Inspiring Business Lessons From Google Co-Founder Larry Page

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In today’s Internet-driven world, everybody certainly knows Google. It is the world’s most used search engine and one of the largest technology empires of all time. Thanks to its co-founder and CEO Larry Page’s brilliant idea, our lives are now easier, more informative, and more entertaining because of Google!

Page may not be as famous as the names Zuckerberg or Jobs, but this “Google guy” is considered as one of the greatest visionaries of our time. If you own a business, you, too, can turn your simple business idea into a successful company with the help of Page’s exceptional strategies and lessons. Here are six of his business lessons that will not only inspire you, but also give your business a boost.

Empower Employees

For Larry Page, empowering and helping employees to develop their abilities is very important. If you learn their needs and challenges, give them great opportunities, and make them feel valued and respected, they can help take your business to remarkable heights. It is also important to make them feel like they are part of the company, where they can be happy and consequently, achieve extraordinary things. You can learn from Google’s empowered culture and apply it to your business.

Persevere In Spite of Difficulty

Page’s idea of digitizing Google’s book started in the mid 1990s but it was only in 2004 that the first book was scanned. He also had the “street view” idea, which we now know and use as Google maps. But it also took years to launch after Page’s perseverance to convince others that it would work. If you persevere, you can also turn your ideas for your business into reality despite adversities.

Entertain Your Big, Crazy Ideas and Refine the Best Ones

“I think it is often easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition,” Larry Page says. The idea for Google’s search engine came after Page dreamed about downloading the entire web and keeping the links. Like him, try to encourage your team to believe in big, crazy ideas. Giving ideas like these a shot can help boost your business.

Keep Making Small Improvements

One good way to keep your customers interested in your brand or company is by always giving them something new about your products or services, no matter how small it is. Larry Page encourages Google’s employees to continually add new features and improve Gmail, its search engine, and the Android OS. You can also urge your team to improvise and enhance your products to keep your customers engaged.

Promote Quick Decisions and Openness

Faster decisions and openness are encouraged at Google under Larry Page’s leadership. He had asked his staff to give him updates or pitches about their current projects in just 60 words. That’s just about two paragraphs, but it should be impressive and compelling. You can also apply this management approach to your own business to encourage quick and concise output.

Earn Your Audience’s Trust

Google survived and succeeded because people trust the company. You can also gain the confidence and trust of your potential clients by listening to their needs, being present in social media networks, offering them excellent customer service and quality content, and more.

Everybody loves Google! Larry Page’s vision and brilliance have brought Google to where it is today. He believes in employee empowerment, perseverance, paying attention to crazy ideas, continuous improvisation, encouraging fast decisions, and the importance of earning the people’s trust. Use these lessons and strategies from Page and see your business advance and succeed!

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