basis. This will eventually lead to the company’s overall success.  

5. HR management and automation


Employee onboarding is an important aspect for any organization. Especially if you are an expanding company mass recruiting, you need to incorporate a tool that helps you with recruitment and onboarding. Also, automation can decrease administrative costs by 30%. So it makes sense as an organization to invest in automation. 

Some of the major benefits of automating HR tasks are as mentioned below: 

  • Increase in communication and collaboration 
  • Enhanced productivity 
  • Reduction in operating costs 
  • Consistent and streamlined workflows 
  • Improved collaboration and communication 

HR process automation not only frees HR employees from the most tedious manual tasks but also helps in enhancing employee data analyzing and strategizing. Through employee data, you can receive feedback, give employee recognition, maintain employee relationships and hence improve employee retention rates. This data will also help companies create an employee’s lifecycle. 

While the tool takes care of the manual tasks, it frees employees to focus on other projects. So ensure you own an HR automation tool or an employee engagement software comprising HR automation. 

Go for comprehensive software solutions!

Software solutions come in all shapes and sizes. It is up to you to decide. It is best for startups or small businesses to use an HR automation tool to streamline the bulk hiring process. While if you are an established business, you will benefit from a finance and assets management tool that helps you effectively manage employee accounts. 

However, go for a comprehensive tool to improve your overall organizational structure. For instance, get a tool that offers both HR and finance management services instead of simply opting for an HR automation tool. Depending on your budget and business requirements, research and choose the one that fits just right with your organizational needs. 

All the best! 


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Parita Pandya is an Engineer turned Writer. She usually finds herself writing for businesses.  When she is not writing, she is either strumming her guitar or penning her thoughts down on paritapandya.com.



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