10 Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is all about creativity and ingenuity. As the age of mobile domination continues to grow, more and more brands are investing in marketing campaigns that not only secures their position in the industry but also strengthens their relationship with their customers.

Today, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best mobile marketing campaigns. Get inspired by these great marketing campaigns that blend innovation with creativity. Let’s take a look!

1. Toyota

Toyota was one of the first brands to leverage interactive technology for their marketing campaigns. Viewers were given virtual access to personally browse through the Camry’s features through their mobile devices. They were also allowed to customize their own Camry with the features they want and received a quote.

2. T-Mobile

Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the Super Bowl. In fact, the live sports event is considered to be the venue for the year’s best advertisements on television! However, instead of a televised ad like most brands, T-Mobile gambled and rolled out the first original ad created for NBC’s mobile streaming app (iOS/Android). This was in response to a survey that revealed more than half of millennials prefer to watch programs on a device other than a TV.

3. Coca-Cola

Like Toyota, Coca-Cola launched a mobile marketing campaign that centralized on interactive technology. Coke Zero’s “Drinkable Advertising” allowed its viewers to engage with a television ad. As a bottle of Coke is poured on the TV screen, it migrates to the viewer’s mobile devices and transforms into a coupon. This ingenious campaign streamlined traditional advertising into instant redemption opportunities!

4. World Wildlife Fund

For their mobile campaign, the World Wildlife Fund partnered with Snapchat for #TheLastSelfie. It leveraged the ephemeral nature of the social media app to show short ads of each endangered species’ “last selfie.” Essentially, the campaign aimed to highlight just how quickly an endangered species could become extinct. It was such a success that the WWF reached their donation target for the entire month in just three days.

5. Guess

Consumer behaviors have drastically changed over the years. These days, shoppers research online for product options and shopping alternatives. Guess has seen this increasing trend and created the Guess Virtual Try On. It allows users to take selfies and upload them to try on their sunglasses through virtual reality. This allowed the brand to connect consumers to their products seamlessly in a fun and engaging manner.

6. Spotify

Every musician starts small before making their way to mainstream media. Spotify’s Found Them First campaign allowed users to see which artists the system knows they listened to before they became famous. The music streaming service also gave users the chance to create a playlist consisting of those early discoveries. The campaign gives a whole new meaning to discovery bragging rights! Users can access the campaign through mobile and desktop.

7. Quantas

Quantas takes traveling to a whole new level with their Virtual Destination series. The surreal videos take users on a virtual reality trip to some of the airline’s top tourist destinations. The 360-degree videos can be accessed through their YouTube channel. Simply direct yourself to take in the sights by moving your phone around in your space. If you can’t take a trip to these places, take a break and soak in the gorgeous sights the locations have to offer!

8. Pizza Hut

Movie nights are often paired with a delicious box of pizza. Thus, Pizza Hut launched the Blockbuster Box Campaign. Basically, it recycles and converts your pizza box into a movie projector. Simply punch out the hole, insert the lens, scan the QR code to redeem a movie, position your phone, and voila! Enjoy movie night and pizza with your family and friends!

9. Nivea

Nivea is known for their lotions, creams, and cosmetic products. However, their Protection mobile marketing campaign took protection to a higher notch. Nivea distributed a reusable locator bracelet that children could wear on the beach. The device is connected to parents’ phone to track and alert them if their child has strayed off too far. Thus, the brand shows that their products not only protect your skin but the brand is also concerned about your physical safety.

10. Hyundai

The Walking Dead has been a long-running hit on television. In the show, Hyundai’s Tucson model was the go-to choice for the characters’ escape from the undead. The automaker capitalized on this growing trend and launched a site that allowed fans to create their own zombie-slaying Hyundai mobile. The fun and engaging platform helped boost their site traffic by 150% over three months!

Mobile is dominating in the marketing space.  The so-called third screen is slowly becoming the first screen with marketers adapting the mobile-first strategy. It is a unique and essential tool that brands and marketers need to leverage in the digital age. No matter what your industry is, there is always room for you to innovate and leverage mobile for your marketing campaigns!

Did we miss a campaign that you think deserves to be a part of our list? Tell us about them in the comments! If you want to learn more about mobile marketing, you can also sign up for our free five-hour trial!

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