7 Tips to Improve your Paraphrasing Skills

Paraphrasing is the art of rewriting a material without being accused of plagiarism. Through paraphrasing, you can use different information in your words.

You can manually paraphrase a text by reading it and writing it in your own words. Similarly, for this purpose, online tools are also available.

Tips for paraphrasing

Here are the seven important tips and tricks by which you can make good quality content and polish your paraphrasing skills.

1.    Read your topic and develop an understanding

Topic knowledge is the main part that should be strong before paraphrasing. If you have the Knowledge you can write on it. For a comprehensive understanding, you should have to read your topic information from multiple sources.

There are thousands of websites on the internet by which you can read about your topic. For example, if your topic is on heart disease you can read about it on health-related websites.

The more you will read the more will you become familiar with the topic terms. Reading makes your concepts clear and help in developing new questions. Through careful reading from multiple sources, you will explore different aspects of the topic.

2.    More information leads to a more informative piece of writing

Make notes before paraphrasing. Note formation is very important. It helps you to paraphrase efficiently. Whenever you read an article or blog related to your topic write the main points of it.

Along with the main points write some details also so that you do not forget the concept behind the point. By these points, you will be able to write by yourself.

In the process of notes, and formation writes the website address so that you can consult it if you want to add some more details.

3.    Write in your own words

Read your sources and notes two to three times and then start writing in your own words. This will make your writing piece original and free from any type of plagiarism.

If you are writing some type of quotation provide a reference for it.it is important to write in your own words as many types of copyrights issue can hinder your writing process.


Moreover, by writing yourself you can make your concept stronger and writing skills better.it helps to expand the vocabulary and maximize your sentence formation knowledge.

4.    Use synonyms and change words

If you are copying the material then synonyms are very helpful for you. Synonyms are the different words having the same meanings. You can use them in different places of your content.

The synonyms will not only help you in changing the wording of the text but also remove the duplicate effect from it. For example, you can use devices instead of tools.

Words can also be changed like nouns in place of verbs and adjectives in place of nouns etc. for example consumption can be replaced by consuming.

5.    Online tools can help a lot

Many tools on the internet can help you in paraphrasing. These paraphrasers are the word changers that make your raw text into professionally written content.

With these rephrasers, you can add value to your work. These tools are very friendly and easy to use. You just have to subject your text to these tools and it will spin the text into fresh content.

The content will be original and free from any errors. These tools with the help of AI technology rewrite and summaries the material. By using ai for content moderation you get high-quality content faster and easier.

Paraphraser.io is one of the best rephraser on the internet. This rephraser has three modes that can be paraphrased on different levels. These levels are fluency, standard, and creativity.

In fluency mode, grammar mistakes are removed and in standard mode, the wording is changed to make the content readable. The creative mode is the most advanced mode that changes the structure of the material and rewrites the sentences in a meaningful way.

To use this tool you just have to write or upload your text file on the tool and set the language in which you want to paraphrase. It will read your text and paraphrase it into new and fresh content. This content will be free from plagiarism.

All the grammatical and punctuation mistakes will be eliminated from the text. This paraphraser maintains the original content and meaning. The paraphrasing is just like human level. Moreover, this tool is compatible with files of different formats and can paraphrase in multiple languages.

6.    Change the vocabulary

It is the key technique that can help you to paraphrase well. You just have to change the words by their synonyms. The synonyms should be relevant to the word and topic.

Not every synonym can fit into the text perfectly. For this purpose consult dictionary or thesaurus that helps you to find relevant and simple synonyms. Like you can use claims or argue in the place of asserts. You can write the 1900s in the place of the twentieth century.

This will not only transform your writing style but the easy wording will make your paraphrasing easy. The content will become readable to more people.

Whenever you add the related words to the topic it will make the content SEO optimized. So if your content is nicely paraphrased and SEO optimize it will gain a high ranking on the search engine.

7.    Change your sentence structure

While writing takes care of the sentence structure. If you have the information that must be added to the content and you do not want to write it as it is. You can write it in different styles.

You can change active to passive voice and can make the question of the sentences. The word order will change with this technique and you will be able to convey your idea without getting into the problematic copyright issues.


Above are the seven tricks that can be life-changing for you if you are a content writer. Through the tips, you can paraphrase your material in a short time.

These tips make your material original and appealing. Changing words, adding synonyms, checking plagiarism and online tools are the effective methods of paraphrasing.



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