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Video marketing has soared to new heights this 2016. Marketers predict that digital ad spending will surpass television spending. This includes ads spend on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Video is one of the most important and effective media for marketers. In fact, even our own virtual assistants made YouTube videos showing “A Day in the Life of a Pepper VA” to market our brand. Today, we’ll be sharing some of the best YouTube campaigns of 2016 to inspire your video marketing efforts. Let’s take a look!

The Hyundai Genesis – Hyundai

Marketers often consider the Super Bowl as the Holy Grail of all advertising opportunities. Millions of people tune in to witness some of the best ads of the year.

For their newest car model, Hyundai took a comedic spin with actor and comedian Kevin Hart. The ad not only tapped into the relatable experiences of being a father but also highlighted the car model’s newest feature, Car Finder.

The Portrait – Skittles

Skittles has been known to have some of the funniest and most creative ads such as Boom Box the Rainbow and Bleachers. For this year’s Super Bowl, the candy company collaborated with Aerosmith lead vocalist, Steven Tyler.

Like Hyundai, Skittles took a comedic approach for their Super Bowl ad. In the commercial, Steven Tyler interacts with his own portrait that is entirely made out of Skittles. He competes with his Skittles portrait in a sing-off until eventually, the latter falls apart. Steven even takes a slight dig at himself with his plans of twisting minds and warping values!

Listener vs. Exercise – Apple

Earlier this year, Apple launched an ad campaign to promote Apple Music. Although it received some backlash from both users and artists, the tech brand launched a fairly entertaining campaign to promote the streaming service.

In April, the first ad for Apple Music was launched starring Taylor Swift lip synching to Drake’s famous track, Jumpman, while on a treadmill. Much to viewers’ surprise, Swift got so distracted by the music that she got into an accident. Months later, the ad was followed with Drake lip synching to Swift’s hit, Bad Blood. Both ads have gone viral and have been viewed millions of times on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram!

How to Poop Campaign – PooPourri

Over the past year, PooPourri has been garnering millions of views on YouTube for their entertaining and humorous videos. For a campaign that centralizes on a subject that most people are uncomfortable with, PooPourri has launched an incredibly amusing way to promote their product!

Essentially, the brand’s How to Poop campaign teaches customers how to poop in certain environments such as parties and workplaces. Their videos are about three minutes in length, creative, and for many, relatable.

25,915 Days – Reebok

On average, we have 25,915 days to live and Reebok wants to remind everyone that we should live our lives to the fullest. For the next installation of their #HonorYourDays campaign, the shoe brand focused on a powerful message: make the most of your days and honor the body you’ve been given.

The ad follows the life of a female athlete and recounts her days beginning from her middle-age Spartan-racing self to the day she was born, marking the beginning of her 25,915 days. The video is a great way for Reebok to share with their audiences that fitness and physical activity can be experienced at every age. Viewers will also find a clickable CTA that allows them to calculate their days at the end of the video!

A Priest and An Imam – Amazon Prime

Religion has always been a sensitive topic to discuss and brands tend to steer clear of it. However, this year, Amazon Prime took the plunge and launched their newest Christmas ad that revolved around two religious leaders.

Since its launch a couple of weeks ago, the video has gone viral and has been praised for showing that people of different religions, races, cultures, and backgrounds can get along. The ad is a breath of fresh air especially in light of the recent events, particularly the US Elections, which has triggered divisiveness in different sectors of society.

The Chant – Samsung

Samsung has been a huge part of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. As a part of their campaign for the sports event, the tech brand launched a series of ads that not only highlighted the athletes but also Samsung gadgets.

The Chant celebrates the powerful story of South Sudanese runner Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan. It follows her journey towards the Olympic Games with the love and support of her fans and her nation. The ad not only shows Samsung’s support for underdogs but also features their pride for sponsoring those who defy barriers.

Evan – Sandy Hook Promise

On December 14, 2012, the world was stunned when news broke out about a shooting that had happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and six adults dead. The incident has been infamously known as the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school and the third-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in US history.

Just a few days shy of the fourth anniversary of the horrific event, the Sandy Hook Promise released a new video campaign to raise awareness of the signs of gun violence. In the three days since the ad was released, the video has gone viral with more than 2 million views on YouTube, millions more on Facebook and countless news reports.

Creating and launching a video marketing campaign can be challenging but when done right it can increase content engagement and click-through rates. Get inspired by these entertaining yet informative ads and create your own YouTube campaign!

What are your thoughts on YouTube marketing? Share them with us in the comments below! If you’d like to work with our team of virtual assistants, you can avail of our free five-hour trial!

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