Blogger vs. WordPress – Which Works Best for You?

Remember that scene in the Facebook movie The Social Network, where young Mark Zuckerberg blabbed about his bad breakup with his girlfriend online? He felt so bad and heartbroken, he even compared her to a farm animal. That was blogging back then—a whole new, different platform for nerds and geeks to write about different things, from discussions on astrophysics, to whether Moon and Avatar should be on the top 25 lists of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

However, blogging today has changed its face. It’s no longer just for people who hide behind their computer screens typing the day away. People who have a say on something, or who simply want to vent out their feelings over the Internet, can (and most probably already do) have a blog. In today’s digital world, you no longer need to have the talent of Shakespeare or Virginia Woolf—simply write about something relevant or timely, click “Publish,” and poof! Your masterpiece will be live for the whole world to see.

To start blogging, you must choose a blogging platform first. There are actually a lot of platforms available today: LiveJournal, TypePad, Tumblr—the list goes on. To narrow down your field of choices, we’re going to talk about the two most popular ones since blogging was invented: WordPress and Blogger.

Below is a comparison of Blogger’s and WordPress’s features:

Getting Started

Showdown: Truth is, if you choose WordPress, you’ve got to have technical skills as it usually takes hours to figure out. On the upside, the site is definitely straightforward with all the controls it grants to you, although beginners may find all the different tabs and choices it presents a bit overwhelming. However, if you choose managed hosting, things become easier even for beginners.

Blogger, on the other hand, is a whole lot easier to navigate and was built with non-geeks in mind. You only need a couple of minutes to achieve inside-out familiarity with it. Moreover, its interface is built with great simplicity to make it easier for you to post updates on your blog.

Winner: Blogger

Privacy and Content

Showdown: Blogger is a free service, and is hosted by Google, no less. Unfortunately, that also means the search engine giant has a say in the kinds of content you get to post. If you’ve taken the time to read through their Terms of Service, you’ll find that Google can remove or refuse to publish your content anytime and for any reason they see fit. Moreover, Google can also use, host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly display and distribute the content Blogger users post—not a very reassuring thought in terms of privacy.

Meanwhile on WordPress, you’re the only one who’s entirely in control of your blog and the types of content you put in it.  The fact that your blog and its contents cannot be deleted without your permission is also a big plus to bloggers looking to exercise their right to free speech and creative expression.

Winner: WordPress

SEO and Advertising

Showdown: Both Blogger and WordPress give you the ability to easily handle and track advertising results. However, when you’re on Blogger, indexing your blog pages only takes 24 hours. Why? Google owns Blogger. ‘Nuff said.

Unfortunately, WordPress bloggers don’t get the same royal treatment from Google, which indexes WordPress pages within 4 weeks. So if you’re all excited and thrilled about getting your ranks up with SEO and advertising, then WordPress may not be the platform for you.

Winner: Blogger

What you must understand is that Blogger and WordPress have their own strengths and imperfections. Most people say that Blogger is for the novices of blogging while WordPress is made for pros.

Whatever blogging platform you choose for your blog, be sure to make the best out of it. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether your blog is easily indexed in Google, or if it allows you to explore different site management features; it’s all about content. Nobody likes to read nonsense.

Let your blog be your voice. Provide relevant information, and when you see interesting results, it’s up to you to decide which platform best suits your needs.

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  1. Rizza Chavez

    Well, for me it’s a bit of a tie. Because not all people in the world owns a laptop or an iPad, not all of them can afford to buy one, not all can easily use such device because some don’t really understand how to use it. There are actually many factors that can put bloggers down. It’s just like tit for tat. But, if convenience is really a matter, might as well go on blogs than WordPress, because it will take a lot of time to print and relay it. For me, you just use what is perfectly fitted for you.

  2. Brian C. Namuag

    Both of them are actually very useful in shouting out your opinion although both of them too differs in the way they provide service to their users. I love the versatility of wordpress and the array of plugins that are offered to make your site fabulous with no experience. However, I would recommend Blogger to someone who is just starting out with blogging because it allows newbies to start making money and allows them to see if blogging is something that they’re willing to do long term.

  3. Kyna Novelero

    I agree with you on that Brian. Personally I prefer Blogger than WordPress simply because it’s user-friendly especially for noobs. Also, their respective dashboards alone speak a lot and I don’t know if it’s just me but I think WordPress’ a bit overwhelming from a newbie’s standpoint.
    But then again, whether you’re more accustomed to Blogger (like me) or to WordPress, to each its own! Happy blogging!

  4. Therapy Websites

    Blogger and WordPress, this two are totally the best in blogging and truly different in many aspects. We all know that? Well, we use both Blogger and WordPress. This issue is quite complicated thus. However, I prefer to use the WordPress, because I give more importance to the security, privacy and content of my blog, as a blogger. As it said above, I quoted, ” The fact that your blog and its contents cannot be deleted without your permission.” That’s again are based on my experiences. Thanks and Great post.

  5. Marianne Alagao

    Well for me, I prefer the Blogger than the WordPress because it does not need to have technical skills just to have one, like what Kyna said, it is user-friendly. It is open for everybody just like Facebook, it doesn’t need to have technical skills to enjoy having one. I myself is a blogger and I love expressing my ideas and shout out my feelings online without having to undergo some technical difficulties just to do a personal blog.

  6. Joshua | Guides

    I prefer Blogger over wordpress. Its more responsive and you get better analytics. But from a customization and plugin availability perspective, wordpress wins handsdown.

  7. Achelle Melody Pacquiao

    Hello! for me I prefer blogger than wordpress. Actually I tried wordpress and I find it very hard to understand you’ve got to have technical skills and familiarize all the bars before you appreciate it, unlike blogger you don’t need to take hours just to exhaust your feelings all you have to do is just write what you feels and post it and then all is well! 🙂

  8. John

    When I started my blogging journey then my first question was, Why I should choose WordPress and not other CMS softwares.

    I searched a lot about it on Google at that time and I found that everybody is recommending to use WordPress and I started doing the same.

    Now today I know that why people should choose WordPress. Because WordPress is an independent and easy to use content management system.

    The best thing about it is, We can bring any feature in our website with just using a single plugin. That’s really good. 😀

    I am using WordPress since last 3 years and I loved it. 😀


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