6 Creative Gifts Your Boss Will Love

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Giving your boss a thoughtful present this holiday season is a great way of expressing your gratitude towards him. It could be tricky and challenging, as you need to buy something that’s not too personal and expensive. But you can always consider giving a group gift for less pressure on your part and a bigger budget since more people are chipping in.

Whether you want to go for an individual or a group gift, it’s important that you choose something appropriate for your boss. But appropriate doesn’t have to be boring. Surprise your boss with a creative gift! Here are some ideas that you might want to consider:

1. Scratch map
Does your boss travel a lot? If he has visited different countries around the world whether for business or pleasure, then he’ll love a personalized scratch map. Let him scratch off the places he’s been to and dream of the ones he plans to visit in the future.

2. Desktop clock
Stay away from the usual desktop clocks and pick one in an art deco style to give boss that retro feel. Be sure, though, to choose a color and style that match the other stuff on his desk.

3. Sports memorabilia box
If your boss is an avid sports fan, a box with memorabilia of his favorite team makes an awesome gift! Stuff the box with a shirt, a tumbler, a cap, flags, and more goodies! You can also try shopping for the perfect sports memorabilia box for your boss on Fanchest.

4. Fan art
Is your boss into pop culture? Perhaps a huge fan of a popular show, movie, or superhero? You can give him a unique handcrafted item of anything related to his favorite. A personalized word art print of Superman or Wonder Woman or a Game of Thrones iron throne phone dock could melt his heart. Etsy has a lot of gift ideas like these that you might want to check out.

5. Succulents
If flowers are a not a good gift idea for a boss, succulents are! Give him one or two planted in a cup, can, or wooden box with his initials printed or engraved on it.

6. DIY presents
Your boss will surely appreciate and love a gift made by his employees themselves. Why not give him a DIY chalk clipboard, a wooden paper tray, or a monogram wall art? These DIY project ideas won’t cost you a lot of money. They make thoughtful and creative gifts, too!

Choosing what gift to give your boss can be difficult. But remember that it’s the thought that counts. Even if you think that he already has everything, any present from you will mean a lot to him, as long as you give it with affection and good intention.

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  1. Sherie Myne Bunani

    Hi! Ideas are great! It helped me a lot on what to give to my boss. Thanks for this website. I hope you can create more blog to help those who are online.


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