Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2017 Philippines Virtual Assistants Pepper
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The mobile industry and marketers are buzzing which mobile trends will be key players in marketing strategies next year. Our last blog was all about social media trends for 2017. Today, we’ll be sharing with you our insights on one of the fastest growing movements since the introduction of smartphones. Here are some of the mobile marketing trends that you should watch out for next year!

Business-to-customer engagement in-store

Mobile will continue to be one of the most powerful tools that marketers can leverage to engage with their audiences. Beacon technology has greatly improved over the years and provides the crucial help businesses need to foot traffic to their stores, increase conversion rates and surge sales volume.

With about 80% of millennials using their phones in-store, marketers can maximize location-based mobile marketing and offer relevant coupons and promos directly on customers’ phones. With advancement in beacon technology, marketers can leverage the 74% of millennials who are willing to receive location-based mobile alerts and place offers directly in their hands!

Demand for personalization

Marketing strategies have shifted from pure advertising gimmicks to personalized messages and offers. Gone are the days when airing brand-relevant ads on television was enough to reach audiences and convince them to make a purchase.

In 2017, businesses need to focus of personalizing the user experience of their products and services. Customers want to feel special and know that a business truly cares about them. Businesses need to provide loyal customers and potential prospects the right answers at the right time for their searches. Using push notifications in brand apps can also help foster strong relationships with your customers. This year was about reaching your customers. Next year, it’s about creating strong engagements through personalization!

Video will play a bigger role

Did you know that video content increases online customer conversion by about 64%? Content creation goes beyond educating and engaging. It is about creating an experience for your audience, too!

Marketers are beginning to pick up on the significant trend that video is creating. In fact, as much as four times as many consumers prefer digestible video content over text. Thus, businesses need to start investing in video campaigns within their mobile marketing strategies for 2017.

Visuals will be queen

If content is king, then visuals will be its queen. Next year, visuals such as photos, infographics, and even emojis will play an even bigger role than wordy text blogs.  All these elements can help grab your customers’ attention. After all, most people are visually inclined and a creative photo is sure to pique their interests. So for 2017, make sure to refocus your mobile marketing strategy to be more visual and valuable for your audience!

Other devices will come into play

This year, smartphones have been proven to be the top platform for sales by up to 40%. However, the average consumer is now connected through at least five different devices and not just mobile. In fact, it has been projected that by the end of 2016, one in four American consumers will be using a wearable device.

The rise of new devices such as smart watches breeds brand new opportunities for businesses to market across multiple devices. According to Experian Marketing Services President Kevin Dean, marketers not only have to recognize the same consumers but must also track any actions the consumers take. This allows you to refocus your marketing plans and create a strategy that will allow your brand to reach your target audience on their devices.

The mobile-first movement is still gaining traction and it is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2017, marketers need to be prepared to produce and distribute the right content to the right people on the right devices. Always remember that content always needs to fit the format, channel, time, and place in order to be effective with your customers!

What are your predictions for mobile marketing in 2017? Tell us about them in the comments! If you’d like to experience the benefits of virtual assistants, you can still sign up for our free five-hour trial today!

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