Infographics Fridays: Delegating to Virtual Assistants

This week, we looked at how you can effectively delegate to your virtual assistant. As a business owner, it’s important that you’re able to focus on the important aspects of your business and let go of the tasks that weigh you down. Part of smart delegation is knowing what and what not to delegate. We looked at the tasks you should pass on to your VA and what you should keep in-house. Knowing these things will allow you to choose the specific tasks that you can delegate and the ones you need to continue doing within the company.

And since it’s a Friday once again, here’s an infographic to round-up of our delegation series!

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**N.B. This is an updated post from a 2013 Pepper blog.

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  1. Justin Dominic O. Cayanan

    This blog post is very helpful to make sure that the clients are well-informed to the tasks that their VA’s can do. In addition, this is beneficial for VA’s so that they can perform well with task given and can avoid those tasks that are out of their skills.

  2. Jose Christian Anad

    Awesome.This is very helpful.


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