Most Innovative Entrepreneurs Under 30

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The saying, “Take a fresh, brilliant idea and turn it into reality” may be too familiar and even overused. But for innovators, it is a mantra to live by. Thus, it is not surprising that today’s dynamic business world is full of discoveries and innovations. Many of those should, in fact, be credited to the awesome, entrepreneurial minds of millennials.

Although this generation often get a bad rap for being self-absorbed and over-indulgent, a lot of millennials are actually innovating and making their marks in business worldwide. They’re not even 30 years old yet, but they’re already building million-dollar businesses!

Let’s get to know five of those innovative entrepreneurs under 30:

Devaki Raj, 27
Co-founder and CEO of CrowdAI

Devaki Raj is a University of Oxford graduate and former Data Scientist and part-time Product Manager at Google. She co-founded the artificial intelligence (AI) systems company CrowdAI in 2016 with Nicolas Borensztein and Pablo Garcia. With the world moving towards robotics, AI-as-a-service, and automation, Devaki and her team continue to combine deep learning analytics and computer vision with human assistance to improve satellite imagery and autonomous vehicle systems.

Max Mankin, 27
Co-founder and CTO of Modern Electron

With years of experience designing and fabricating semi-conductors and functional nanomaterials, Max Mankin’s innovative mind pushed him to reinvent the power grid. Together with Tony Pan, Mankin co-founded Modern Electron in 2015. This Seattle-based start-up aims to generate affordable, reliable, and scalable electricity for all.

Laura Behrens Wu, 25
Co-founder and CEO of Shippo

Former tech worker, Laura Behrens Wu, experienced the challenges of running an online store with regard to payment and shipping. This led her to build Shippo – a logistics and transportation company that uses an innovative API and dashboard system that ecommerce businesses and marketplaces can use to connect to multiple carriers around the world. It also makes shipping simple, efficient, and more affordable for businesses.

Han Jin, 29
Co-founder and CEO of Lucid VR

A UC Berkeley Industrial Engineering graduate, Han Jin worked for product/program management and operations at SanDisk. In 2015, he founded Lucid VR to let average consumers experience virtual reality. The company’s LucidCam uses two eyes to capture the world (just like humans do) and then converts the images to 3D photos or videos. By using this smartphone-sized camera, other people can “see the world” from your perspective.

Easton LaChapelle, 22
Founder and CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow

At 14, Easton LaChapelle invented his first mechanical hand using LEGOs, surgical tubing, and fishing wire. An encounter with a young girl with an $80,000-prosthetic arm inspired him to improve his design and turn it into a real and affordable technology. In 2014, he founded Unlimited Tomorrow, a company dedicated to using modern, low-cost 3D-printing technology to make prosthetic limbs inexpensive, light, and easy to use.

These young innovative entrepreneurs are not only changing the business world. They also inspire and help other people through their work. Their great minds and significant contributions definitely put millennials in a good light.

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