Internet Marketing Trends that You Need to Capitalize On

The internet has given marketers a powerful platform that allows them to optimize their reach. The web offers a variety of ways to draw customers to your brand. As much as it gives marketers multiple opportunities, it also keeps them on their toes because of its quick evolution. Some internet marketing strategies maybe effective last year but totally obsolete this year. You need to be up-to-date on what’s working and latch on to that quickly before the web decides to shake things up again. Let’s look at some of the recent internet marketing trends that are worth leveraging.

Content Marketing is changing the landscape of internet marketing.

According to 78% of CMOs, they see content as the future of marketing. This means that your content will soon be the anchor of all your internet marketing efforts. People are looking for relevant and useful content in the web. With too much information online, users are searching for reliable insights from trustworthy brands. Thus, the increasing demand for content is steadily increasing. Moreover, a study done by Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Custom Content showed that 7 out of 10 consumers prefer custom content that fits their needs. This is good news for marketers because you can focus your efforts on segmenting your customers according to purchase activity or preferences, and create custom content for them. This results to satisfied customers and strengthened brand reliability.

Ad retargeting is emerging.

Ad retargeting is a relatively new marketing strategy but you have probably been seeing its effects now. Basically it involves the tracking of browsing cookies to follow the websites your users go to. First-time visits to any site only get converted by 2%. By retargeting ads you can reach 98% of your customers who didn’t convert in their initial visit. By installing a Javascript code you can track your users’ browsing activity anonymously around the web and strategically place ads on those sites. It’s like having an online post-it that reminds your site visitors that they browsed your site, prompting them to check you out again. This keeps your brand the top of mind of your customers. There may not be an immediate purchase but it will have long-term benefits for your brand.

Social Signals will be strongly tied with SEO.

Social signals are the number of shares and likes you receive for your posts. The main goal of search engines is to provide the most relevant results. A post that goes viral stirs interest in netizens and consequently gives credibility to the content. This prompts Google to move up the rank of your content because of the strong social signals your content is generating. Social signals will help increase your site visits as social media sites direct users to where the shareable content is found. It makes them stay longer in your site and browse your other content further. Social signals also allow your pleased customers post their satisfaction about your products and services. This in turn increases your positive reviews in sites such as Google Local and Yelp.

Mobile-optimized content is gaining more traction.

Mobile devices have made the lives of people easier especially in the areas of web browsing, content searching, and online purchasing. It comes as no surprise that users have become dependent on their tablets and smartphones more. Marketers who create a responsive mobile design for their site report an average of 20% increase in conversions and clicks. That being said, marketers should capitalize on making sure that their sites can be accessed seamlessly from any mobile device. Mobile marketing gives substantial returns to your business with 70% of mobile searches resulting to an action within an hour. Mobile offers also get redeemed 10x more compared to printed coupons showing the effectiveness mobile marketing efforts. Mobile optimization is proving to be more than just a trend but an integral part of web marketing.

Marketers should always be fully aware of internet marketing trends and shifts. The fast-evolving web landscape is quick to adapt these new changes as much as it is quick to discard the old. Bottom line, internet marketing thrives on reliability both in content and responsiveness. It’s the one thing that does not change. The web itself is very volatile but if you have credible content and dependable platforms and strategies, you can make your internet marketing more effective and impactful for your brand.

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  1. charity

    I agree with the whole article. I am one of those people who loves reading articles whether it be on paper or online. If the content is irrelevant, it lessens it’s marketability. Facebook, twitter, and other networking sites are also effective tools to market such relevant ideas.

    • Pepper

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Charity! Hope you’ll drop by again! 🙂


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