6 Tips For Using Instagram For Your Business

Every business wants to grow and reach higher heights, no matter what is the situation. They can do anything and adopt all the marketing practices that help them reach their target and make a strong presence in the market.

Do you know what marketing strategy is popular nowadays? It is about boosting your brand on Instagram.

About half of the population has accounts on Instagram and more than 800 million people are active users on Instagram.

This shows that Instagram is a highly popular channel among all other social media networks over the internet.

But how do you use Instagram for your business and increase traffic using Instagram? This is the question that usually comes to the mind of marketers. Don’t worry, in this article I have talked about 6 tips you can use to boost your business on the Instagram widget and attract more customers.

Tip 1: Analyze How Other Businesses Are Using Instagram

As you already know competitor analysis is crucial for any business, thus before you start, don’t forget to analyze what your other business owners are doing.

It is important to check how they are using Instagram for their business. You can check for the brands and business in your category or even analyze other businesses too.

Note down everything about what theme they are working on, what type of content they are using, and how their followers are interacting with the content they share.

You have to analyze each step from their beginning on Instagram to the latest posts. How they have developed and reached on Instagram.

Then make a strategy about what you’re going to do on Instagram and engage your audience. What type of content you will share.

Tip 2: Upload Creative And Engaging Posts On Instagram

If you want to engage your audience with the content you share with them it highly depends on how much creative, informative, entertaining, and engaging posts you share.

As social media is an entertainment platform, no users will engage with content if it is dull.

You have to share quality and creative content that will engage your audience and entertain them at the same time.

You can even create a separate team that will handle your Instagram business account

Tip 3: Increase Your Instagram Followers

One of the major factors that play an important role in boosting your business over Instagram is followers.

You can increase followers by sharing high-quality content, replying to comments, keeping your account public, and posting regularly. This process is called “cultivating the following”.

You can also increase followers by running hashtag campaigns and ask to mention your brand or business in their post. Send follow requests to people and like their posts.

In this way, you can generate quality followers and have good exposure over Instagram.

Tip 4: Regularly Post On Instagram

In order to keep your followers engaged with your account and get updates frequently then you have to upload posts regularly on Instagram.

You can plan before what you’re going to upload in the next whole week. At least one post daily is mandatory during the initial phase.

Depending on the type of business, you can share your content accordingly over Instagram. Keep in mind how frequent your competitors are posting so that you cannot stay behind them. People like to see the quality and entertaining content every time they are using social media. Thus, posting regularly will increase your fan base and let them know what your business is doing.

Tip 5: Embed Instagram Posts On Your Website

Another effective way of using Instagram to grow your business is by embedding Instagram posts on your website.

Yes, you heard it right. Embedding Instagram feeds on the website is a popular type of content strategy these days. Most of the businesses are using Instagram feeds on their website.

There are various ways to embed Instagram posts on your website. You can copy embed links from Instagram official websites, use social media aggregators, install plugins, or take screenshots of your website.

However, using embed links from Instagram and uploading screenshots can create issues as users may claim you for using their posts without permission.

With social media aggregator tools and plugins like Taggbox, you can easily generate Instagram feeds without worrying about permission.

Tip 6: Announce Launch Of New Products and Services On Instagram

If your business is about to launch a new product or service  then Instagram is the best platform to announce the launch date and show a preview about the product or service.

As there are millions of active users, Instagram helps you in reaching your new product and service to a wide audience which is not possible through the traditional medium of sharing products.

It is also a great opportunity to tell your existing customers about the new product and service your business is launching and what new features your existing business will offer them.


Thus, Instagram is a big platform to boost your business presence and build strong relationships with your social media customers.

So many people are using social media more than any other traditional platform. Thus to directly reach your digital customers you have to connect with them directly where they are.

Instagram is the place where your customers are occupied. With your Instagram Business Account, you can connect with your audience and engage them with quality content.



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