How to Promote Your Blog in 5 Simple Steps

Promoting Your Blog
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To keep up nowadays, it’s safe to say that having a blog is a must for every business. Not only does a blog make you stand out from a sea of competitors, it also establishes you as an expert in your field. It’s no wonder why business owners invest a lot of time and money into making the perfect blog.

But no matter how awesome your web design is, or how convincing your words are, it won’t really matter if you have no readers. People will need to know you have a blog in the first place. How? Here are 5 simple steps:

Be a social butterfly with Social Media websites

Thanks to social media websites, introducing yourself to the online market is now a no-brainer. All you have to do is create profiles on these websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus) and reach out to the community.

  1. Make sure you place your blog URL in your profiles.
  2. Link your blog to your profile so that whenever you publish new content on your blog, it also shows up on your updates.
  3. Post regular updates, share relevant bits of information, join groups, and interact with people. Being active and visible keeps you on people’s minds.

Immerse yourself in Forums and other Blogs

Still having trouble directing traffic to your blog despite fluttering around social media sites? The solution is simple, albeit philosophical: if the mountain does not come to you, you must come to the mountain.

Whatever your niche is, finding a forum devoted to it shouldn’t be too difficult.

  1. Sign up and interact.
  2. Establish yourself as someone who can be trusted by sharing valuable information.
  3. Remember to include your blog URL on your profile and signature so that they know where to find you.
  4. But be careful not to sound too promotional as you can get penalized.

Spend some time searching for blogs in your niche as well, and you can find your target market in the comments section. Comment on the most recent blog posts, but follow the same rules given above: share relevant information, and avoid sounding promotional.

Make your blog come to life with Video Marketing

Video marketing is a relatively new addition to the online marketing cast. However, videos attract more attention because they use audio-visual elements and engage more of your senses. For your next post, instead of writing a blog, create a “vlog” or a video blog.

  1. Be as interactive as you can by addressing your viewers directly.
  2. Speak animatedly and avoid sounding as if you’re reading from a script.
  3. Make your video even more interesting by adding effects. Just be careful not to overdo it.
  4. Also, inject some humor to keep your audience engaged.
  5. Upload your awesome video on video sharing websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Metacafe. Share the links on your social media profiles, and even on your forum posts and comments.

Share what you know on Social Bookmarking sites

Visibility is, of course, your primary goal when promoting your blog. One way to get visible is to tap the power of social bookmarking sites. Joining these websites will also widen your network and provide you with good ideas for your next blog post.

  1. Register in high-traffic social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and
  2. Get used to the site and pay attention to the content that gets the highest votes.
  3. Based on what you observed, submit content that will likely get a good number of votes. Instead of submitting each and every one of your articles, only choose the best ones.
  4. Most importantly, don’t be selfish. Read other people’s entries, make comments, vote on good content, and share.

Blog like a boss with brilliant Content

Some bloggers make the mistake of “slowing down” on high-quality content once they’ve already established themselves on the web. What they don’t know is that they lose readers in the process, and once you lose them, you’re back to step one. Don’t commit the same mistake. It may seem like hard work but you really have to be committed to your blog.

  1. To gain readers and keep them, post on your blog regularly. If you can’t do it daily, try to write at least twice weekly.
  2. Write about relevant and fresh topics that will stir your readers’ interests.
  3. Always aim to be of service to your readers by publishing helpful and valuable content.
  4. Lastly, keep a list of topics handy so that you won’t fall victim to writer’s block.

We hope these tips help you drive traffic to your blog, but remember than in the end, readers won’t stay unless you have good content. Promotion and good design get you noticed, but the only way to keep your readers is by giving them something worthy of their time.

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  1. Janine Kabingue

    Blogging is another way of showing off your real interests and that makes you awesome in different ways. I love blogging too! Might as well follow this steps to promote my blog! 🙂

  2. Patrick Bañes

    Blogs can be great ways to vent and share information. I really admire bloggers 🙂 because they don’t really care about how much they earn with people visiting their sites, but they are happy in what they do, they give all their time to express themselves. I personally love reading personality blogs 🙂 because they are entertaining to me. And I honestly learned a lot from reading them.
    So keep it up Bloggers out there!:) Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and knowledge! Godbless! 🙂

  3. Hannah Joy S. Nool

    This post is very helpful to bloggers. In addition to the tips mentioned, I think bloggers must also put balance between the appearance and content in their blogs. We cannot deny the fact that most people will really opt for articles with quality contents but we must also consider the comfort that the readers’ eyes feels while reading blogs. Blogs must not just be good to read but must also look good to the readers so that they will keep on coming back to your website for more of the “good” things you offer. 🙂

