5 Ways to Delegate Tasks Without Micromanaging

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Business owners and leaders naturally have a lot on their plate. But they are not Superman/Superwoman capable of handling everything about their companies. This is where the process of delegation comes into play. According to research, this practice offers numerous benefits, including improving the organization’s workflow and boosting profits.

As an entrepreneur or manager, you can reap those benefits by delegating tasks to other team members such as virtual assistants. With their skills and qualities, you can give them authority to do the job and you won’t have to control every itsy-bitsy part of your business. You can rest easy and focus on the more important areas. Take a look at these tips on delegating tasks without micromanaging:

1. Create a Solid Plan

Start the delegation process by developing a good plan. Consider your team members’ skills or expertise and your timeline for doing the project. Divide and schedule the tasks accordingly. If you have a solid plan in place to start with, then there’s no need for you to micromanage.

2. Start the Day with a Huddle

A motivated team is a productive team. Try to make it a habit to start the work day with a “huddle.” If your employees work remotely, a group chat in the morning before they start working will do. This strategy will not only energize or motivate your team and set them up for success. It will also ensure that everyone feels aligned, so conflicts will be avoided and issues will be resolved sooner.

3. Develop a System for Sharing Results

It is important for you and your staff to share each other’s goals, progress, and results in an organized way. There are different software programs like Google Spreadsheet, Asana, and Basecamp that you can use to achieve this. This way, your employees can keep track of their progress and goals and you will know the status of the tasks.

4. Practice Serendipitous Contact

Of course, it’s normal for you to be concerned about how things are going. But constantly checking in on your employees regarding the tasks delegated to them won’t really lead to efficiency. It will just slow things down and disempower or demotivate them. A chance contact or communication with your team will likely bring more fruitful results.

5. Listen Then Give Feedback

A leader who listens to his staff is a good leader. When it comes to task delegation, it’s best if you let your staff report on the progress of the tasks the best way and time they know. Listen and be open to their processes and solutions. Make sure also that you provide them with honest feedback to help them make their work better.

Take some workload off your back and assign tasks to your competent staff through delegation. While there’s a tendency for you to control the work of your staff, there are ways to delegate tasks without micromanaging. Follow the tips we shared and you can delegate more effectively and run your business more successfully.

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