Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Boss

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The holiday season means busy and exciting days ahead in any workplace. Amidst the holiday marketing planning, campaigns, and other office activities, you’re also probably starting to make your holiday gifts list. Finding a gift for anyone is fun, but it can also be a bit tricky, especially if it’s for your boss.

It’s important that you develop and maintain a good relationship with your boss. You can even be buddies outside of work. But regardless of the degree of your closeness, you still would want to shop for something meaningful yet appropriate to show gratitude to him. Check out this list of thoughtful gift ideas for your boss this holiday season.

1. Handwritten Thank You Card

In today’s digital world, it will certainly surprise and delight your boss if you give him a handwritten holiday and thank you card. It may be too simple, but it’s a special gesture that he will appreciate. It’s better if you know how to do calligraphy as that would make your card more attractive.

2. Personalized Presents

Personalized or customized gifts are always in! This year, why not gift your boss with a desk sign, pen set, or phone and keys storage with his name or witty title? You can also give him a monogrammed planner or business card case that he’ll be proud to carry around during social events and business functions.

3. Gift Box or Basket

It’s a good idea to give your boss a box or basket of his favorite snacks or delicacies. It could be an assortment of pretzels, nuts, and chips, popcorn samplers, or a tray of delicious cheese and crackers. Depending on his taste, he’ll also likely enjoy a box of decadent candies, gourmet chocolates, or home-baked cookies or a basket of coffee blends or teas.

4. Aromatherapy Candle or Diffuser

Being a boss is tough and stressful. Help your boss relax by gifting him with an aromatherapy candle or diffuser. After a hectic work day, he can simply sit on his manager’s chair in the office or on his couch at home and light or turn on this stress-reliever.

5. Charity Donation

Does your boss have a foundation or support a charitable organization? One simple yet thoughtful gift that you can give him this holiday season is by taking part and giving a cash or in-kind donation. Any amount that you can give will truly be appreciated. Your gift can also be a non-material one. You can volunteer or help your boss out in his foundation event for the holidays.

6. A Simple Tour or Getaway

A group gift for your boss is an excellent idea. This year, you and your co-workers can chip in or raise funds and treat your boss to a city tour where he can see old and new attractions he might have missed because of his busy life. You can also plan a simple escapade to a nearby resort where he (and all of his staff, too) can relax and have fun.

Get in the holiday gift-giving mood! Remember that your holiday gift doesn’t have to be expensive to show how much you appreciate, respect, and admire your boss. Consider these thoughtful gift ideas and you’ll make your boss’ holidays more wonderful.

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