  4. Hannah Joy S. Nool

    I think the “in” in the second sentence should be “of”, and the “feels” in the second to the last sentence must be “feel”. Sorry I forgot to check before I hit “submit”. I’m not sure of the other errors. XD

  5. Imaichi Honrade

    I’m a blogger myself and this is an educational read for me. I’ve always been conscious on the number of people viewing my blog posts. I even have a Flag counter and a feedjit traffic feed on it just so I’d be able to keep tab on which posts attract readers. I always try to find ways to increase the number of people reading my blog and this has been the most informative from all my reads. I’ve made sure that my blog is connected to my social media accounts (facebook, twitter, tumblr, even formspring). I haven’t tried signing up for forums or social bookmarking sites. I will surely try doing that later.

  6. Roxanne Cania

    This is very helpful not only to bloggers but of course to those aspiring bloggers like me. I used to have a blog but for some reason I want able to maintain it. Blogging indeed isn’t just a “wishy washy” task, you’ve got to have a heart for it. By that, you’ll not only get noticed but will always be remembered by your readers because of your blog content. I will definitely follow these steps on my next blog 🙂

  7. Myke

    I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, but I’ve only tried steps 1 and 5. I usually promote my blogs in profiling sites like facebook so my friends can view them. This, I think, would be very helpful so I could market my blog better over the internet! I am currently trying my best to make an interesting VLOG (Video Blog) to gather more viewers. If it’s possible, could you also make a separate article on how to make an effective VLOG? Thank you in advance!

  8. Iris

    It is good to know that nowadays it is so easy to introduce and express yourself through blogging. With the help of the latest technology now and some social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.,just in one click you would be able to showcase yourself to the world. This post is very helpful for bloggers to let their selves be heard and read their own story. But no matter how attractive your blog is, if there are no readers, still useless. Thanks to this post for sharing her tips on how to promote your blog in 5 simple steps.
    So generous for her to share her ideas about promoting a blog. 🙂

  9. Lyndon Pajaro

    4. I once been a blogger before but I stop because it’s hard to acquire and find someone who will read your blog or be interested in it. Thanks to the one who made this article. The idea is clear and applicable. This article is I think selfless since it helps not only her own self but her fellow bloggers who are aspiring to have many readers on his/her blogs. I agree that the use of social networking is indeed effective since I tried it myself plus if it sounds very interesting, it can be viral in the cyber world. Moreover, the tips of promoting your own blog will be useless if you have a senseless contents, it will just waste readers time and effort. Therefore, be excellent even in mere blog writing.

  10. Lyndon Pajaro

    Nowadays with the technology that we have, are eyes are more open to the social media and what it could give to us, the benefits. It is quite easier now, really, to promote blogs, unlike before,for example in facebook , if you read and articles, blogs, or watch video blogs, all you have to do is post it in your facebook wall and all your friends will see it, thus making it more accessible to those who are not bloggers.

    This is a great read for those bloggers that are just starting. But at the end of the day it’s the subject matter that gets the eyes of the readers. 🙂

  11. The Office Escape

    This a great start for those who want to blog. Bloggers will surely delighted and be thankful for this, and even me because this will help a lot for being a virtual assistant. What a nice post! This very helpful and I know this is very effective, too. Good work!

  12. Sheena Valiente

    Love the content of article, it helps the people on how to accelerate their ranking or traffics using blogging. Cuz nowadays social media can’t be a social media without any blogging because blogging helps to give information to what content or idea the people whats to know. I love the idea of this blog article good write ups keep it up

  13. Cameron Benz

    Even i have blog and i promoted in different ways like

    1) promotion in smo sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin

    2) blog commenting

    3) forum commenting


    but if you dont know about this then i recommend you to hire someone to do this task

  14. Kamal

    Thank you Maan Laxa for thoughtful writing.

  15. Kamal

    Thank you Maan.

  16. Francis

    I love the meaningful content. I’m not really into blogging but I think this just opened up my mind on what are the things I will be able to do and share to the public. Very educational.

  17. claire

    There is one blog I visit once in a while and It made me able to relate to the blogger in a way because we somehow have the same likes. His blog page reflects his artistic and vibrant personality which makes the followers create a connection with him. I also wish of putting up my own blog but don’t know how to begin it. This article helped me gain insights…


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