Email Marketing Best Practices for Non-Profit Business

In this modern era, digital marketing is trending, this is why most businesses have Incorporated email marketing into their marketing technique.

To start email marketing, the business needs a good online presence and subscribers need to trust their brands that is why most nonprofit businesses have a website where readers can visit and sign up for their emails.

Email security is necessary when you send an email to any person or group. A secured email entrusts opponent that an email is from trusted sender. To do so, email security certificate or any other SSL certificate that can secure, domains.

Here, Wildcard SSL Certificate is also beneficial to secure email domains like Comodo positive wildcard SSL is what most website owners use to secure their website, get their readers’ trust, and enable them to trust the business, its brand, and what it stands for which makes it easy for them to subscribe.

Even with having a secured website that builds your digital presence while using Comodo positive wildcard SSL, you must effectively engage in email marketing, especially for a non-profit business to see results.

This article will share with you some email marketing tips for your business.

1.  Plan Well

You should not jump into email marketing without any plan in mind because it will make your business look unserious, and unorganized.

Most businesses send out newsletters in a manner that doesn’t reflect well on their business.

You should first decide how consistent you will send the emails, the email marketing software you will use, how you will design the email (if you are not a designer, there are some ready templates you can use), and the subject matter of your email.

You must engage in email marketing well so that you will leave a good impression on your reader, and they will remember your brand when they require your services or buy a product you are marketing.

2.    Make it Easy for Your Readers

Before your reader signed up for your emails or newsletters, they probably had a fair knowledge of what your non-profit stands for.

Your website already has content about your business. Your website must be one that can be secured by using SSL cert to secure your website.

Since content is already available you wouldn’t want to bombard your readers with unnecessary information in one email, use too many colors while designing the email, or have so many images attached to a particular email.

For most readers, me inclusive, I load my email on a mobile device, and an email that takes too long to load makes me lose interest.

Imagine the number of people who won’t have the patience for your mail to load when you include too many images or use too many colors in your email.

If possible, use only your logo, and try to have consistent brand colors, preferably one that matches your logo and brings your business to the mind of your reader when they see the color.

3.    Your emails Should be Relatable

When it comes to email marketing, using a catchy subject line draws your reader in, and makes them want to open your mail. Your subject line should not be boring. This kind of communication is essential for nonprofits selling merchandise, especially if it’s your main source of fundraising. Remaining relatable to your reader is essential. You must know what they want, and you should be able to provide it.

Also, for your non-profit business, where necessary, keep the tone of your conversation informal. Allow your readers to relate to your business, and what it stands for.

You could share things that benefit your client, without a need to advertise your business. You could also share a personal story or a story about the business that will relate to your reader.

The emails should have a personal touch to them, and make your readers interested in your nonprofit business. You could start the emails by greeting them with their first names, it makes readers feel like you know and can relate to you.

Sending emails that have good subject lines and are easy to read and understand by your reader is a good email marketing strategy that many know how to use.

4.    Make it Easy for your Subscribers

While someone wants to sign up to your email they may get discouraged if there are too many things, they need to fill out for them to join your email list.

You wouldn’t want to lose subscribers, so ask for their first name, last name, and email address. Where it is necessary you can request other information.

Don’t forget to send an appreciative or confirmation of subscription email to welcome your subscribers. It is a great avenue to build relationships with your subscribers, and it will get them interested in your nonprofit business.

Additionally, tell your subscribers to move your emails to your primary inbox so that your mails don’t fall under promotion, thereby making them miss out on your emails.

Also, sending the mail should be through a particular email address. Try to be consistent with the email address, changing your email address especially without informing your readers may make you lose out on readers.

5.    Respond to Emails

As a non-profit business, the reason you engage in email marketing is to get possible donors, people that can relate to your cause or have a need to volunteer.

There should be someone designated to check emails daily and respond promptly when a person responds to your email.

This will show the sender of the email that a business is being run, and he or she will appreciate the promptness.

It is also important that you send the email at the right time, you could use email marketing software that has a dashboard that shows you when your audition is most active and more likely to read your email.

6.    Include a Call to Action

Your email should never fail to include a CTA which will tell your readers what to do after reading your email. It may be the nudge they need to do what you want.

It could be to follow the social media handles of your business, volunteer for your non-profit, donate, share your business with others, etc.


Making your non-profit have a great reach and making people interested in volunteering and donating happens easily when you include these best email marketing tactics for your business.

Try and implement these steps and see the difference it will bring to your nonprofit business.



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