Infographic: Practical and Inspiring Business Lessons from Jeff Bezos and Larry Page

It’s Infographic Friday once again! This week, we learned practical and inspiring business lessons from two of the wealthiest and most successful men alive! We’re talking about Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page! Both Internet heroes revolutionized how we do business online. And their brilliance, values, and expertise can definitely inspire aspiring and existing business owners.

Through Jeff Bezos’ leadership, Amazon is now the world’s largest e-commerce company. He believes that a company should be more focused on its customers, not on its competitors. Flexibility and stubbornness, as well as constant innovation and experimentation are important. And for a business to succeed, business owners should minimize regret and think long term.

For Larry Page, empowering employees, persevering despite adversities, entertaining crazy ideas, and always making small improvements helped made Google the most used search engine today. He also firmly believes in the importance of making fast decisions, openness, and earning the audience’s trust for a business to become successful.

Remember, Amazon and Google used to be just small businesses. But Bezos and Page led those companies to achieve enormous success. They are entrepreneurs worth-emulating. And business owners of today will certainly benefit from the valuable and inspiring lessons that they share.

To summarize this week’s blogs, check out this Infographic!

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