New Tech Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For

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Technology continues to be a staple and vital part of people’s lives and the economy in this day and age. Considering the huge gains accumulated by the top 5 technology companies – Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook – last year, the industry is undoubtedly booming and showing no signs of stopping.

Changes and updates on software tools and digital devices are being introduced every month. Thus, it’s hard not to think that it’s possible that we’ll soon live in a world as depicted in episodes from the Netflix series, Black Mirror. There certainly are a lot of opportunities for growth in the industry that more innovators are taking advantage of them. Check out this list of entrepreneurs and companies to watch out for this year:

Keller Rinaudo
CEO and Co-founder of Zipline

This California-based robotics company was founded by Keller Rinaudo together with Keenan Wyrobek, Peter Seid, William Hetzler, and Phu Nguyen. The company builds drones (and the software technology that operates them) designed to deliver vaccines, medicines, blood, and other medical supplies to regions around the world that are difficult to reach. Since its launch in 2011, the company already raised $41 million in equity funding, partnered with UPS and the Rwandan government, and is planning to open a shop in Tanzania this year.

Dan Glotter
Co-founder, CEO, and Director of OptimalPlus Ltd.

High-tech smartphones, autonomous cars, and other advanced technologies exist now. But no matter how innovative these are, hardware defects or malfunctions can occur. This is where Israel-based big data analytics software company OptimalPlus come into the picture. Former Intel manager Dan Glotter co-founded this company in 2005. Not only does OptimalPlus work to detect defective electronics and semi-conductors, it also fixes them without human intervention.

Sebastián Kanovich
CEO and Founder of dLocal

AstroPay co-founder Sebastián Kanovich spun-off and founded dLocal in 2016 to help e-commerce companies sell to consumers in emerging markets worldwide. He now serves as the CEO of this San Francisco-based startup, which primarily handles the merchant processing, backend system, and online payments compliance of dozens of markets from different countries, including China and India. With the assistance and services of dLocal, Western companies could expand their market reach, while minimizing fraud risks.

Gil Dudkiewicz
CEO and Co-founder of StartApp

Serial entrepreneur Gil Dudkiewicz co-founded this insights driven mobile company with Ran Avidan in 2010. With the continuous growth of the mobile industry, it would be helpful for app developers, social media companies, and other businesses to hook up with StartApp. This way, they’ll be able to better understand and connect with their customers and improve monetization. With $37 million in revenue for the past three years and a growing team of employees, Dudkiewicz and his company could be big names in the industry this year.

Adam O’Donovan
CTO and Co-founder of VisiSonics

If virtual reality (VR) is considered a top tech trend in 2018, then Adam O’Donovan is a name we should keep an eye on this year, as well. O’Donovan is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of VisiSonics, a Maryland-based 3D audio technology company. Through this technology, virtual reality developers can create fully immersive virtual reality experiences and gamers can level up their VR games.

The names above may not be as well-known as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or Steve Jobs yet. But their vision and the significant contributions of their promising companies in the industry so far are definitely noteworthy. Let’s watch as these innovators flourish in the ever-evolving world of technology!

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