Why should you implement Digital Price Tags in your Business?

Many retail stores today use traditional paper labels to display the prices of products. While these labels are cheap, they harm the environment, have limited use, and lack price updates. Because of the many lapses of traditional price tags, many retail store owners are switching to a more flexible, eco-friendly, and time-efficient option: digital price tags.

Digital price tags are starting to appear in some retail stores, signaling a huge deviation from the traditional alternative. Even as this tech keeps popping up in different stores worldwide, should you follow the trend? Should you implement digital price tags in your Business? Of course, you should! And here are some reasons why.


  1. Easy to change prices

The prices of items are never constant, thanks to inflation and other factors. So when the price of a commodity goes up, employees will need to go through the stress of adjusting the tags of each item to reflect the new price. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also result in mistakes. Such is usually rare with the digitalized alternative: digital price tags.

With digital price tags, employees can change prices with a few clicks. This saves you money and time while increasing your customer’s in-store experience.


  1. Accurate pricing

When prices change, employees are expected to make changes to store items. The more this happens, the higher the chances of an error happening. Most stores correct these errors when customers spot them, but the damage has already been done. With SES-imagotag’s electronic shelf labels, the chances of errors are minimal as there is a base station where you can track all prices anytime and any day. And if an error happens, you can make the necessary changes immediately and easily.


  1. Better customer service and improved productivity

Changing price tags can be a tedious and time-consuming process for store managers and employees. However, when you implement digital price tags in your Business, you save yourself from the stress of making the changes manually.

Plus, the time you would have spent making those changes, which are usually time-consuming, can be invested in more important work like assisting your customers and ensuring they have a wonderful shopping experience.


  1. Contended customers

How do you think customers will feel when the price tags in your store don’t correlate with the prices online? Or what will your customers think of you when price errors occur with paper tags? Of course, they’ll trust you less, even if the price mismatch was a mistake on your end.

To ensure that customers contend with your prices and trust you more, you should implement error-proof digital price tags. The prices on these tags can be changed easily and quickly, reducing the risk of error. Plus, they are pocket-friendly and easy to install and operate.




One of the major selling points of digital price tags is that it makes it easy to change prices. But its benefits go beyond that. If implemented in your store, this tech can increase customers’ in-store experience. When this happens, you increase customer loyalty and raise your chances of getting referrals.



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